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Oh, hai!

That is Freeper Language and means that I am hip to the Catladies and am on the road to becoming P.R.E.F.E.C.T.

Just pulling your legs, ppl.  Or spinning your wheels. Whatever feels right.

Today, I’ve looked in on the Begathon.  Again.  It’s getting awfully old, and awfully stoopid.  But I have a comparison to make.


This is John Kerry, or as we all know him, “Lurch”.  Meshuge Mikey has doctored him so that his eyes are blinking.  His nose, though, is static.  With only two more years of intensive training on the Free Photoshop Mikey will be able to remedy that, I’m sure.

Kerry was wounded in the Vietnam War.  It seems to have been only a buttcheek wound from a flying rice grain, but still – there was blood and probably the need for a patch.

He’s a War Hero. Lol.


This is Jim Robinson, or as we all know him, Boss.  He’s always appearing in his wheelchair, wearing his Navy cap and flying his American flags.  He’s a War Hero.

But no. None of the kind.  He never saw combat, he served on a ship safely offshore and his only commendation as far as I’ve been able to find was for lugging shells that were shot by a gunner at targets out of view.

But the impression for the gullible – deliberate, I’m damn sure – is that he lost his legs to the Communist enemy somehow.

Frauds.  The more they differ, the more they’re the same.


Petaling among the Tulips

Just looked in at the Robinsontown beggars banquet, and as usual there is a smile or two to be had.  This time over the fact that the Freepers seem to have gotten wise to the old carnivore’s tricks, and the fact that the Freepers still seem to have problems with spelling their howls for money to the orang-outan.

Free Republic: the Savage Garden 🙂

frpetals  plants

Petals in the Savage Garden, indeed.

I know.  I’m just mean :).

Oh, and what is this?


Does this mean that the vultures finally drove Lazamataz off the board?  Is JR priming a bomb?  And is he aiming?

Someone better get the straitjacket, doublequick…


Animals (Zuul is coming)

Just got my stuff together and made iced coffee, arguably the greatest thing since sliced bread (and unsliced bread, for that matter).  It’s hot and sweaty, and the stuff go down by the gallon.  Dancing on the ceiling :).

But I notice that the Freepers are intensely concerned about homosexuals, and they now have two new memes from the woohooed boss parasite:

1. The immigrants are pedophiles involved in the human trafficking business.

There are a few things to remember regarding that one, of course, like the Vetscor and Norma Jean connection. COYOTE does indeed seem to be part of a network involving human trafficking to Asia and elsewhere.

Some links showing who and what are here:



Way to go, Freepers. Running trafficking networks in Asia while screaming about the Mexicans.

2. Because of the homosexuals, animals will lie down with people and even with grasshoppers.  Nothing is mentioned yet of frogs, but if a Homosexualist kissed one it would probably turn into JR.  One of the Begathon catladies seems to have gotten her wires slightly crossed, however:


Freepathon donors will have their way with, well… animals.  Maybe grasshoppers too.  Any Freepers named “Timmy”?

Just in closing: also note that DjMac is blogpimping.  Other people’s blogs, that is. Note the copyright in the bottom of the graphic. All is fair in swindle and piracy, you know :).



I have been slightly remiss lately, and not watched the mad fun at Freerepublic very closely.

But I notice that JR, together with the catladies, is having a sort of purgefest of people who are not properly indoctrinated.  The purgatory boys and girls uniformly have a psychotic, almost laserlike, concentration on hurt butts.  Anyway, one of the Zotmasters have put up a new Zot graphic:

zotz1  zotz2

So, you’ll notice the little graphic on the bottom of the page?  That is stolen from Joel Veitch, the guy who actually invented the Viking Kittens.  And I don’t think Mr. Veitch would like the freepers much. At all.

Here’s a little thing (actually, I think, Joel’s second Viking Kitten production. For some reason, he has captured the Freepers so precisely it’s uncanny.

Enjoy 🙂


Rathergood doesn’t have a preview, but take my word for it. It’s rather good.

What I’m also noticing is that JR and the catladies and whatever cowed Freeps are left are “disappearing” people, like they’ve taken a leaf of two from ol’ Joe. Stalin, that is.  And I have something quite interesting here:


Arrest me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this a doctored old poster from the USSR?  I can swear I have seen it at a Communist Party outlet somewhere, but can’t remember where.  Give a shout if you have seen it.



Seeing that our friends from Robinsontown, on their mooching expedition to Murrieta, have come head to head with another brownish cult, let’s have a look:

brown1  brown2

brown3  brown4

As you can see, the cult of the Berets is just as obsessed with loyalty to the “Commandante” as are the Freepers.  They do not have a real culture of Zot yet, but they’re sure  working hard on their purges, and like FR they score an easy 12 out of 10 on the pomposity index.

So much for our little brown friends. They have feuds.  Evidently there are more than one variety of Brown Beret; there are at least three websites in our DB from long ago.  And they don’t like each other.  Rather like Jimrob and old freepers, in fact.

Now, the Mooching Expedition seems to be vexed with Sean Hannity “disparaging” them.  At the same time, Freeper factotum LucyT, home at beggar central, is screaming her head off at the risk of the strangers imporing Ebola and even biowar agents.

And out there in the field we have Syncro poking his bearded slob visage over the roof of JR’s airconditioned plushmobile, fretting about how the Mexican Criminals will rape the US Teenage Sex Workers, and take them into bondage for the child sex trade.  I suppose he fears that Vetscor’s various sexworker rings will face stiff competition.

You didn’t know that there is pervo prostitution associated with Vetscor/FR?  If so, it’s just that you didn’t want to know.

I link you back to one example, we have others on here:


Anyway, JR’s expedition to secure more donations seems to have fallen woefully on its face, and may not even cover its own costs.  Gas for the Plushmobile is unlikely to be free, although I suppose his GPS is set to hit every Freeper household between the Robinson Mansions and Murrieta.  They’re claiming “VICTORY”, however, since they were mentioned by Greta – the Fox TV crew had parked just steps away from the Plushmobile.  Or rather, the Plushmobile were parked just steps away from the Fox crew :).

Oh, and I see that some Freepers have taken to calling Syncro “perfessor”.  Looking at his profile, I note a short rant in Latin, so at least I know he can read dictionaries.  And it is, no surprise, pompous -like clipped from the Samuel Francis band…




Parasite Caravan

As the Robinsontown begathon hits its stride, I’ve been waiting for the wheeled wonder to pull a fast one to get the Freeperblood up.  And here it is:



So JR is setting out on his customary mooching tour, ostensibly with the purpose of showing spine in standing up to the invasion of odious brown people who carry pestilent disease and maybe hidden arabs and weapons of mass destruction.

There will be photo ops, of course, showing JR with conservative celebrities or at least with sunglassed maniacs chowing off their decked-out gunware.  And should there be blood – not that JR will be closer than 20 miles – it will translate a wetback crisis straight into a greenback bonanza.

Me, I’m just waiting for someone at FR to stop him from pushing the site into straight up wire fraud.  Because that is what it is, when the tables of donors are teeming with dead people being used for fundraising purposes across state lines, and even national borders.

Exactly the kind of activity, in fact, that is the NSA mandate.


Caterwauling and Witch-Doctors

We are in July, and it’s Insaniac Summer.  Fun, fun, fun for the whole family and for Robinsontown.  And particularly for those of us watching Robinsontown in wide-eyed wonder.

Oh well.  Let’s just point out that there are other insane and mendacious people apart from Jimrob,  Politico is a fantastic example at the moment:

Swindle and Crazy sitting on a branch...

Swindle and Crazy sitting on a branch…

So Obama has the power to heal.  Obviously his laying on of hands can cure aids, polio, supertub -and as Homo Tyrannicus  he’ll have a unique need for making STDs go away.  He can probably not cure near-terminal stupidity though, even if he holds his head in his hands from now until the Fenris Wolf eats him or the sun goes out.

But not only that, Politico sells the ability to heal Herpes just by curling your upper lip.  Now, if all we need to do to make Obama (and Michelle) go away is to sneer, I’ll start six-hour a day lipcurling exercises right away.

Anyway, the FR Begathon is crawling its first inches, possibly to an unmarked grave.  The catladies have posted untold hundreds of Cat Anuses, Cakes, Food Orgies and so on, so Jimrob’s paid FreeperFleecers are sort of flying out the gate.  However, it seems the money is not flying in the gate.  Which isn’t unexpected. But the activity is furious, and the place is already reeking with cat-piss.

Actually, I saw something interesting today: one of the Duck Dynasty boys was born out of wedlock, and it seems the Duck patriarch married his mother “informally” when she was sixteen.  So that would seem to indicate that one of the Freeper Gods has at least a Statutory Rape under his belt.  Good to know what the moral paragons will put up with.

Did I say Paragons?

What was I thinking.  There are no Freeper Moral Paragons.  But there are Freeper Moral Parakeets :).


Saturday Night Special

This has been a day especially full of social insanity, and we have a tsunami of Free Republic mania washing over the land as Jim Robinson is feeling the pinch of donors jumping ship, and Jim tries to lure back suckers that he has banned in the hope that he can fleece them another time.  We’ll see how that plays out, but it doesn’t look promising.

But first, just a couple of snapshots from the idiotglobe:

In Italy, the food producer Findus is endorsing homosexual marriage.  I actually, back in my wild and wooly days, worked for that company doing unspeakable things to fish.  Now it seems the company is more into doing unspeakable things to anuses (or is that “anii”?). I expect they’ll have new naming soon, like FindusSodom.

From MEMRI comes the news that a Saudi “Scholar” claims that Mickey Mouse and basically all of Sesame Street is a Jewish Plot to destroy the world.  The poor man is obviously confused – first of all, Sesame Street’s artist is an insane antisemite, as we document here:


NB: I haven’t checked the link to Mr. Dee himself lately.

Anyway, I have no doubt that our Norwegian Scholars will take issue with the confused arab and tell him that the Jewish Plot is really against the Known Universe

But back to FR.  It seems JR is trying to stir up an actual shooting war in Texas.  His “praetorian guard” has been, for years, a particularly lunatic group centered around Tom Eaker.  And is you look a bit at Mr. Eaker’s FR profile, he’s certainly itching for war – against JimRob’s opponents.


And JimRob’s sedition/incitement thread:


So I guess we’ll see at next begathon, which is just a week or so away.  There has aready been activity by Freepers yanking their monthly donations, but maybe Jim figures that if he can incite some real bloodletting it’ll mean money in the bank.

Never a dull moment…


The reenactment of the ship that couldn’t sink is playing out over at “Free Republic”, complete with orchestra.

First, we have JR’s latest begathon which was finished a long time ago, but Robinson is still sucking money from the freepers who are naive enough to let him:



As you see, it doesn’t matter that the begging bowl is full, the freepers are still being sucked dry like Robinson was a mutation of the chupacabra.  So, as I said before, Robinsontown is an eternal beggars banquet with the chupacabra gorging on freepers between purges.

Meanwhile, the most popular news outlet for the Robinsontown pirate crew to steal from is PressTV, which is the Iran State news.  Which is just about as rankly antisemitic as Robinsontown’s particular brand of catholicism.

And here we have one of FR’s main graphics artists, who has put countless hours into disposal for the house catladies signing out for good.  There’s precious few people left, and expect more to hit the lifeboats as the ship goes stern up.


Glub Glub, JR 🙂

The Bulemian Republic

I’m informed that a new purge is underway in Robinsontown, so that now, Ted Cruz will be indelibly linked to one of the most demented entities in American politics.  Fantastic.  Obama himself couldn’t have designed this “attack by the unhinged” any better.

The dementia thread is here:


and this is a puny cutout example:


So, FR is still good entertainment for all of us who enjoy  seeing people hanging themselves.  And I do, I do.

There seems to be some kind of compulsive-obsessive disorder racking the whole group, and for me there’s now several interesting variables to watch.

  1. One of JR’s favorite hate groups seems to be split in their view of Ted Cruz.  JR may have to draw blood from his favored circle of Mormon-haters which is very large and makes up a significant part of his support base.
  2. JR may end up purging more donors than his last marathonbegathon managed to suck in.
  3. Will JR end up pleading insanity when, not if, reality catches up with him?
  4. Purge, Purge, Purge, Purge.

Just for the record: I think Palin and Cruz are your last, best hope.  And that JR is comparable to a vampire bat out of hell sabotaging any chances they might have.  And once upon a time the Republicans had a problem like JR.  That was David Duke, and they had the wits to get him shut down.  JR seemed to be aiming for serious political office once, but of course he was too cowardly to do so himself: it was his mob, claiming on Freerepublic, that he ought to be Governor of California.

Embarrassed silence all around.