Mestamachine’s Fundraiser

As many of you know, Mesta is in extremely dire straits. She’s also a beloved cornerstone in the Premier Conservative forum in the USA. Now her friends have set up a fundraiser to help cover expenses in connection with this crisis. The fundraiser can be found here – I removed the gofundme link and instead am sending you to Mesta’s profile on Freerepublic, which holds links to GoFundMe and to PayPal as well – and other stuff you may find of interest.

Also, hit the like and help us publicize. The world needs to know what the Quisling Nation did here.

Oh, and give the page some time to load. The lady does a lot of graphics, and the Jewish/.mil stuff is interesting all by itself.

Since Mr. Robinson showed his real self (and a rather ugly self it is) over at FR, Mesta’s fundraiser has been moved.  It is now here:

If you go to her site you get the graphic, but this stick-insect of a link does work.

Anyway, I see the inner parasite circle of FR is becoming kind of desperate churning out mountains of kittenpictures, cakepictures and folded hands, and even folded kittehs.  Honoring this unusual flow of cultish demand for obeisance, we are preparing new revelations about the strange backroom dealings of Robinsontown.  Or as Dr. Julius Hibbert would say: “Burn it with Fire”.  The fire of transparency, that is.

Oh, and you may note that her profile just gives you an empty page.  As the accomplished fraudster he is, Mr. Robinson has just locked her out, while not being truthful enough to mark her as banned.  This is just another way that he is fooling his subjects, she’ll still probably be listed as one of FR’s users when it comes to statistics and alexa numbers.  Had Jimrob and his mob driven her to croak in the hospital, they’d have splashed her up on the “memorial wall” – there to serve as another Robinsontown advertisement.

oh well.  I’m afraid the jig is up, Jim ;).


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