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Islamic Terror at home on LinkedIN

See the two preceding posts. The picture pretty much speaks for itself, as does the fact that this is allowed on LinkedIN. Be VERY careful if you use that site.

The thread may disappear since Mr. Naeem has been reported, but this is the general tenor of LinkedIn now.



The illusion of Iranian unity

This is Ahwaz, an Arab insurgency against the Persian fraction.  They seem to want to split the country.  They also seem very sympatico towards old Saddam Hussein and the Baath party.

That there is an ethnic/racial schism in Iran is really nothing new, but it is interesting that this movement seems to be fielding some web resources.  Of course old Assad, that “ophtalmologist” psycho killer of cats, other small animals and presumably his brother is a Baathist too.  And another one that Iran increasingly finds dispensable.  So we have the genocidal flotsam of the region increasingly at each others throat.

And the table is set for a fantastically messy ME food fight.



There’s at least three current websites for the  group.  Text grabbed in 2007, and the site has been up since 1998.

Ahwaz Internet network, www.al-ahwaz.com, Supervises the management of the Ahwazi Arab info Center. The center is one of the media organizations, cultural and news of the National Liberation movement of Ahwaz. Thus, draw attention to Ahwaz Internet network and the Ahwazi Arab info Center are Media news media organizations that affiliated to the Office of Culture and Information at the National Liberation Movement of Ahwaz. The movement took a special interest in the field of Information Ahwazi abroad highlight Ahwazi case and define Ahwaz to the world of the world in term of revolution, people, land, history, culture, sovereignty and struggle … and the dissemination of all temporary Ahwazi case to resist the policy of the Persian enemy and information misleading policy of disinformation. This misinformation organized distorting Revolution Arab in Ahwaz, principles and objectives of national and aspirations of the Arab Ahwazi people the aspirations for liberation and independence, denied their legitimate national rights and the legitimate right of full and coastal States self-determination and statehood to the entire national territory to extend their sovereignty over their country Ahwazi Arabs. The Ahwaz internet network basic functions of the Internet exposing and shaming the Persian occupation policy and procedures of repression, abuse and oppression and terrorism against our people’s Ahwazi Arab defenseless. The Ahwaz internet network basic functions of the Internet exposing and shaming the Persian occupation policy and procedures of repression, abuse and oppression and terrorism against our people’s Ahwazi Arab defenseless. Therefore we call on all Ahwazi national factions, and we appeal to every Ahwazi citizen inside and outside of Ahwaz, we call upon all to participate in and support the network of Ahwaz Internet with true news and reliable for small and large occur in our Ahwaz wounded, by posting on the Internet network of Ahwaz and distribution networks of other global news, to expose this Persian arrogant occupation, which corrupt and wreak havoc in Ahwaz. You can contact us at the following addresses: Fax: 15306785231 E-mail: Arabistan@yahoo.com www.al-ahwaz.com Office of Culture and Information

The National Liberation Movement of Ahwazi Ahwaz Internet network 1998 Establishment:

—————– The Ahwaz Internet network was founded in January 1, 1998, Order of the Secretary-General of the National Liberation Movement of Ahwaz Mr. Khaza’l Al-Hashemi and with the consent of the central leadership of the movement unanimously. As Mr. Secretary-General pointed to the decision to build the Ahwaz interent network and to be the Ahwaz Internet network an independent policy provided that the basic principles and Ahwazi revolutionary interests, principles and objectives enunciated since 1925. it is a Ahwazi network and for all Ahwazi factions revolution without exception as the voice of the Ahwazi Arab people believing in democracy, Ahwazi cultural policy information to be a new platform for Ahwaz and the Ahwazi people. Includes, literati and intellectuals, politicians, economists, and social modern forvarious walks of life. To achieve the principle of the preparation, cultural Ahwazi experiences gathering in the occupied territories and in the countries of the diaspora to meet the Persian misleading information. Since the information policy which we attach particular importance because of the need to issue needed for Ahwazi case just facing media blackout and political organizer of the Persian enemy of the Iranian governments since successive era Reza Pahlavi dead in the era grew circulated in Qom and Tehran.


—————– The Ahwaz Internet network does not accept in any way or under any guise or justification prejudice to the beliefs and Islamic Shari’a and Islamic sects five and respected because we worship Arab Muslims condemn Islam as a religion creed and the laws of our religion Islam and book the Qura’n and our Prophet who is mercy guide to Unity and human messengers and he is the last Prophet and messangers. He is Prophet of light and the freedom, Al-Mustafa Abi Al-Qasim Muhammad bin Abdallah Al-Hashemi Al-Quraishi peace upon him and Radwan God for owners of Trustees. On this basis, and in that sense, we respect all sky religions and religious officials. At the same time, do not accept in any way and under any guise, pretext, or interest to politicize religion to political interests and the rule of peoples unfairly and unjustly yet his name. We do not accept the usurpation of their rights in order to establish unfair empires and governments on skulls peoples to take Islam collar hide it as is the case in Qom and Tehran center sentenced grew generalized who came to build an Kosra Rustom empire. However, in the name of Islam apparently, Islamic republic and its interior, truthfully,and the way in practice on the ground will translate legacy Persian Khosrawi authoritarian racially hateful everything is not set in all walks of life, starting of human rights through the rights of peoples bonded who under the yoke occupation and colonialism Persian racial and ending the destruction of those nationalities oppressed in the case of claiming their legitimacy and the historical. Iran has been applying a policy of racial discrimination in the Constitution, law and preference component Persian others from the top of the power to the smaller facility at the base of the pyramid of the government; disrupt any material constitutional which is granted rights to non-Persian nationalities in odrder to the materials with a stay of execution and added to the Constitution only add legitimacy of the Iranian legal front apparent (like decoration) Persian racial constitution. The writings and articles of the writers and poets who write in the Ahwaz Internet network does not necessarily reflect the policy of the network, but reflect the opinion of its writers, they are fully responsible for their articles; and the Ahwaz Internet network does not bear responsibility for the minimum. It is not allowed in the Ahwaz Internet network to publish affects religious beliefs or corporate personalities articles. It is not allowed in the Ahwaz Internet network to publish articles that are contrary to the words carry moral norms to religious belief or personal, or an individual of an Arab or foreign state. The Ahwaz Internet network emphasizes respect for each articles, essays, literature, studies and analyses of national and nationalist issues dealing with the Arab and secondary fateful political, national, economic, social, cultural and others. The core message of the Ahwaz Internet network is, to expose the policy arbitrariness, occupation, settlement and executions, injustice, tyranny and the issues of opinion and the basic human Ahwazi freedoms; including freedom of expression and the unmasking policy blur regulator and other policies pursued by the Persian enemy which is presented by extended Iranian Governments; to face the Persian occupation by Ahwazi policy information meaningful that carries the cause Ahwazi Arab people by style of civilized modern media. The Ahwaz Internet network also bears responsibility to educate Ahwazi Arab people of its history, its realities of his case, its rights and duties of national policy at two levels of the Ahwazi national and the level of the Arabic national; raise the morale of the national, nationalist and militant of the Ahwazi human to confront the Persian enemy and policies of the colonial, in order to learn about the responsibilities of national and nationalism in carrying thought and ideology and style, translated in practice applied on the ground to alive vocabulary that move results achieved objectives of the revolution of the Ahwazi Arab people to achieve full liberalization of Ahwaz from the greedy invaders who willing to take our rich land that God blessings and endowed us, however, the greedy Persian came taking it over from us by bonded our people with the aim of robbing the wealthy and bounties our land to take them for thier interest; and to use our land to build their power and to gain good resurces from it. It also Persian energies of large of massive weapon of destruction that are banned internationally. They has been shield themselves by Ahwazi plains and the coast of the Arabian Gulf that let them to attack the Arabic East of fertile land, that have our fellow Arab nation wealth, and our land, under a cover apparently compassion and interior Persian racist colonial expansionist aggressive which are inherited from the Kusrawist racist and from their arrogant and hungry kings to the Arab land. The Ahwaz Internet network fully Believes to defend issues of the highest national destiny and the Arab nation. It is a part of the policy of the Arab media that defend on the issues of the Arab nation great from the rebellious Arabian Gulf to the ocean edge. Our national say: one ton. One people. One Arab nation. Issues of the Arab cause and the Arab are one. The Arab world in all its parts and limbs of equal value defend one body until victory or martyrdom and both win out. God is great and glory to the nation and pride Arabism and Islam The Ahwaz Internet Network