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Very, Very quick headsup for LI users.

Something is going on with LinkedIN. As you probably know, we have advocated that people drop this platform over the sheer number of lunatics, jihadists and fantasmagoric leftists in the place. This is something else.

There seems to be a technical problem.

When you are on LI, the computer goes into a hard freeze that can only be resolved by full power off and reboot, and when coming back to the browser getting the same page reloaded and trying to lock up. The ones I’ve *seen* myself are happening at LI Notification.

It happens with more than one browser type, CPU, and platform and users. It ONLY happens on LI.

There are NO eventlogs to explain the phenomenon, and no application logs. Memory dumps seem to show all normal.

Keep your eyes open, folks.


A small followup

I promised you knowledge of who the Craven shown in the last post was. And here you go.

Craven-who  Craven-who-2

This is part of a Professional group which has held by its leadership that “Israel has plagued the US” and effectively been an enemy of the USA, and in general repeating memes that you usually find on Stormfront. Some of the internal language use, in its pomposity, is very like the onetime inner circle around Samuel Francis.

My advice would be for all members of the group who are not in sync, on reflection, with the leadership, to leave it.

Cancering the Internet

Wowsa!  Here I come moseying along expecting my old blog, and I’m presented with boops.  And have to reset my stuff just to be able to see the theme.  Let’s see how this thing rolls.

Anyway, I see that JR over at Robinsontown is up to his old shenanigans, sending henchmen to other blogs and sites to disrupt, still running fake lists of monthly donors (it doesn’t matter if you’re dead, zombified, gone to join cannibal ISIS, or have demanded to be taken off the lists).  That html must be made of sun-dried dung rather like a Kraal from the UN King’s homeland.  But no amount of swindles can land Boss Hog in jail, obviously :).


As you can see, the Bilbo Beggins Brigade has run out of imagination somewhat.  I wonder when one of them will come up with the idea of a hefty plate price for being on the President’s Enemy List?

But things may not be altogether well in the land of Grifty and Grafty.
Extolling the virtues of Mitt Romney. When I looked, JR and the slavering Mormon-hater hordes hadn’t shown up yet.  But I expect they will, and then there will be a few less Freepers.

Free Republic the Weapon

So the mad hatter of FR is demanding that people slit the throat of their paycheck envelope and send some of that green to the wheeled delegation of drunks sitting guard at the border, protecting the country against Nonfreepers, Antifreepers, Mormons, Homosexualists, catfish, and various brown people.  Enabling them to turn FR into “a weapon”.


Sorry to disappoint you, crackpots: the only kind of “weapon” FR is and will ever be is the kind you stick in your mouth and pull the trigger on.

Very sad, actually – you coulda been contenders, you rotting collection of holyrolling jellyrollers.

Just a small comment on the onrolling madness of the FR begathons.  They are no longer funny, just sad and predictable.  If I was a betting critter I’s probably make book on when the FR kadres would kill some of their sheep for money.  Piece of advice: be very careful of what you sign.

Now, that wasn’t funny but just nasty.  This, on the other hand, IS funny.  Pre-Obama Katzenjammer Kids.

Before the world got to worship at a Black Nazist’s feet.


katz11  katz22


Seeing that our friends from Robinsontown, on their mooching expedition to Murrieta, have come head to head with another brownish cult, let’s have a look:

brown1  brown2

brown3  brown4

As you can see, the cult of the Berets is just as obsessed with loyalty to the “Commandante” as are the Freepers.  They do not have a real culture of Zot yet, but they’re sure  working hard on their purges, and like FR they score an easy 12 out of 10 on the pomposity index.

So much for our little brown friends. They have feuds.  Evidently there are more than one variety of Brown Beret; there are at least three websites in our DB from long ago.  And they don’t like each other.  Rather like Jimrob and old freepers, in fact.

Now, the Mooching Expedition seems to be vexed with Sean Hannity “disparaging” them.  At the same time, Freeper factotum LucyT, home at beggar central, is screaming her head off at the risk of the strangers imporing Ebola and even biowar agents.

And out there in the field we have Syncro poking his bearded slob visage over the roof of JR’s airconditioned plushmobile, fretting about how the Mexican Criminals will rape the US Teenage Sex Workers, and take them into bondage for the child sex trade.  I suppose he fears that Vetscor’s various sexworker rings will face stiff competition.

You didn’t know that there is pervo prostitution associated with Vetscor/FR?  If so, it’s just that you didn’t want to know.

I link you back to one example, we have others on here:

Anyway, JR’s expedition to secure more donations seems to have fallen woefully on its face, and may not even cover its own costs.  Gas for the Plushmobile is unlikely to be free, although I suppose his GPS is set to hit every Freeper household between the Robinson Mansions and Murrieta.  They’re claiming “VICTORY”, however, since they were mentioned by Greta – the Fox TV crew had parked just steps away from the Plushmobile.  Or rather, the Plushmobile were parked just steps away from the Fox crew :).

Oh, and I see that some Freepers have taken to calling Syncro “perfessor”.  Looking at his profile, I note a short rant in Latin, so at least I know he can read dictionaries.  And it is, no surprise, pompous -like clipped from the Samuel Francis band…




Malevolent Cult plus Malware

There’s interesting stuff going on around the Internet, and some of it has to do with security.  And also with the “conservative” cult of Robinsontown.

Basically, the Internet can be seen as one infectable object vulnerable to all kinds of malware, the infection has already happened, the malware is rapidly evolving and the Internet will never be “clean”.

Typically, the malware floating around out there seeks to use your machine to do things, to steal information or just to mess with your head.  You can keep your own desk clean, but it takes attention if you ever use the Internet or even local nets.

More security providers these days, I believe, will tell you that they cannot stop infections but simply keep the damage to a minimum – in short, they’ve thrown in the towel.  That was a given ten years ago.

So, Robinsontown.

If you go and look at their Begathon threads, the chief beggar has a set of malware on her machine which she has tried to defeat, but it comes back “like Groundhog Day”.

It’s not completely clear what that malware does – there is more than one variant and there is likely to be more variants than what is listed – but she seems to have email on that machine.

At that point, all bets are off as regards to the Robinsontown data.  If I had given them anything like my bank account or other personal data, I’d be sweating bullets.  Because, just on principle, you don’t know if the thing is a random infection because some greedy little magpie saw something shiny on the web, or if someone aimed the shiny.  The possibilities are legion ;).


Are We Having Fun Yet?

Well, I know I am.

Sorry to be such a pitbull on the erstwhile “Freepers”, but I have met the Antifreeper and his name is Jimrob.

I see that the begging is still at a crawl, and there’s a couple of factors here that people in general probably are not aware of.

This is a RUMOR, I don’t know if it’s true.  But from what i know of Jim it may well be: the begging hysteria inner circle is being paid to chum the water.  You know, with all the insane kitten, pancake, creamcake, bacon and founder graphics.  At the same time, ONE of JR’s inner circle has been frozen out of the compensation game and is no longer participating.

Anyway, I want to show you a couple of pics :).


As you can see, the wild claims of no google are just that: wild claims.


The latest: should you find a dollar, send it to Jimrob right away.  Very understandable, he’s probably starving if he’s having to pay a beggar army :).

Lol.  Say, Jim – when do you plan to purge the dead people from the rolls?  Should we start listing them?

Robinsontown II

Looking back at the scams going on at Freerepublic – and they were scams, read the Freerepublic financier Badjoe’s account as well as a couple of others detailing where actual money came from in the early days, and the fallout after the so called Freeper ball as well as the Freeper Cruise made for amusing (and shocking) reading for months.

But something has so far esaped much attention: Robinson-Defehr.

There have been changes, insofar that Robinson-Defehr LLC no longer seems to exist; according to their secstate it’s canceled. However, their domain does still exist.

Be that as it may, our last Robinsontown post shows how lucrative being a cult’s webmaster is.

Now, if my memory isn’t completely shot, half the point with the Robinson-Defehr software was that it was supposed to go on the market and compete with other forum software.

If Robinson’s associates are right, and the forum has a rich toolbox for listening in on the members – “in Jim’s House all walls are all ears” – then that explains why the thing *cannot* go on the open market.  Ever.

Just a thought, kids ;).


April Fools

Over the last few days we’ve seen an amazing parade of April Fools.  Many of them are on that premier “conservative” forum, Freerepublic continuing to underwrite Robinsontown’s  better living through parasitism.

We brought you one view the other day; here’s another:,+Fresno,+CA+93711&layer=c&z=17&iwloc=A&sll=36.827135,-119.850999&cbp=13,263.6,0,0,0&cbll=36.827162,-119.850695&hl=en&ved=0CAsQ2wU&sa=X&ei=8SMmU4y_KMPyswSDq4H4Bw

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  SOMEONE at that place found it necessary to falsify Fox headlines to claim a dramatic discovery regarding St. Michael, when it was really all about the Archangel Michael.  The religious history-falsifications attempted by Freepers are getting more and more blatant, more and more desperate, and more and more ludicrous as Jimrob and his Jesuseers are reverting to their old Christian Identity roots. It’s sad and comical, and it’s a great help to Barack Obama.  Read the forum, and you’ll hear the voices of Samuel Francis and Hutton Gibson in equal measure – and then you have the Hillary people.

We *know* that some of the birther activists are not really about revealing the very real problems with Obama, but soldiers in the Clinton faction of the Democratic Party.  That group comprises for example Phil Berg, a lawyer devoted to revealing Obama’s constitutional ineligibility and Dr. Ron Polland, Freeper handle “Polarik”.  Polarik commands a large and malign group of Freepers with one “Brown Deer” at the top of the heap.  Bottom line is a large contingent of forum members working for one warring faction of the Democratic Party or another.


Not after this week’s episode of “FREEREPUBLIC” :).



I promised you I’d get back to you with a little info of what actually, over a little time, boiled out of the cauldron at Freerepublic.

First, just let us have a little look at the 9.11 troofer movement.  The two Freepers who came to drive that juggernaut, now so popular with neonazis, arabs and Democrats alike are as follows:

Freeper Skunkworks

Here is a typical Skunkworks post (one of the very first, in fact)

To: dennisw
I am not a Destroyer of Israel. I am a ‘Shut-in’ trying to make friends on the internet. The post here was about the Holocaust – I saw Ellie Wiesel and did a ‘Internet Search’ on him.

When I read about burying people alive and for months the ground trembled and geysers of blood shot up. I just posted it.

24 Posted on 04/19/2001 16:10:38 PDT by skunkworks
[ Reply | Private Reply | To 20 | Top | Last ]

Digging a little revealed that “Skunkworks” seems to have been one Darryl Bradford Smith, an extremely crazed
and virulent antisemite operating, eventually, “a vast array of websites”, and for some time actually based in France.

He used Audry Murphy as his avatar, and managed to piss the Murphy estate off enough that they were looking to find him and have the law on him, but he was at that point out of their reach.

The other fellow I mentioned was Freeper Ankaboot, and this is the old blurp on him:
AKA WindRiverShoshoni
AKA Ankaboot
AKA The Sheik of Springdale
AKA Dawud Ahmad Abdur-Rahman
AKA Dawud Ahmad al Amrika

Foundation to set up madrassas in the US
“The Children’s Forest”
Hosting and procurement of WWII nazi propaganda for neonazi use.

Arrested in 1998 on drug charges + multiple weapons charges,
Stevens County Superior Court Judge Larry Kristianson threw out
the case because the evidence had been obtained with an invalid
search warrant.

In 1998, appears to have shown great interest in disposal of nuclear
waste at a site in Springdale, see Springdale Town Council transcript of November 23 1998. The project in
question was Dawn Mining Company’s uranium reclamation. Mr. Ahmad seemed positive to the effort,
and very interested in how “rich” the reclamation material was.

Interesting quote in light of weapons charges:

11/09/02 09:52 AM
Re: Pakistan in uproar as Musharraf blocks Islamist premier [ To: themalcontent | Post 312790, reply to 312320 ] (Score: 2)

I wonder what Pakistani gun laws are like. Anyone know?

Pakistani villagers manufacture serviceable copies of military weapons in firepits in their back yards that are the equal of similar copies being manufactured in American machine shops after hours.

God gives us the right to defend ourselves with arms. Gun laws? We don’t need no steenkin’ gun lawz …

Ankaboot eventually revealed himself to be a host for Skunkworks and his various nazist web efforts.
Now, these are just two of the people popping out of Freerepublic back in the early days. There would be
three very important forums, in terms of islamist takeover of USA, systematic antisemitism, and global
Al Quaida buildup. The three were Original Dissent, Libertyforum, and Samuel Francis forum. Two of them,
Original Dissent and Libertyforum, were started by Freepers, the third one attracted a lot of Freepers but
eventually died because Francis actually feared the legal consequences of what he was doing. Libertyforum,
on the other hand, ended up hosting a massive number of Freepers and playing a central role for Al Quaida
as a crossroads for demons of the antisemite kind. The forum folded in 2008, seemingly in connection with
the “installation” of Obama.

Many, if not most, of the antisemite weirdos of Libertyforum are now back on Freerepublic.

There and back again. But not really any Hobbits.