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LinkedIN as a hate site

Yes, boys and girls. LinkedIN is one of the handful of major hate sites on the web, in many ways not distinguishable from Stormfront or any HAMAS or ISIS site. And the compeny does this intentionally, gleefully refusing to sanction Nazists or jihadists or communists never pausing murder incitement for a minute.  It is, of course, also a site pushing Obama and Hillary, two bona fide murderous monsters, to the limit, and calling for extermination of the Jews.

Just one current example.


In fact, calling the site a Terrorist outlet is completely warranted and the owners should be arrested.


LinkedIn Antisemites, Instalment Four

No muss, no fuss.

Patrick O’Leary

Michael Leire

Helmut Blankfein

Philip Manske

Jan Flecke


LinkedIN Antisemites, Instalment Three

Quick and as usual, dirty.

Charlene Davis
Neacsu Virgil
Rodger Mason
Amro Ayassami
Cathal Rabitte
Diwan Khan

Later, folks.

Grumpy Old Men

I have just been watching this cultural pearl from Matthau&Lemmon, since I am kinda grumpy these days and approaching the qualifying age.  And I have the title music running circles in my head.  Of course, I’ve been watching Mr. Obama bin Fraud and Ferguson in between, so the music has transformed a little bit: “We’re having a Crime Wave, an African Crime Wave…”

I miss Matthau.  And a whole bunch of television and movies that is now on the scrap heap, like BBC’s excellent “Yes. Minister”.  One of our cultural “intelligentsia”, Marie Simonsen, once stated that she preferred the *other* British political series, “The Thick Of It”, since the language was so much more real.  Lots of “C*nt” and “Pr*ck” and that sort of thing.  I guess that sort of sums up the European Intelligentsia in one fell tweet :). And of course, that series also sums up the liberal: a mindless, snapping animal.

But since we’re mentioning EU: I see that the F35 slated for the Brits must have pylon mounts for the bombs and whoopsidoos made by BAE.  Maybe they can call it Stealth Xmas, since it’ll light up the radar screens like a Christmas Tree and eat the budget to the point where there’s no xmas gifts anywhere.  In the old movies department, I think I’ll go dig out my copy of the Pentagon Wars :).  It’s eerie how fact follows fiction, or in that case, how fact follows fact.

In other European glimpses of the bizarre: the EU will import Ebola-stricken aid workers into European hospitals.  Never mind that Eu hospitals aren’t generally set up to handle level4 infectious diseases, there seems to be no talk about upgrading the facilities where Ebola actually is.  Of course, it may be a problem that the islamics now are capturing Ebola samples from the aid groups.  However, Germany just sprung for a 747 with an isolation habitat for one (1) person, so that under transport to a metropolitan environment in Europe, he (or she) can be properly isolated.  There are very strange priorities in play here.

I also see that Israel is sending aid to the Ebola areas.  This is highly commendable, of course; one can just hope that simple quarantine rules are understood.  But the Israelis are probably in the forefront of potential solvers of the Ebola problem.

And it seems that over on Freerepublic, Jimrob is having a problem making his goal, and his goon squad is on to the tried and true: bannings, purges, and demands for money. Just saw a zot thread doing its ritual berserker dance-and-gloat over some Freeper scapegoat being run off with howls over “bloggers stealing the bread from Jim Robinson”.  Then the thread was pulled by Robinson, with the claim that the thread had gone bad.  What I think he didn’t want anyone to see was this:


Far too easy to make the connection between the demanding beast and Jimrob, I’m afraid.

What Freep really ought to do is to roll Jimrob off the pier and get new management/ownership.  For example: Matt Bracken and Jeff Head are both decent people, know what is up and what is down, and would be eminently able to run a tight ship.  If they want an outside consultant, they might want to consider Fred Reed.

Because, just face it boys: JR has destroyed 99% of the conservative capital Freepers had.  Even a madman in the White House isn’t enough to keep FR afloat with a madman at the helm.


Obama tanks are home again

And they may blow President bin Fraud straight out of politics and into penitentiary.

Advice: never leave your little tank unattended, and don’t let the wimmin anywhere near it. And if your name is Gruber, you should have learned by now.


Shambling thru the shambles

The election shcadenfreude is pleasantly thick in the air, and I’d like to congratulate our friends on Freerepublic – to the extent that we have friends – with a very pleasant result.  There are caveats, of course: this is in no way an endorsement of the lunatic paranoiac holding the Freepers hostage, and the election result may hold its own very specific depth charge descending on JR and the antimormon horde’s heads, in the form of Mia Love :).

The liberals are trying to convince themselves that they didn’t really lose at all, just set Obama free to dictate.  And that the right doesn’t know what socialism is, and anyway: doom on u :).  Since some of these deep analyses are coming from people who have their political platform among the Rainbow Pony brigade, I’ll take if for what it is. Drivel.

Lastly, I’ll include a clip here.  It’s fairly old, it’s culture: Baracka Flacka Flames parody and this version might not be on Youtube anymore.  Anyway, it’s very good, in the school of burlesque, and it’s right on target.  Baracka my man, you know where I’m at.  If this posting steps on anyone’s toes, gimme a ping will you :).

Down in BarackaFlames

President Pestilence

So it is official.  From CBS, no less.  President Obama is trying to squash various states quarantine rules for Ebola victims/carriers.

No action he has done is more clearly high treason and ought to carry the penalties for high treason than this one.  Of course, nothing will happen and his fellow travellers in other countries such as Norway (Stalinist whatever they masquerade as) are gleefully using all national institutions to steal whatever isn’t nailed down, fund islam, and generally laying the groundwork for WWIII.

Anyway, Ebola.  I said earlier that we really hadn’t learned much more about the virus than was known in the seventies.  That it can be a true airborne pathogen was found early, but then it took a long time before it flagged its presence in the pig population.

A recent update to “The Journal of Infectious Diseases” states flat out that:

“Filoviridiae is the only known virus family about which we have such profound ignorance”.

Of course, this is fairly disheartening since ignorance is one of the shibboleths of the liberal and his greatest virtue.  There is a legion of questions that have not been asked.  And of course, research work on these viruses is expensive, more expensive still, and dangerous.

For a stupid question that we laypeople may use to scare the christmas cheer all the way to Obama’s Kaliphate: what happens to humans after surviving Ebola?  Is there, or may there be sometime, virus latency?


Cheers.  Really ;>

The Ebola Golf Club

Mr. Obama bin Fraud is up to no good again, and Judicial Watch is digging its little claws bloody.  If you’ve seen the democrat howls, you know there’s paydirt somewhere in that golfcourse.  Not just sand in those bunkers but probably bodies, as it were.  Klayman is one of the good guys.

It’s also kind of interesting that Nina Pham, the nurse ostensibly cured from Ebola, was rushed to a photo-op in the White House, which raises all kinds of questions really.  After all, we don’t know a whole lot more about the virus than we did in the seventies, and the cases of survival are sort of meager material.

Anyway, with Obama putting, I’ll not be surprised if he’s using a crooked club.  His goals seem to be quite different from normal goals :).




People who do not belong in the Obama fanclub will remember the many swindles wrought upon the American people in order to transfer their tax money to Obama’s cronies in the global warming/freezing/greening/blackening religion.  One of the worst was the Solyndra scandal.  Serious money was transferred to the coffers of criminals, and there had never been any real intent to deliver any goods.

Actually, I saw something very similar in Norway in 1991, when the Norsk Data developed system Nortrygd was supposed to do a generational leap to new hardware.  The NORD110 mini machines with terminals were supposed to be exchanged for personal computers for the counter, and modest SUN machines dishing out the local database.

It didn’t work.

The old database was Sibas, an optimized but somewhat difficult-to-program-for beast.  The new database was Oracle SQL, something that was supposed to save countless man-hous and machine cycles and blast the Nortrygd systems into the next milennium.  In reality, the SUN machines were not even able to serve up a few demonstration screens from a base containing some few tens of records, and the PC model chosen to lightning-like do the tap dance between desk clerk, social security clients and the accumulated local data was cheap toys that was barely usable for a game of solitaire.  That the project had met a brick wall was clear after initial start of one SUN and one 286-based clown machine. I think displaying a simple screen with data for the puny demo set on the Sun onto the plastic toy took something like five to ten minutes.

Still, the admin duly consumed the money allocated – some more than a hundred million if I remember – and that was that.  The parallel to Solyndra is quite breathtaking, and so is the cronyism and corruption that was displayed.  No wonder Norway licks the feet of Obama bin Fraud.

But that is history, and this is now.  And maybe the end of the world as we know it.

The US recently imported – in the criminally negligent fashion of good progressives – a patient infected with Ebola, and let him run wild all over the place with no controls whatsoever.  To do otherwise would discriminate against the African continent, be hostile to multiculturalism and positively ebolophobic. You’re from Zaire?  Here, enter through the no customs and no visa entrance.  Let us sniff your butt.  If you’re bleeding, please smear it here on my forehead.

As surprises no one not insane enough to be on the left side of the monkey/human divide, the patient is now dead.

However, Norway has got its own imported Ebola patient.  There is much self-congratulation out there in the progressive Norway – the Norwegian health system is the best in the world (LOL!), and Ebola is no problem for a modern society.  The stupidity is downright magical.

The reason Ebola has not become a global scourge worse than the Black Death is just that it has been rumbling around in a less developed part of the world.  The reaction to Ebola has traditionally been that the ones not sick run away as fast as they can, and the virus for lack of new food burns itself out.  But with Ebola in metropolitan populations, or even smug and incompetent Norway, Katie bar the door!  And we will see airborne Ebola – in fact we have already seen it, in the Reston variant.  But the world was more lucky than it deserves; Ebola Reston only kills monkeys.  Still, the bad outcomes are hammering on the door.  We just changed the door for a whorehouse glass bead curtain.

And those of us that really followed the SARS fiasco know from Canada that progressives and quarantines cannot exist in the same universe.  Canada had health workers *deliberately* breaking quarantine.



Caterwauling and Witch-Doctors

We are in July, and it’s Insaniac Summer.  Fun, fun, fun for the whole family and for Robinsontown.  And particularly for those of us watching Robinsontown in wide-eyed wonder.

Oh well.  Let’s just point out that there are other insane and mendacious people apart from Jimrob,  Politico is a fantastic example at the moment:

Swindle and Crazy sitting on a branch...

Swindle and Crazy sitting on a branch…

So Obama has the power to heal.  Obviously his laying on of hands can cure aids, polio, supertub -and as Homo Tyrannicus  he’ll have a unique need for making STDs go away.  He can probably not cure near-terminal stupidity though, even if he holds his head in his hands from now until the Fenris Wolf eats him or the sun goes out.

But not only that, Politico sells the ability to heal Herpes just by curling your upper lip.  Now, if all we need to do to make Obama (and Michelle) go away is to sneer, I’ll start six-hour a day lipcurling exercises right away.

Anyway, the FR Begathon is crawling its first inches, possibly to an unmarked grave.  The catladies have posted untold hundreds of Cat Anuses, Cakes, Food Orgies and so on, so Jimrob’s paid FreeperFleecers are sort of flying out the gate.  However, it seems the money is not flying in the gate.  Which isn’t unexpected. But the activity is furious, and the place is already reeking with cat-piss.

Actually, I saw something interesting today: one of the Duck Dynasty boys was born out of wedlock, and it seems the Duck patriarch married his mother “informally” when she was sixteen.  So that would seem to indicate that one of the Freeper Gods has at least a Statutory Rape under his belt.  Good to know what the moral paragons will put up with.

Did I say Paragons?

What was I thinking.  There are no Freeper Moral Paragons.  But there are Freeper Moral Parakeets :).