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LinkedIN Headsup

You may want to be careful around certain LinkedIN offerings. This one has a distinct smell to it:

Winnings from LI :).

Winnings from LI :).

Of course, some of you may think there’s Gold under that there Rainbow. You are likely to get the Skittles.


Cancering the Internet

Wowsa!  Here I come moseying along expecting my old blog, and I’m presented with boops.  And have to reset my stuff just to be able to see the theme.  Let’s see how this thing rolls.

Anyway, I see that JR over at Robinsontown is up to his old shenanigans, sending henchmen to other blogs and sites to disrupt, still running fake lists of monthly donors (it doesn’t matter if you’re dead, zombified, gone to join cannibal ISIS, or have demanded to be taken off the lists).  That html must be made of sun-dried dung rather like a Kraal from the UN King’s homeland.  But no amount of swindles can land Boss Hog in jail, obviously :).


As you can see, the Bilbo Beggins Brigade has run out of imagination somewhat.  I wonder when one of them will come up with the idea of a hefty plate price for being on the President’s Enemy List?

But things may not be altogether well in the land of Grifty and Grafty.

Extolling the virtues of Mitt Romney. When I looked, JR and the slavering Mormon-hater hordes hadn’t shown up yet.  But I expect they will, and then there will be a few less Freepers.

Wow, Mac

Just when you think the psychosis of FR cannot be topped comes this bit of creativity from one of Jimrob’s chief bag-persons:


So DJ is of the opinion that people who read Freerepublic receive a “free ride”.  There’s so many screws loose in the wowhead that it’s difficult to know where to begin.

There is a simple solution: make JR deliver a product, for a fixed price, in an accountable way.  Of course charlatans don’t like accountability, but though titties.  Accountability would mean, for example, not running an anonymous mob of “moderators” and a “praetorian guard” complete with gang signs.  He would also have to specify what, if anything, he is paying propagandists like DJ and LadyJag.  And he would have to abide by the rules.

Product. Price. Predictability.  Accountability.

Since when is it “conservatism” to gift-feed a capricious loon who sends his flying monkeys out to steal whatever copyrighted material isn’t duct-taped in place, and has a legion of insane posters claiming that if Rush, Hannity or Beck has any news they “stole it from Freerepublic”?

Here’s a wakeup-ding for you: a little birdie told me that Hannity was a Freeper for a while, incognito.  He didn’t like it, for very specific reasons (we may look into that later). Neither did a number of other hi-profile people who dipped their toe in the water and ran.

Perhaps you should just, you know, close?