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LinkedIN as a hate site

Yes, boys and girls. LinkedIN is one of the handful of major hate sites on the web, in many ways not distinguishable from Stormfront or any HAMAS or ISIS site. And the compeny does this intentionally, gleefully refusing to sanction Nazists or jihadists or communists never pausing murder incitement for a minute.  It is, of course, also a site pushing Obama and Hillary, two bona fide murderous monsters, to the limit, and calling for extermination of the Jews.

Just one current example.


In fact, calling the site a Terrorist outlet is completely warranted and the owners should be arrested.


The Ebola Golf Club

Mr. Obama bin Fraud is up to no good again, and Judicial Watch is digging its little claws bloody.  If you’ve seen the democrat howls, you know there’s paydirt somewhere in that golfcourse.  Not just sand in those bunkers but probably bodies, as it were.  Klayman is one of the good guys.

It’s also kind of interesting that Nina Pham, the nurse ostensibly cured from Ebola, was rushed to a photo-op in the White House, which raises all kinds of questions really.  After all, we don’t know a whole lot more about the virus than we did in the seventies, and the cases of survival are sort of meager material.

Anyway, with Obama putting, I’ll not be surprised if he’s using a crooked club.  His goals seem to be quite different from normal goals :).



1st Airborne

Ebola, that is.

Back when the apes at the Reston apehouse were keeling over like blood-filled water balloons, keepers and researchers at first couldn’t understand how it was that apes in a completely different part of the complex were being infected.  The answer, even as Ebola was supposed to only spread through direct contact with fluids, it was being transmitted through the complex’ ventilation system.  And this was not a droplet spread but a true airborne pathogen.

Now, since Ebola was extremely dangerous, the USAMRIID labs in Maryland were involved, and there was some tension before it became clear that this airborne Ebola wasn’t dangerous to people.

But what no one cottoned on to – in fact, it wasn’t discovered before 2012 – was that Ebola Reston readily infected pigs and made the pig population its home, sitting there in comfort and mutating, mutating, mutating…

Knock, knock…

Just a comfort thought before Christmas, with it’s manic shopping mobs :).

More comfort: The group of filoviruses seems to be expanding more rapidly than expected, and of course each new variant has new opportunities.


My oh My

No, this isn’t about Slade.  Nor is it especially loving.

So the CDC has been infested.  And actually, it seems to have been infested for as long as Ebola has been an issue.

I was just going through the very earliest proceedings dealing with the threat posed by these newcomers, as early as back in the seventies.  There was a section dealing with isolating infected patients, using something called the Trexler isolation unit which still seems to be in use today.  And if my eyes didn’t deceive me there in my demonstratively lightbulb-lighted den, one of the concerns was how these things might violate the patients right to human contact.

Liberalism IS a suicide contract.  Only they prefer that it’s the other guys who die.

Anyway, I dug out some of the other light reading on the subject: Ed Regis’ “The Biology of Doom”.  Did you know that at the end of WWII, the planes were already just a tickle away from taxiing up the runway for a total genocidal Anthrax run on Germany?  And that the stuff was baked into cattle pellets to be seeded all over Germany’s grazing areas?  And that the germ stocks measured in tons?

Canada seems to have been one of the very earliest industrial scale producers for the project; it seems they actually used brewery equipment for fermentation.  Copper tanks and pipes do not readily corrode.

Infection, International Colloquium on Ebola Virus; Pattyn, S. R. (Editor) - Ebola Virus Haemorrhagic Fever  Regis, Ed - The Biology of Doom

Of course, that *other* Socialist country, the Soviet Union, wasn’t so particular.  A large area around where Biopreparat used to be is indelibly marked with funny creepy stuff like Tularemia.  It seems they were using the cheapest form of  equipment available.  Iron pipes, for example.  Which rusted.  Dripping biological solutions everywhere and on the local wildlife.  And that went on until the fall of the Soviets – and maybe after.

And we’re off!!

That didn’t take long:

As I said a post back in “Ebolyndra”, liberals/progressives and quarantines just can’t exist in the same universe.  To quarantine a liberal, you simply have to put him down like any rabid animal or put him under lock and key.  Of course if the guardians are of the progressive religion, they’ll see it as their duty to let him escape.

Also, the liberal media is making a great deal of noise about how harmless Ebola really is.  The thinking of the “enlightened” is that the modern world is better organized to hinder the spread of virus, and if you’re unfortunate enough to come down with such a thing as Ebola, we have LOTS AND LOTS of life-supporting measures we can try.  And we have LOTS AND LOTS of medical resources, not to mention the calm determination not to panic.  Of course, the calm determination not to panic is sometimes indistinguishable from what draws a moth into a flame.  Unfortunately, the consequences are likely to be worse and you don’t lower Ebola’s mortality just because you can keep the patient alive for a forthnight instead of six days.

Here’s a measure of liberal insanity:

“Ebola is low-risk because it’s not listed as a Pandemic”.

I’ve got news for you, Sunshine: if Ebola was at pandemic levels, I might have my dream come true and there might be no liberals left.  You are looking at a virus with 25 to 90% mortality, from the cases that have been recorded, but no one knows what a pandemic may level out to.  But to think of it as “low-risk” is insane.  Actually, you might think of the liberal mind as part of Ebola’s lethality envelope.

Liberal. incompetent and generally vile Norway has an old saying: “Det vil helst gå godt”.  The problem is just that Murphy’s Law wins the day.  Every day.  And particularly around liberals ;).


War, and Rumors of War

Things are heating up again in the Middle East, as they will as long as muslims exist.  They are also heating up in Europe, which they will because Europe’s name is Quisling, Brzinski, Hitler, Stalin and a host of creatures in an unbroken tradition of antisemitism and corruption in the highest levels of government and the lowest levels of “secret” state organs.  The incompetence of it all just makes your hair hurt.

At home, here in Norway, the screamers for HAMAS are quite naturally in overdrive, and we see the social fabric of this septic tank of a country in all its naked glory in the social media – like the fat boardmember of one of Norway’s large businesses who uses, seemingly, several hours a day preaching support for HAMAS on Twitter.  Out of Love.  Or the far-left Israeli journalist who makes her living in Europe writing antizionist swill, which the nazists eagerly pays for.  Pardon me if I think that Israel should drop a nuclear device on a few large European cities, just to get the roaches back under their rocks again.  Heck, I’d even swallow the inevitable blip in internet service and having to check my iodine supply.

In Israel, Netanyahu seems to have lost patience and is no longer as gullible as when Bill Clinton hornswoggled him at Wye, promising him that Pollard would be released if they would just give the oldest Jewish city to Amalek, the Democrats other half – and then triumphantly sneered: “I lied!”, when he thought nobody but Netanyahu heard him.

Now, there is an Israeli soldier missing again, and again grabbed by Amalek in the middle if a so called  “ceasefire”.  I see the IDF have declared him dead, and knowing HAMAS and their kohorts, they probably ripped him apart.  And ate him.  Just wait for HAMAS gloating over the taste, with pictures.

The world of islam, and the left, is indeed that of Lenzi’s “Cannibal Ferox”.

Meanwhile, the UN is demanding that Israel give the “Iron Dome” to HAMAS.  Not being suicidal, Israel won’t do that, of course, but they have given the Dome to Obama, which is like giving nukes to Hitler.  So the tech will find its way to HAMAS anyway.

So, Armageddon, kids. Quite possibly.  The Russians always planned for a fought-and-won thermonuclear war; they know it’s doable.  So does Israel, their workgroup on nuclear conflict has been available for many, many years but for some reason it’s something not much spoken about.

I’ll just sit tight and hope none of my “family” survive, and that the world be swept reasonably clean of the worst.  And if the world should get a much deserved thermonuclear “reset”, I’ll have a Grand Marnier for my coffee.

Cheers :).


Animals (Zuul is coming)

Just got my stuff together and made iced coffee, arguably the greatest thing since sliced bread (and unsliced bread, for that matter).  It’s hot and sweaty, and the stuff go down by the gallon.  Dancing on the ceiling :).

But I notice that the Freepers are intensely concerned about homosexuals, and they now have two new memes from the woohooed boss parasite:

1. The immigrants are pedophiles involved in the human trafficking business.

There are a few things to remember regarding that one, of course, like the Vetscor and Norma Jean connection. COYOTE does indeed seem to be part of a network involving human trafficking to Asia and elsewhere.

Some links showing who and what are here:

Way to go, Freepers. Running trafficking networks in Asia while screaming about the Mexicans.

2. Because of the homosexuals, animals will lie down with people and even with grasshoppers.  Nothing is mentioned yet of frogs, but if a Homosexualist kissed one it would probably turn into JR.  One of the Begathon catladies seems to have gotten her wires slightly crossed, however:


Freepathon donors will have their way with, well… animals.  Maybe grasshoppers too.  Any Freepers named “Timmy”?

Just in closing: also note that DjMac is blogpimping.  Other people’s blogs, that is. Note the copyright in the bottom of the graphic. All is fair in swindle and piracy, you know :).



Seeing that our friends from Robinsontown, on their mooching expedition to Murrieta, have come head to head with another brownish cult, let’s have a look:

brown1  brown2

brown3  brown4

As you can see, the cult of the Berets is just as obsessed with loyalty to the “Commandante” as are the Freepers.  They do not have a real culture of Zot yet, but they’re sure  working hard on their purges, and like FR they score an easy 12 out of 10 on the pomposity index.

So much for our little brown friends. They have feuds.  Evidently there are more than one variety of Brown Beret; there are at least three websites in our DB from long ago.  And they don’t like each other.  Rather like Jimrob and old freepers, in fact.

Now, the Mooching Expedition seems to be vexed with Sean Hannity “disparaging” them.  At the same time, Freeper factotum LucyT, home at beggar central, is screaming her head off at the risk of the strangers imporing Ebola and even biowar agents.

And out there in the field we have Syncro poking his bearded slob visage over the roof of JR’s airconditioned plushmobile, fretting about how the Mexican Criminals will rape the US Teenage Sex Workers, and take them into bondage for the child sex trade.  I suppose he fears that Vetscor’s various sexworker rings will face stiff competition.

You didn’t know that there is pervo prostitution associated with Vetscor/FR?  If so, it’s just that you didn’t want to know.

I link you back to one example, we have others on here:

Anyway, JR’s expedition to secure more donations seems to have fallen woefully on its face, and may not even cover its own costs.  Gas for the Plushmobile is unlikely to be free, although I suppose his GPS is set to hit every Freeper household between the Robinson Mansions and Murrieta.  They’re claiming “VICTORY”, however, since they were mentioned by Greta – the Fox TV crew had parked just steps away from the Plushmobile.  Or rather, the Plushmobile were parked just steps away from the Fox crew :).

Oh, and I see that some Freepers have taken to calling Syncro “perfessor”.  Looking at his profile, I note a short rant in Latin, so at least I know he can read dictionaries.  And it is, no surprise, pompous -like clipped from the Samuel Francis band…




Fade to Black

Back to FR, hopefully for the last time this year.  Forlorn hope, probably, since the site is enough of a cancer on the Conservative cause and on Conservative principles that it may continue to be a thorn in the paw of America until it actually folds.

I said we’d be back with the Sean  Hannity nitty-gritty.  Well, seems that Hannity wasn’t really all that anonymous even though his handle was MacDaddy (hoping I got the spelling right).  So he was literally swamped with Freepers sending him invitations – to weddings, baptisms, housewarmers and whatever.  And they expected gifts.  Expensive gifts. Entitled, they felt.

The more things change.

Anyway, back to the Begathon’s last convulsions:


Red MDer have heard there are Freepers who will not (gasp) donate!


ErnBatavia thinks that Rush Limbaugh really should pay the FR expenses, since he gets his news from Freerepublic :).


What can you say?  Not really much.  I have a piece of music running through my head looking at FR, and I bet you think it’s “Paint it Black”, old Stones fan that I am.  But in view of FR’s hysterically ironic “butthurt forms” from Col. Freeper, it is “Freeping at the Freepers Ball”.


Enjoy, folks. Just sub p for k and you’ll be right as rain :).

The Zeitgeist of Evil

Reagan used to speak of  “The Evil Empire” meaning the Soviet Union and its lunatic fellow travelers. But even Reagan couldn’t keep his path untainted.  For example, when the genocidal Arafat and his forces were just about to be annihilated, Reagan had the US swoop in and save the merry band of murderers.  And Reagan employed well-known nazists (Whitaker).  Expediency is the name of the game, and the game was always about getting rid of the Jews.

We see a little of the expediency game in the Cliven Bundy showdown I suppose – if I’ve been told right, the Bundys are Mormons and if antimormon cults like Freerepublic can get Mormons in harms way while cashing in at the same time, it’s just gravy. Jimrob needs new tires.

And I see that there is now, in Europe, some concern about “North Korean atrocities”.  Of course the lowlifes of Eurabia always knew about those, but the fact is that Europeans like Jagland and others of that “worker’s party” are pretty much aligned with genocide states like North Korea, not to mention every genocidal muslim state in the world.  Not that that is any different from the rest of the West where running a business simply means to peddle the means of genocide to the worst of the animal kingdom.  For example, Saab developing attack boats for Indonesia:

Old tradition, IBM supplied computing machinery for the holocaust; Henry Ford was famous for his antisemite work.

So, here are two books that our politicians need to read.  Never mind that most of them are either illiterates, functional retards or mirror-masturbating apes.  Maybe they can get some flunky to read to them.  In any case, they are many years too late.

What we really need is a Nuremberg do-over.  The first one let the roaches run and hide, and by now the roaches are out of the nest and have almost eaten the world.

Lee, Soon Ok - Eyes of the Tailless Animals  Lively, Scott; Abrams, Kevin - The Pink Swastika