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LinkedIN Antisemites, Instalment Three

Quick and as usual, dirty.

Charlene Davis
Neacsu Virgil
Rodger Mason
Amro Ayassami
Cathal Rabitte
Diwan Khan

Later, folks.


Low tech jihad

I was just going through some mementos from the days and months following 9.11. Some are hardware from places like Pakistan and China, and Ebay functioned as a great marketplace for this stuff. You could get a fairly true political picture by watching the goings on there, and much more detailed than just the surface like that Ebay sells no guns and subscribes to the standard politically correct and left-oriented ethos.

One of the bestsellers back then was Pakistani combat knives celebrating 9.11, like this one:


Great quality actually, and probably good economics for many Pakistani metalworkers who are extremely competent.

The Further Annals of the Animal Kingdom

As most observers who are not part of the Western Press or western “intelligence” will be aware, the “Islamic State” of Iraq is not a new entity.  It used to be simply AQ in Iraq, led by the Jordanian Zarqawi who once tried a WMD attack on Jordan.  Zarqawi was both genocidal, a sadist and as stupid as a pig stuffed with xanax.  The video of him trying to operate a machine gun is like watching one monkey trying to write Shakespeare.

But whatever, jounalists – who place the definition “whore” in a bad light – need to have things to cluck about.

Now, for the “Islamic State”.

The last post here was about their Newsletter.  This is about their “Report”, which is held to a slightly different format and theme, and is coming out both in English (shades of “Inspire”), and in German.  The last would seem to indicate that AQ, whatever some newsdesk hen thinking it has found a corn to cluck over, is actually aiming globally.

This is the “Report”:

ir1  ir2

ir3  ir1-ger


So, AQ – who was “on the run” – is indeed running. After the hapless defenders who have been sold out and committed to suicide by their Quisling-in-Chief.  Sorry. Kaliph.

What our Scandinavian friends may want to contemplate is that the leader of ISIL/ISIS/AQinIraq is Omar al Baghdadi, a longtime known quantity – not least for trying to have at least two Scandinavians murdered:

DUBAI (Reuters) – The head of an al Qaeda-led group in Iraq has offered a $100,000 reward for the killing of a Swedish cartoonist for his drawing of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad and threatened to attack major Swedish companies.

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, leader of the self-styled Islamic State in Iraq, also offered $50,000 in an audiotape posted on an Islamist Web site on Saturday to anyone who killed the editor of the newspaper that published the drawing by Lars Vilks.

I expect Norway will move quickly and offer this activist citizenship and Church Asylum.

Oh, and here is the audio.  Such as it is. Mostly pig-like squealing, but hey. It was free.

Al Baghdadi

The Burrowers Beneath

Sounds like Lovecraft, doesn’t it?

But this is “The Sheik of Springdale”, who has been running his madrassa project for years.

He used to be a member of Libertyforum.org, but he eventually got to the point where even that incredibly antisemitic forum couldn’t stomach him anymore.  A picture and a couple of current screenshots, then an old note from 2002-ish.


AKA WindRiverShoshoni
AKA Ankaboot
AKA The Sheik of Springdale
AKA Dawud Ahmad Abdur-Rahman
AKA Dawud Ahmad al Amrika

Foundation to set up madrassas in the US
“The Children’s Forest”
Hosting and procurement of WWII nazi propaganda for neonazi use.

Arrested in 1998 on drug charges + multiple weapons charges,
Stevens County Superior Court Judge Larry Kristianson threw out
the case because the evidence had been obtained with an invalid
search warrant.

In 1998, appears to have shown great interest in disposal of nuclear
waste at a site in Springdale, see Springdale Town Council transcript of November 23 1998.  The project in question was Dawn Mining Company’s uranium reclamation.  Mr. Ahmad seemed positive to the effort, and very interested in how “rich” the reclamation material was.

Interesting quote in light of weapons charges:

11/09/02 09:52 AM
  Re: Pakistan in uproar as Musharraf blocks Islamist premier  [ To: themalcontent  |  Post 312790, reply to 312320 ] (Score: 2)
   I wonder what Pakistani gun laws are like.  Anyone know?

   Pakistani villagers manufacture serviceable copies of military weapons in firepits in their back yards that are the equal of similar copies being manufactured in American machine shops after hours.

   God gives us the right to defend ourselves with arms.  Gun laws?  We don’t need no steenkin’ gun lawz …



Home (in the fold)

Have a look at what happens when the Afghan National Police meets the taliban.  This is the force set up, trained and armed by the US. 


You probably know what an uphill battle US forces have had in Afghanistan.  Now you know why.  Obama feeds his islamist friends, and old Uncle Sucker loses again.

Agitpropping up HAMAS

We promised some stuff from the blood-dripping and bloodcurdling works of Afkarmedia, that pit of islamic talent.

So here we are.  First demosegment of  “Under Siege”.


Gaming the Jihad (some more)

This is really about the same company we mentioned before, which is mainly producing violent jihadist games.  Apart from the blood-soaked kill-the-infidel stuff, they’re also producing propaganda animations.

The name of the company is Afkar Media, and they have their main site here:


Many of the links on this site do not work, and it might seem that there’s something else than just incompetent webdesign here.  They might not be interested in showing the actual material to western media.  Anyway, we have their agitprop and we’ll step through it in a bit.  For now, we’ll just have a look at their Intifada game.



So, not very complicated at all.  The bizarre islamic twist comes when you read the actual text included in the first screenshot:

UnderSiege is a video game about the modern history of Palestine, it focuses on the lives of a Palestinian family between 1999-2002 during the second Intifada. All levels are based on true stories and the characters are a pure reflection of the Palestinian society.This game is suitable for 13+years age players, it contains graphical violence and shooting at military personal models, it does not includes shooting at civilians or abusing them, it does not include suicide bombing or any terrorist simulation, level contents are inspired by real stories of Palestinian people, that were documented by United Nation records (1978-2004), west bank and Gaza strip are occupied land according to UN law, and military actions performed by local fighters against occupying forces is considered eligible.

UN-approved terrorist propaganda?  How novel.