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Funny Peculiar, Not Funny Haha

Yeah. Old title from a series of British humor. LinkedIN has become a world champion of the grotesque, the lunatic and the wannabe swindlers.

We have a couple of screenshots for you today. Feel free to snicker uncontrollably :).

hofmeyer  massini

Enjoy. Or not.



Antisemite LinkedIN

The Muslims, Nazists and leftists sway over LinkedIN is not abating in the slightest. The sheer insanity leads me to conclude that LinkedIN is now, in actual fact, a straight up hate site in the grand tradition of Stormfront, HolyWar, DailyKOS and MondoWeiss and we’ll be listing it as such. I’d have expected LI admin to try curbing the worst of the outgrowths. I have received a suggestion as to why they’re not: that a number of islamists have been hired in admin positions, and so now are controllers. I don’t know if the suggestion is correct, but I have received the claim from more than one user. And it would explain a few things.

A couple of current examples:

LI-antisemite-attack  LI-Nazi-More

The Gift That Keeps On Taking

Just to start this off on a Barf Alert – (a Freerepublic concept) – it seems that weeks after Jimrob’s latest Begathon is “finished”, he’s still scrabbling for money from his crop of derelicts.  I have guessed that this would become the norm: the 365 day a year Begathon.

Oh well.  July is nigh, and despair rides with it :).

To tickle everyone’s funnybone, we’re updating at the moment – which means filling the databases, an activity that has been rather low in 2014.  But some outlets that have been more or less immune before are not immune anymore. Some “conservative” outlets that have let conservatism down, like Freerepublic, and more of the idiot Democrat/Islamist/Communists. The Nazists too, of course, but mostly they seem relegated to forlorn wheezing and muttered curses in dark corners.

But some of the really odd ones, like The Moderate Voice (TMV) are out there literally howling.  Like this:


As you can see, this particular lunatic has a fervent, feverish troofer kind of belief that Sarah Palin had a “false pregnancy”.  These fellows are as rational as our own Norwegian media, like the newspaper “Fædrelandsvennen”.  Both the outlets could easily be mistaken for “Der Stürmer”.  Or Daily Kos.

In the “Conservative” corner we have a GOP (if I have understood the Idiot Chorus) candidate running on having grown up doing indecent things with animals.  Or to animals.  As politicians are generally animals and indecent, this is not news and merely means he was an early starter.

But we *are* having to swing back to Freerepublic for a bit.  There has indeed been a great deal of indecent stuff connected to the group, two of them bad enough from what I know to warrant federal intervention.  One was a member who is now in prison in Texas.

FR seems to have been naughty indeed, and some US academia may face a thorough federal pedo rollup.  I always said the academics were worse than the Church; you find the pedophile rings in academia both in the US and Europe.

The fun and games never end, do they?


The Abortion President

That is what James Dobson calls Obama.  He’s right, of course. He could have been even clearer: Obama is performing an extremely late-term abortion on America.

The Democrat-Socialist Party is running Margaret Sanger’s genocide program like a runaway train, just like the National-Socialists, which they resemble.  Not just resemble, they’re like two boogers from different nostrils.

Now, I’m going to do a bit of history here.  This is something that almost no one except a bare handful of people inside the ADL (yes, the ADL does know a few things) and the DHS knows.

The father of the troofer movement – you know, the faith that the Jews or GW Bush or both did the attacks on the world trade center on 9.11.2001, was a fellow going by the handle Skunkworks.  He was a Freeper, that is, a member of  He eventually, as we have shown, expanded his audience dramatically.  And, as I mentioned in a recent post, he at one point used the name ToiletDuck.  Funny how that works.

Anyway, I have a bit of a treat for you: a two-part interview with the skunk, from his perch in France.  Sound, and perhaps fury.  But no picture.  Here it is.




So the Skunk worked for a while from Libertyforum, where Jimrob sent a lot of Freepers who could not be had on Freerepublic.  We’ll do a walkthrough later on who exactly was on that board, what happened to them and who has returned to the FR fold.  Some of them today sponsors begathons ;).

The interview is from 2009 – after Libertyforum folded; some of the members – like Ismail Royer – ending up with terrorist sentences.



Cult of Unreason

Many years ago (in 1974) there was a book by Christopher Ewans named “Cults of Unreason”.  Of course, this was before the internet age, so while Ewans had a handle on the Scientologists, cults living in compounds and all manner of crazed bozo-herders, electronic compounds like the one belonging to Jim Robinson of might have seemed strange to him. Or perhaps not.  He died too young, in 1979, but was remarkably prescient in his science career.

Evans, Christopher  F - Cults of Unreason

Anyhow, Freerepublic represents something that has all the elements of a cult.  It wasn’t always as bad as now, of course, but while it was quite new I had some very clear pointers of what was cooking.  More on that later.

Thing is, an electronic compound with a strongly enforced echo-chamber structure and a führer-philosophy can be just as physically harmful as a bagful of rabid kittehs and bearded mohammeds (“kitteh” is “freeperlanguage”; not only the homosexual movement has its own speech code).  As for the führer-mentality, anyone can just open up a thread on the board featuring postings by Jim Robinson, and see half the posts consisting of “Yes Boss”, “Thank you for all you do, Jim”,  “I agree, Boss”, “Absolutely right, Mr. Robinson”, and of course “Thank you for having us in Your House, Boss”.

So FR is in many ways a compound and the argument could probably be made legally that the owner is responsible for what the inhabitants do, not just in terms of “hate-speech” which is a senseless term anyway, but in terms of the abuses heaped on the hapless individuals drawn into the cultmaster’s orbit by people anonymous but obviously directed by Robinson (even the site moderators are kept anonymous, just as the venture’s more unsavory links are kept secret).

Here is one such effort.  It’s a kind of tribal dance performed when the hunters of deviant thought have felled another mammoth or tiger or sloth or other thing with a bunghole.  I, for one, find it rather suspicious that a group so hostile to homosexuals would have such a laser focus – almost Obamalike – on anuses.


Enough for now.  I think that Robinson has pulled stunts on his subjects that places him in the class of August Kreis, sort of.  But later it’ll be time for a look at what started on FR.  For example: the troofer movement existed on one board in France, the day after 9.11.  But from there it was spread by one particular Freeper, followed by a central islamist Freeper (Ankaboot AKA “The Sheik of Springdale”).  And the rest, as they say, is history.


So, in the wake of the Boston bombings and Obama’s insane and unlawful efforts to overthrow the US Constitution comes a Democrat activist Troofer with pots and pans of Ricin. He looks like he might have a green thumb, and maybe even a green brain. Moldy.

Anyway, he claims to be a Christian Democrat. I took one look at his “Cross” and bust out laughing. Any of you ever heard the old Jewish joke about the Jewish kid being sent to a Catholic school?

When his father noticed that his maths grades were conspiciously better, he asked why. And the kid answered:

I knew the first day here, when I noticed this guy nailed to a big plus sign, that they were serious”.

Look at the “Cross” he’s wearing. That’s a plus sign, baby.


Shades of Madonna and the Kabalah.

The Left and False Flags

Going back to 2001 for a moment, the islamic war on the rest of the world killed almost 3000 people on 9.11, and it is – from evidence shown here:

at least a possibility that Mr. Obama had foreknowledge of the attacks.  The attacks were certainly planned in great detail a long time in advance, many of the perpetrators were living in the west, even in the USA, and there have been other signs that the plan was not really all that secret – and that members of the American intelligence community that came too close to the preparations have been punished.  That goes even for some senators backing those intelligence efforts, like senator Curt Weldon.

What also happened immediately after the 9.11 attacks was the birth of the ”troofer” movement.  It originated from a very specific point, a ”progressive” site in France, and it was obviously orhestrated and coordinated with the islamic movement, the national socialists, the black power folks, the big-Libertarians and generally every rabble-rouser faction on the planet – and it very quickly spread to span the planet.  Claims such as ”The Jews were flying the planes into the towers using remote-control”, or that the towers were really blown up by pre-placed explosives, or that the Pentagon wasn’t hit by a plane but by a ground skimming missile that had to have been bigger than an Atlas rocket in size became reality for the whole socialist world, among them members of the Obama administration like the communist Van Jones.

So in later  years, the islamic war effort has controlled the narrative to the point where they’re routinely and openly bragging about their nineteen martyrs (or heroes, or ”grooms”), to the point of being nauseating, and at the same time claiming innocence and complaining about being misrepresented.  Of course, they’e not misrepresented.  There really is an islamic/socialist war on humanity, and it was started by arguably the first genocidal ideologue in history, Muhammad. The ideology of the end justifying the means – any means – has remained unchanged through the centuries, and regardless if the ideologue du jour calls himself muslim, socialist, marxist-leninist, stalinist, maoist, national socialist, anarchist, third position, EU-supporter or any of a number of other  class and race warfare artists.

Result: we now have a narrative being sort of brought over into the ludicrous, with the politically correct intelligence agencies – and even reputable OSINT operators – working with a focus on the ”far right”.  Yet, from the official NCTC data from 2011 (and this report seems to be gone from the NCTC site but we do have it, of course), the casualties being ”credited” to rightwing attacks for that year are 77, which is, in short, only the Breivik event.  But it serves as a trigger to focus on the right (that is, the non-socialist and non-jihadist), and removes attention from the socialist and islamic deaths of that year, which number roughly 11.000, all told.  That is a very, very successful control of the information war, and a very successful prosecution of a genocidal and relentless war.

Now, since the Breivik event is obviosly key to much of what the left and the islamics have been doing after 2010, let’s just have a little look at him.  The conventional wisdom, of course, is that Breivik is a rightwinger and a ”friend of Israel”, or even “controlled by Israel” according to Johann Galtung.  But from reading his manifesto, you soon find out that the plumage is kind of different.  This is not your everyday ”Norwegian Blue”, and certainly no friend of Israel.  One place he despairs over USA’s ”Jewish Problem”, and in other statements he describes himself as ”Christian Identity”.  If you know anything about extremist politics, you’ll know that Christian Identity is the identification of Ku Klux Klan, and that the Klan is not rightwingers, as the ignorance-peddlers on the left would like you to believe, but that it is in fact the radical, or military, wing of the Democratic Party.  Funny thing that none of the ”analysts” on the left manage to catch these things, but still use hundreds of man-hours to try and find geocaching points in Breivik’s manifesto.

The obvious question, when looking at the leftist/islamic/antisemite obsession with ”false flags” and misrepresentation, is: were the Oslo attacks a false-flag, mounted by progressive powers with a vested ”antizionism-interest”?  And will we ever know?  Here’s a tip: If Breivik has a change of heart in prison, begs forgiveness,  apologizes to Mullah Krekar and starts a ”rehabilitation” process, you probably have your answer.

They Die To Live

No. Really.  That is islam for you.

This is just another example of those “19 grooms” thing, and really one of the strangest phenomena in modern politics.

  • Arabs (specifically AQ) conduct the worst attack against the US since Pearl Harbor.
  • They then construct a media myth, with the help of European (notably French) fellow travellers claiming that the attack was really done by the Jews, using various ways of remote control and perhaps mind control.
  • The myth grows like mold on green cheese until it’s an accepted part of the Obama administration.  Ask Van Jones.
  • At the same time, the Arabs, true to form, cannot keep from bragging about what they did.

One Arab muslim brag coming  up.  From the donkey’s own mouth:

Denmark and the Troofers

This is going to be a few posts about troofers.  There’s a lot of them.  Also here in Scandinavia.  Being antisemite psychosis in motion, these sites are one of the main rivers of hate in the global internet.

First one out is kind of boring, at least as far as the old site banner is concerned.  The textgrab is Danish, boring, and mindnumbingly stupid.  You know the procedure: Google translate.

Hvordan begyndte du at interessere dig for om 11. september var et set-up? I begyndelsen vidste jeg, ligesom de fleste, ikke noget om jernprofilers brudstyrke, om at en brand ikke kunne forårsage en sammenstyrtning og så videre. Så som de fleste var jeg blot frygteligt uvidende om alle detaljerne. Jeg accepterede den frie fortolkning, at angrebet var gengældelse for den amerikanske udenrigspolitik. Jeg havde faktisk arbejdet på en bog om globalisering siden 1992 – jeg var tre fjerdedele færdig og amerikansk imperialisme var et emne i bogen, men jeg havde ikke et adskilt kapitel om det. Så tænkte jeg, at det måtte jeg hellere lave, og begyndte at skrive om det. Og som bekendt, når man først begynder på amerikansk imperialisme, så vil det ingen ende tage. Så det blev længere og længere, og hurtigt kunne jeg se at ”det her er en bog”. ”Jeg færdiggør den her bog, og så vender jeg tilbage til min bog om de globale problemer. Og jeg kan så give et kondensat af denne bog i et kapitel der”. Jeg havde så den bog to tredjedele færdig, og en kollega fra Skotland ved skolen for teologi, hvor jeg underviste, sagde han mente 911 var et ’inside job’. Jeg sagde det lød interessant. Jeg var skeptisk, men jeg ville gerne se på beviserne, og han sendte mig så nogle websider. Jeg så på det, men fandt ikke noget overbevisende. Så mødte jeg en anden kollega ved en konference om global fattigdom, som fortalte om en anden hjemmeside der havde Paul Thomsons tidslinie. Den er nu en bog der hedder The Terror Timeline. Det er 200 siders historier fra mainstream-medierne der modsagde den officielle historie. Der tænkte jeg ”oh-oh” ”der er noget her”. Det var februar eller marts 2003 og jeg begyndte at læse ting rundt omkring, og jeg fandt den bog, der er skrevet af Nafeez Ahmed. Så studenter bad mig lave en præsentation om forholdet til krigen i Irak, der lige var startet. Så lavede jeg en præsentation baseret helt på 11. september, som forudsætning for denne krig. Da havde jeg omridset, så jeg tænkte, ’well’ jeg skriver en artikel. Det blev selvfølgelig længere og længere, så på den måde kom Det nye Pearl Harbour til verden. Jeg er kristen teolog, og de fleste af mine bøger har handlet om teologisk religionsfilosofi. Selvom mine første bøger om 911 kunne læses uden at man kunne se den var skrevet af en kristen, så håber jeg trods alt at man kunne se den var skrevet af en filosof. Jeg indså imidlertid til sidst, at som med andre bevægelser i USA, antikrigsbevægelse, borgerretsbevægelsen – hvis det skal lykkes, så skal kirken involveres. Og den bør involvere sig, for det er et åndeligt spørgsmål, en moralsk, spirituel sag, og selvfølgelig er langt det største flertal af amerikanerne kristne. I det foredrag jeg holdt i Madison, Wisconsin, der blev udsendt på C-span, henvendte jeg mig til religiøse mennesker generelt. Jeg tror på, at der er grundlæggende moralske principper alle religioner har tilfælles. Så jøder, kristne, muslimer, hinduer og folk af andre trosretninger, i det hele taget mennesker der interesserer sig for grundlægende moralske værdier – vi burde alle arbejde sammen mod det amerikanske imperium og afsløre sandheden om 911, der er blevet brugt som forberedelse til de seneste eskaleringer af den amerikanske imperialisme. Men denne gang har jeg besluttet mig for at henvende mig direkte specifikt til den kristne kirke. Jeg har lige opdagede at en kirke i Seattle, har lavet en 8-ugers studiekreds omkring min bog. Så jeg håber det vil blive tilfældet over hele landet, og i hele verden. Er der et voksende spirituelt element indenfor 911 bevægelsen? Ja, der har hele tiden været en åndelig dimension, fordi Kevin Barrett, der var en typisk amerikansk playboy, giftede sig med en marokkansk kvinde og blev muslim. Han startede organisationen ’MUJCA – Muslims, Jews and Christians united for 911 truth’. Og jeg var faktisk i Madison for at støtte den bevægelse. Og der fandt jeg ud af, at der er flere steder af samme slags. Angående frygten for muslimer, så har jeg i min sidste bog, den om kristen respons på 911 (Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action), udviklet begrebet ’dæmonisk magt’ – en realistisk men ikke-mytologisk vinkel på det såkaldt dæmoniske. Jeg argumenterer for at det amerikanske imperium, ligesom alle andre imperier har været det, er dæmonisk. Det romerske imperium var klart dæmonisk, det er hvad det nye testamente fortæller. Så jeg pegede på at ifølge fortolkningen af Det Nye Testamente, så prædikede Jesus et antiimperialistisk evangelium eller budskab. Det giver jo mening for romerne havde besat Palæstina i lang tid, brutaliseret befolkningen og beskattet den særdeles hårdt. Jesus var vokset op med dette, så det giver mening. Også hvis du læser det sidste evangelium, Åbenbaringen, så er det tydeligt at det romerske imperium er dæmonisk og repræsenterer Satan. Jeg forklarer så, at der er mange elementer i vores imperium, der efterligner det romerske. Så hvis deres var dæmonisk, så er vores dæmonisk. Jeg argumenterer specifikt for, at 911 var dæmonisk, fordi det har skabt en verden, hvor muslimer anses for skyldige, indtil det modsatte er bevist. Demokratiet og retsstaten bygger på, at du er uskyldig indtil, du er bevist skyldig. Men nu ser folk på muslimer som skyldige indtil de er bevist uskyldige, og det er en forfærdelig måde at behandle folk på. Kan nogen af os forestille os, hvordan det ville være, at overalt hvor vi færdes, kigger folk på en, og hvisker ’er det en terrorist?’. Det er dæmonisk. ”Vores mål nu, er at oplyse offentligheden om den indlysende kendsgerning, at den officielle historie er forkert” Hvad er dit råd til den voksende græsrodsbevægelse i Danmark, set i lyset af de mange fraktioner der findes i USA’s 911-bevægelse, og som endda nogen gange næsten bekæmper hinanden? De fleste kontroverser imellem os opstår, fordi vi har en naturlig nysgerrighed. Vi vil vide hvad der virkelig skete den dag. Og vi har alle sammen et lille ego. Vi vil gerne være den, der opdagede hvad der virkelig skete, med Pentagon, med tårnene, med flight 93 – blev det skudt ned eller ej? Det er kun naturligt, men hvis man først nærer den idé, at man selv har opdaget sandheden, så synes man at ”hallo – du er ikke enig med mig – så er du en muldvarp, der arbejder for den anden side. For du benægter min sandhed som jeg har opdaget”. Jeg foreslår, at vi i vores egne studier skal arbejde på hvad der skete. Men i vores offentlige præsentationer må vi fokusere på det, som vi alle sammen er enige om: At den officielle historie er løgn. Vi har dusinvis af punkter vi er enige om, hvor den officielle historie er forkert, så vi må fokusere på de ting. Vores mål nu, er ikke at opdage alle de små detaljer, men at oplyse offentligheden om den indlysende kendsgerning, at den officielle historie er forkert. Det er så indlysende, og der er så mange beviser, at vi må hele tiden fokusere på det, og ikke hvad var det præcis der ramte pentagon, hvad slags sprængstof blev anvendt i osv…’ Det er det vi skal bruge en rigtig undersøgelse til. Vi kan afdække alt det senere. Vi har måske små ego-behov for at være den første, der opdagede et eller andet, men så må man skrive en dagbog og låse den inde, så man bagefter kan bevise at man vidste det først, og samtidig sige at man ikke ville forvirre verden ved at starte en tvist inden for 911-bevægelsen, blot fordi resten ikke ville se ’min sandhed’. Så det vil være mit råd: Fokusér på det store billede i de offentlige præsentationer, som er det at den officielle version er løgn. Hvor dan vil du beskrive ’Den Nye Verdensorden’ og ser du 911 som en del af planen? Helt sikkert. Efter sammenbruddet i østblokken var der ikke længere en bi-polær verden, nu var den unipolær, og vi er dette ”Uni”, sagde man så. Det kan vi lide, og lad os beholde det på denne måde. Så nu er opgaven at forhindre enhver rival i nogensinde at fremkomme. Rivalerne det er Kina og Europas Forenede Stater. Så europæerne bør være bekymrede over dette; at 911 indirekte var en måde at holde Europa underlegen overfor USA på. Fordi hvis USA kan kontrollere verdens olie, og ikke for hurtigt overgår til en grønnere økonomi; hvis vi kontrollerer 90 % af verdens olie ved at kontrollere al Mellemøstens og Centralasiens olie, så vil Japan, Kina og Europa blive nødt til at lystre Amerika. Dette er den nye verdensorden, hvor man er begyndt at tale om et ’Pax Americana’. Det er heftige ting, og det er første gang i historien. Det er større end Alexander den Store, større end det romerske imperium, større end noget imperium. For det vil være altomfattende. Et altomfattende verdensimperium. Ja, jeg tror på at det var målet, at 911 var måden at kickstarte den næste udvikling, det næste skridt for at opnå dette. Men det har ikke virket ordentligt. Ikke så godt som de troede – de troede at Irak ville være piece of cake. Men de havde en hitliste: Wesley Clark afslørede, at han havde talt med en trestjernet general i Pentagon, der sagde, at vi har den her liste – jeg mener den består af fem lande. Alle var enige om hvilke lande vi skulle angribe efter Irak. Det eneste de var uenige om var rækkefølgen. Så det var planen, at få virtuel kontrol over al olien, og Iran er klart nok højt på den liste. Tror du på billedet af den nye verdensorden som et internationalt elite netværk af ’controllers’? Helt sikkert er den finansielle elite helt klar over, hvad der foregår, og er måske endda dem der trækker i trådene. Så helt sikkert – jeg mener Amerika er i dag et plutokrati. Verden som helhed er et plutokrati – et rigmandsvælde, i en endnu kraftigere grad end Amerika er det. Vi har et globalt apartheid. Det er en af de ting jeg taler om i bogen og en af grundene til at imperiet er ondt. Ingen betvivlede at sydafrikansk apartheid var ondt, og nogle kirker sagde endda at dette er en konfessionel situation. Du kan ikke være neutral omkring Sydafrika, og samtidig kalde dig kristen. Det er en del af vores tro at være imod apartheid. Hvis apartheid var ondt i Sydafrika, så er apartheid det også på et globalt plan, hvilket er endda værre. Afstanden mellem rige og fattige er endnu værre end den var i Sydafrika. Så det er ondt. USA har ledet den globale økonomi siden 2. verdenskrig, hvor vi overtog fra det britiske imperium. Man kunne sige at i 1945 var vi ikke så ansvarlige for verdens tilstand, i 1965 var vi lidt mere ansvarlige, i 1985 var vi langt mere ansvarlige, og i 2006 er vi meget ansvarlige for afstanden mellem de rige og de fattige. Når man læser nogle af disse dokumenter fra Pentagon, så bliver afstanden større og større, og det er derfor de vil have mere og mere på militærbudgettet, på trods af at vi før 911 brugte lige så meget på militær, som resten af verden tilsammen. Stadigvæk så sagde de her fyre: ’Vi må pumpe det militære forbrug op’. Det kan man se i det berømte dokument, der hedder ’Rebuilding Americas defenses’. Der er et af målene at øge militærforbruget med adskillige hundrede milliarder dollars. Det er selvfølgelig blevet et af resultaterne af 9-11. ”Han peger på World Trade Center og siger ’thats all you need’; når først du ser at den del af historien er løgn, så ved du det hele er løgn.” Har elitenetværket et centralt samlingspunkt? Hvis du spørger hvem i Bush-administrationen, der var ansvarlig, så er det klart, at vicepræsident Cheney er oplagt. Jeg ved ikke, hvor mange der har været involveret, men det behøver ikke være hundredvis eller noget stort antal, der har været medvidende i planlægningen. Hvis man hører om de her ting ud af det blå, og er en af dem der tager Bush og Cheney for gode kristne, så kan man simpelthen ikke tro på det. Så er det upatriotisk, det er helligbrøde, det er nonsens. Derfor er det vores opgave at få det ud, og jeg er glad for at se, at der er mange her der vil være med til at få det ud i Danmark og videre ud i Europa. For vores historie er så stærk. Når man først kommer ind i det, så er beviserne overvældende. Næsten alle der rent faktisk ser på beviserne, bliver overbevist. Der er en tidligere CIA-agent, Bill Christison, der sammen med sin kone Kathleen er ret kendte for hvad de har skrevet. Han udsendte for nylig en artikel, der hed Stop belittling the theories about September 11 og han har rundsendt et brev til sine venner, der undrede sig over, hvorfor han gjorde det. Han fortalte at i næsten 5 år havde han nægtet at se på beviserne, og endelig efter fem år havde han set på dem, siger han ’nu er jeg overbevist’. Han peger på World Trade Center og siger ’thats all you need’, når først du ser at den del af historien er løgn, så ved du det hele er løgn. Lige nu i USA er der kun 48 % der tror der ikke har været et cover up. 10 % ved ikke helt hvad de skal sige. Grunden til at jeg kommer til Europa, er ikke fordi at jeg synes det er spændende at stå i kø i lufthavne og rammes af flyforsinkelser og bo på hoteller. Grunden til, at jeg er kommet, er at selvom der sker virkelige fremskridt, så er jeg i tvivl om, hvorvidt vi vil opnå en virkelig undersøgelse, som vil se på begivenhederne med et åbent sind og så afsige en dom. Hvis det skal ske, så må det sandsynligvis være nødt til at ske i Europa. Det er mit håb at i det mindste et af de lande jeg besøger, vil føre an. Jeg har hørt at folkene i England vil kontakte dem jeg har talt med i Amsterdam. Måske kan folk herfra komme i kontakt med dem. Der er også meget stor interesse i Italien, hvor jeg skal holde mit sidste foredrag. Så jeg håber at der imellem disse fire lande vil være et samarbejde om at få en gruppe højt respekterede borgere til at sige ja til med et åbent sind at lytte til beviserne fra 911 bevægelsen. Og lad så hvem der vil fra regeringens side, fra 911-kommmissionen, møde op. I må simpelthen sørge for at de ikke har en undskyldning for at blive hjemme, fordi de vil gøre hvad de kan, for at sige at de ikke har tid eller penge til det. Er der ikke noget der er sandt ved 9-11? 911 historien i den officielle version er næsten alt sammen løgn. Men der er udeladelsesløgne og forvrængningsløgne, og mange af udeladelsesløgnene er om ting der modsiger den officielle historie, som har været fremme i mainstream-pressen. 911-kommissionens rapport ignorerede dem alle. Men vi behøver ikke vide alle detaljerne i sagen, for at vide at det er løgn. For at vide at W.T.C. ikke blev bragt til fald af flyene og den efterfølgende brand, behøver vi ikke at vide hvor sprængstoffet blev placeret, hvem der gjorde det, hvilken slags sprængstof der blev anvendt osv. Der er så mange beviser på at den officielle version er løgn, men os i 911-bevægelsen kan ikke stævne nogen. Vi kan ikke underkaste dem retsligt forhør eller løgnedetektor. Jeg er kommet til Europa fordi jeg tvivler på at en ordentlig undersøgelse kan finde sted i USA. Jeg tror at hvis det kommer til at ske, bliver det i Europa. Der er en forskel på et almindeligt menneske som dig og mig, og dem der er nået til tops i the establishment i det største imperium verden endnu har kendt. De har gået på militærcollege og lært kunsten at slå ihjel, det er deres job og de er gode til det. Målet er en pax americana, et altomfattende globalt imperium, det første altomfattende globale imperium i historien. Very heady stuff! Vi ved allerede, at USA før har skabt terror i Europa, Daniele Ganser har vist i detaljer i sin bog NATO’s secret army, at USAs regering og Pentagon gennem NATO sponsorerede terrorangreb i Europa, i Italien, i Belgien og i andre lande. Man var dødsens bange for, at de kommunister der havde kæmpet mod fascisterne under krigen skulle komme til magten gennem demokratiske valg, og skræmte befolkningen til at tro, de var terrorister. Men terroren var sponsoreret af NATO og CIA for at skræmme folk til at støtte mere højreorienterede partier. “Ædle løgne og evig krig” Er der en ideologisk baggrund for denne kynisme eller er det ren magtpolitik? Der er mange beviser på at filosoffen og professoren Leo Strauss’ tanker har haft stor indflydelse på den nuværende regering i USA. Leo Strauss’ filosofi er baggrunden for de såkaldte ’neocons’, den nye konservative bevægelse. Det er helt åbenlyst at mange ef de neokonservative ledere er Straussianere. Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol (PNACS bagmænd, red.) Strauss selv var ateist, og Nietsche var hans filosof – han afslørede sandheden, ifølge Strauss. Professor Shadia Drury viser dette meget klart i sin bog Terror and Civilization: Christianity, Politics, and the Western Psyche, der handler om de ’ædle løgne’ der skal til for at opretholde en evig krig. Strauss sagde at Nietsche havde ret i alting undtagen et: Man skal ikke sige højt at Gud er død – nej man må narre masserne ved at bruge religionen, og man foregiver at være meget from, meget patriotisk og meget religiøs. Og dette kan man bruge til at manipulere masserne. Det ser ud til, at det er det, der er sket, i og med at man har manipuleret de konservative kristne i USA til at godkende en politik, der er diametralt modsat deres egne kristne værdier, fordi de tror Bush-regeringen er et rigtigt kristent parti, og at dette er ægte kristne værdier. Hvad er kuren mod dette? Hvis vi afslører 911 som en rædselsgerning, komplet umoralsk antikristen handling, begået i kristendommens navn, som en del af en krig, lad os sige det lige ud, med det kristne vesten mod den arabisk muslimske verden; hvis folk ser, at det er måden religionen er blevet brugt, så tror jeg de vil sige ”hvad er det for en religion”. Denne falske religion der har forbundet kristendom med det amerikanske imperium. For kristendommen begyndte som en antiimperialistisk bevægelse, og måske vil folk indse dette igen, at begrebet kristent imperium er en selvmodsigelse. Der kan ikke være et imperium, der udtrykker kristne værdier, for ”imperium” betyder at gøre andre til slaver, at bruge andre til sit formål og ikke behandle dem som rigtige mennesker. ”Enhver, uanset religion, må interessere sig for afsløringen af den 11. september som en imperialistisk løgn”. Ligger problemet ikke også i religionens mest almindelige rolle? Det billede de fleste har af religion, indebærer det ikke ofte et misbrug? Religion er på mange måder den mest kraftfulde dimension i den menneskelige tilværelse. Efter drifterne for mad, vand og så videre kommer det religiøse drive. Det er et meget stærkt motiv. Det kan så bruges til de bedste formål, men også til de værste formål. Det religiøse drive er driften efter at blive ét med tingene, som de virkelig er. Med den ultimative virkelighed. Med den guddommelige virkelighed. Men denne enormt kraftige drift kan bruges til de ædleste formål, eller til de værste formål. Hvis den bruges rigtigt, forener den os alle i den kærlighed, som skaberen har i lige høj grad til os alle. Men religion kan meget ofte manipuleres til at sige at Gud er på vores side. Jeg vil gerne understrege de grundlæggende værdier som alle religioner har til fælles, som er diametralt modsat et imperiums værdier. Så hvad enten du er buddhist, kristen, hindu, jøde eller muslim eller hvad som helst, så er de grundlæggende værdier i din religion diametralt modsat værdierne i et imperium, som gør folk til slaver og dræber i herredømmets navn. Jeg understreger dette for at enhver, uanset religion, måtte interessere sig for afsløringen af den 11. september som en imperialistisk løgn. Hvis vi skal lykkes med en tvær-religiøs græsrodsindsats her, hvad er så dit råd til den spirende bevægelse i Danmark? Der er 3 trin: Få folk til at indse at 911 er en løgn, og derefter, at 911 blev udført for imperiets skyld. Det tredje er at alle religioners grundlæggende værdier er i opposition til det, så derfor bør alle religioner arbejde sammen om at afsløre sandheden om 911, og i det hele taget sandheden om det amerikanske imperium. Har det været svært at overbevise religiøse ledere om dette? Ja, men det skyldes også min egen fejl – at jeg skrev mine to første bøger uden at man kunne se jeg var teolog. Første senere indså jeg, at hvis vi virkelig skal give denne bevægelse en chance for succes, så skal vi have de religiøse organisationer, i USA især kirken, med. Min bog Chistian faith and the truth about 911 har kun været ude nogle få måneder, men den har allerede fremkaldt meget respons. Jeg har som sagt hørt om kirkegrupper, der sætter 6-8 uger af til at studere den i alle detaljer. Så jeg håber der indenfor kort tid vil opstår en forening af kristne for sandheden om 911.

A FNORD from Finland

The Illuminati are everywhere.  Even in Finland, it seems.  The grabbed text is a little fuzzy, I haven’t really formatted the thing and besides I think the mind behind it is kind of unformatted.  Maybe he’s not Illuminated.

Anyway, this is Christian Identity at its wackiest.  In Finland, of all places.  As if the Koskenkorva wasn’t enough.

You know the drill :).




Introduction and Mission statement Filed under: June 27, 2003 – 16:49 This site is dedicated to Truthseekers. It’s main purpose is to lead seekers on to a MUCH more brighter source of information, and to help shed some light to a great deal of things happening in this very mad world. Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high (places). Some good searches: Bilderberg FEMA CIA MI6 Mossad NSA Global Warming Skull and Bones Microsoft Matrix Pearl Harbor Oklahoma ’95 Iraq Iran Middle East MKULTRA COINTELPRO Operation Mockingbird Alex Jones Art Bell Fabianism Orwell Marx Hitler Even more categories : The Vatican China “Truth Talk Radio” & the “non moving freedom movement” Letters This site is my tool to oppose the people and organisations who are anti-God, i.e anti- TRUTH, LOVE, and FREEDOM. If we are to live under God’s Laws, the perfect Sociological system then we must oppose them. God’s Laws are the ONLY Laws legal on this planet. Again I must stress that the main purpose of this site is to lead people to an infinately brighter source of information at another website: and to The Plan against the New World Order ´ (The author of is not JAH, the author of I believe that the collection of documents that I’ve gathered here, should help anyone interested in learning about the massive ongoing conspiracy against mankind. The documents on this site form a strong basis of proof. However, there are none so blind as them who WILL not see. There is much on this site to read and DIGEST. To immediately jump to conclusions from preconceived ideas from reading a few lines of text will not make you any wiser. To start understanding this ongoing INSANE conspiracy, and rid your self of all the confusion you will need to; with and open mind, concentrate, and filter the information presented on these pages with your own intuition. “EARTH IS AN INSANE ASYLUM, TO WHICH THE OTHER PLANETS DEPORT THEIR LUNATICS.” -Voltaire (Memnon the Philosopher) You may have noticed the fact that we are living in some sort of SYSTEM. What an enormous amount of confusion there is to try to understand why we are here, and how everything really works. Why is there an ongoing battle between Good and evil?. Between the truth and lies. (Go(o)d vs d/evil). What about all the hypocrite, religions, filled with contradictions, and priest acting so much like politicians with silly rites and seremonies, not to mention all the wars religion has, and is, starting. Certainly non-ignorant people, seeking freedom, justice and truth, instead of opression and lies, notice a system of CONTROL, that is clearly becoming more insane day by day. A system where we, the masses of people, have been deceived of our personal freedom, and been made slaves to the ridiculously rich and powerful people. The power stucture of the world can be compared to a working place, or a corporation. It is shaped like a pyramid, with the majority of employees (a modern, more polite word for slave) at the bottom, not knowing much, not earning much, and doing the hardest work. The higher up the pyramid, or career-ladder the more they know. They also earn more, and lie more to the ones beneath them… One difference between the world and a corporation is that the lies that the elite tell the people are much bigger and that the people are more blinded from the truth. Adolf Hitler said: ‘A definite factor in getting a lie believed is the size of the lie. The broad mass of the people, in the simplicity of their hearts, more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.’ Which is perfectly true. The more one studies this system, and tries to find a meaning to all of this, (the meaning of life?) the more insane it all seems. Since ancient times people´s intuition (which is never wrong) has told them that there is something not quite right with this world. The lunatics controlling us are the tie-wearing politicians, lawyers, priests, with bankers, and other insanely rich people controlling them. Their main weapons against us are their illegal laws or constitutions that they have made up by them selves, that they can now bend and change for their own protection, Bureaucracy, paperwork, enormous taxes, organisations and comissions like the European Union, the Trilateral Commission, The CFR, and more secret ones like the Bilderberg Comission, or the Committee of 300. Some of you have even heard of the Illuminati. There is no doubt that they are building a “New World Order”, to tighten their grip and enslave mankind while diguising it as something for our common good. The trick of creating FAKE threats, and enemies is one of the oldest, and most effective way to scare people into accepting new “solutions” or laws. Today, America would be outraged if U.N . troops entered Los Angeles to restore order (referring to the 1991 LA Riot). Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond (i.e., an ´extraterrestrial´ invasion), whether real or *promulgated* (emphasis mine), that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this *scenario*, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government. – Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991 People claim to be aware of the situation; of how unfair the system is and how much these politicians lie. They watch these politicians as if they where watching a puppet show (which is exactly what it is!), and treat it all as if it where entertainment or sports. Politicians contesting against each others, boasting their big ego´s. So many fail to to see the hidden strings attached to the puppets or the hidden hands controlling the puppets. There is the illusion of fareness and rule by the majority brought by the political system called democracy (demon-crazy?). People ignorantly shrug and say that nothing can be done about the unfairness, that it has always been like this, and always will. They might offer you the solution to spend ten or more years in an expensive school to become yet another “wise” politician without changing the situation to the better. When presented with facts, or proof, of how corrupt things are, people so easily turn a blind eye, and do not even want to hear anything that would shatter their *blissful world of ignorance. (*Ignorance is not bliss) “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists”. – J. Edgar Hoover, former head of the FBI The destruction of the enviroment, our life-support machine, is growing EXPONENTIALLY every day. News of the destruction is so horrible that most people do not wanto hear of it. They do their best at ignoring it and try to live with their lives with their soap-operas and other ways of escaping reality. Some people believe in the illusion that the situation is, or will be getting better, that science and technology, those enormous sources of pride will rescue us. A TV-ad selling Oil with images of exotic untouched nature, fast sleek cars and now for some sick reason; sex, easily deceives the viewer. FEAR seems to be the power that keeps us tightly in the grip of the system. Fear of poverty, fear of being different than others, thus being a target for ridicule. There is so much fear introduced in our lives already at an early age. People who are unwilling to live in the system are often labeled as weird or insane and are thrown in jail or put in institutions after being fed with drugs which supposedly “help”. Would not sane persons living in an insane, upside down world be labeled unsane? So much that we’ve learned in this confusing world is simply wrong, – lies. We are taught, already at a very early age how to live in this system, taught that we can not live without a job, or money. So we work all our lives, often in more or less useless working places that are almost always destructive to the enviroment in some form or an other. What could have confused mankind so and blinded us from the TRUTH? Where do all the lies originally origin from? 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out to the earth, and his angels (you – Luke 9:55) were cast out with him – Revelation 12:9 from the King of King´s Bible – Long Live the Fighters! Long Live The King!

Hello and welcome to the newest and most unique Freedom Concept on the Internet. Your decision to print out and read this booklet will be the wisest one you will ever have made. THIS is the information that the men of the New World Order are absolutely terrified that you will discover, because contained in this free e-booklet and related free links, and other materials, are the seeds of their destruction. I guarantee that after reading this, your life and the way you look at life, will be changed forever! Study this material very carefully. In less than 180 days you could help defeat the New World Order using the ONLY plan that is guaranteed to work, which you are about to learn. With God on your side, helping you every step of the way, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in such a short time! Let me give you an example of why it’s important to get all of the facts before making a decision. If I promised you $5 million to jump out of an airplane without a parachute, would you do it? If you quickly answered “no” you lost an easy $5,000,000. You see, the plane I was asking you to jump from was parked on the ground. Don’t lose a great opportunity by “jumping” to conclusions about the concepts you are about to read. Please go through the entire booklet before you make any judgments. Have you been futilely searching to live a joyful life in Peace, Freedom, and Justice under the rule of men’s laws, only to find yourself on the outside looking in to their “Just Us” system? Are you tired of having your wealth, freedom, and God-given rights constantly eroded, or even brazenly stolen, by evil people working for an unjust system, stacked against you, and controlled by an unseen few? Have you been reading and hearing about an ever-increasing number of other freedom-loving people who have been actively battling the system, and caused you to wonder, “if so many people are waking up to what’s really going on, then why are things continuing to get worse?” Have you been bravely fighting your OWN good fight, possibly even winning some battles or suffering persecution by the forces of evil, but feeling like the small but important victories are simply drops in the ocean? Does all this make you feel like the New World Order is going to win no matter what you do, and you’ve even considered giving up – that fighting it isn’t worth all the effort? That is exactly how the N.W.O. wants you to feel, isn’t it? Take heart, don’t lose faith, all is not lost yet. Deep down, you know that Good will ALWAYS triumph over evil in the end, or you wouldn’t have already felt the desire to fight evil and injustice, and help put things right. Can it possibly be that the forces of good are not prevailing against evil, because the freedom-fighters have not yet discovered HOW to fight them correctly? It has been said that, except for God our Father, and Christ – The Master, six of our greatest teachers are: Who, Why, What, When, Where, and How. In order to help you understand the only way HOW to wisely fight and defeat the New World Order, this booklet will draw from the source of all Wisdom (Father and His Christ), and present that Wisdom through the eyes of these six great teachers. Rejoice, your prayers have been answered and your search for The Way to True freedom, peace, and prosperity is now over, but the work to achieve it is just beginning. OK. Let’s get going. I know you are eager to learn how to finally defeat the New World Order, and in doing so, be delivered out of the slavery of its sinister system. There is a lot to learn, and a very short time left in which to learn it, so follow this very carefully and whatever you do, don’t quit – your life depends on learning this vital information!
CONDITIONS FOR SUCCESS Before we proceed I want you to put aside any preconceived ideas you may have on how to defeat the New World Order. Forget all the advice you’ve been given until now. You need to concentrate on every single word you are about to read. If you are skeptical, put your doubts aside until you’ve finished reading the whole booklet, then you can decide whether the information I’m giving you is credible or not. In the meantime, just read on! If you have already had some negative experiences fighting the New World Order, forget about that too! You must understand that you have been working with fatally flawed concepts and techniques… even though they are still being used and taught by almost every “patriot/freedom fighter” Guru in America. Ask yourself, if any of these previous theories really worked, then why is the New World Order continuing to advance unabated toward its goal of totalitarian world domination, with the state of the world rapidly getting worse? The fact is, that all the other hotly promoted freedom techniques you may have heard about just don’t work in the real world! To be truly successful in fully reclaiming ALL of your God-given rights of Life, Liberty, Peace, Joy, Health, and Abundant Prosperity, you will have to completely re-think your strategy and precepts. What I am going to show you is the new, simple all-conquering method that needs to be used by ordinary people to liberate themselves. Once you discover these techniques and start using them, you will wonder why everybody doesn’t adopt the same strategies! They can make you FREE, sure and simple! The answer is SO obvious and logical that it has escaped the “patriot” community for decades, and was right in front of them and you ALL the time. Now is the time to have the scales removed from your eyes, and clearly see things as they really are. It is important to realize that fighting the New World Order is not at all like fighting an adversary who fights fair or follows rules. Nothing in the deceitful web of the Babylonian beast system is what it appears to be… except the fact that right now they have you tightly in their clutches, because you have not yet learned the right way to break free! I’ll be talking quite a bit about the true nature of the Beast, and how to correctly fight on a whole different level, but right now, I just want you to understand that you can’t think like a regular freedom-fighter and expect to be successful against this type of evil opponent! Most people come into the freedom movement, learning a few things, and then thinking they can prepare a dynamite “revocation and rescission” letter stating: they have learned about the fraud of the system, and that they are giving notice of revoking all implied contracts like having a social security number; and send certified copies of the letter to one or more government agencies, and then expect to receive a letter back saying, “Ok, now that you’ve caught us, we admit it. We are dreadfully sorry for sinning exceedingly. We acknowledge and confirm that you are no longer subject to our tyrranical bureaucracy, please don’t send us any more money, and we will leave you alone from now on. And please don’t send this confirmation letter to any of your freedom-loving friends.” The results are invariably very disappointing! You can pack your letter with all sorts of questions and demands to be shown the valid laws that give them the alleged authority to do the fraudulent things they are doing, knowing that there are none, and you supply every court-case cite in the book (from your endless hours of legal research) that clearly demonstrates why you are NOT subject to their fraudulent laws… but it still won’t work! It wasn’t until I started studying the Bible techniques of Moses, David, Jesus, and some other highly successful spiritual giants, that I began to see where I was going wrong. I’m going to let you in on their secrets in a few minutes! Now I started to rethink my definition of success! I still wanted to be prosperous, but what’s the good of having bundles of money stashed away in a bank account, unless you have the good health and freedom to enjoy it with your family and friends! What good is it if you have to work 18 hours a day on the system’s treadmill, seven days of the week, or even gain the whole world and lose your soul (Luke 9:25)? You’ve got to be able to earn your daily bread automatically and without spending a lot of time and energy doing it! That freedom is what characterized the really successful dragon-slayers, and it’s what I want for you and me! It’s why I am sharing and giving you all this information free. If you follow it exactly as I’ve laid it out, it will bring you the kind of freedom that you’ve always dreamed of! In only a few weeks, you’ll see the change in your life beginning. Then, gradually, the flow will increase, and the workload will diminish, until you’ll be able to put your life on auto-pilot and turn your attention to the things that make life worthwhile. The first step in becoming a winner is to start thinking like one! You probably already know that a good self-image is important to your general well-being, but it’s unlikely that you really realize how crucial it is to your success! If you are going to be free, you have to know that you are going to win. You have to view yourself as a truly free person and start thinking and acting like one. One of the most effective things you can do to bolster your self-image is to make sure that you are emulating Jesus at all times. Matthew 17:19 Then came the disciples to Jesus apart, and said, Why could not we cast him out? 17:20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this government, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Now that your commitment to freedom and prosperity is firm, tell your family and friends. Study the Master’s Plan! Make sure everyone knows you are serious! You are going to be working very hard for the next couple of months, and you will need their support. Set your mind on establishing The Kingdom and there’ll be nothing holding you back. Go for it! Moses said: “Proclaim Liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” That’s true, but there are some rules you must follow to make the Kingdom a reality! THREE IMPORTANT KEYS TO SUCCESS The first key is Divine Timing. Being in the right place at the right time and being on the right side. Well, this is the right time and the right place. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t already believe that, would you? Get in tune with God’s Master Plan – not only fighting injustice The Way He wants you to, but doing those things at the right times that He wants them done. But you must also make sure you are completely on the right side. “To every [thing there is] a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up [that which is] planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; A time to cast stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; A time to tear, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.” Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. By the time you finish reading this booklet, you will learn that NOW is the time to fight. The second key is God-guided Vision. You have to be able to see the opportunity and predict your eventual success. I hope that by the end of this booklet I will have opened your eyes to the fantastic opportunities available to you in the Master’s Plan. If I can do that, you’ll be on your way to a fulfilling, wonderful new life. Within a very short time, you’ll have more freedom than you ever dreamed possible. The third key is determined Action. This is the most critical of the three Keys… taking immediate advantage of the opportunity at hand…. getting started right away before the window of opportunity closes! Everyone knows that “every journey begins with just a single step” but some illogical fear of failure keeps most people from ever starting on the road to freedom! However, all of these fears vanish if you have an all-consuming goal. Obstacles are nothing but frightful things that appear when you take your mind off your goals. If you are serious about establishing a free and prosperous society, then read on. Actually, I could think of a thousand reasons for not becoming involved even though I hate the Beast-system! So could you. But that will never lead us to a life of freedom and prosperity. We should instead, examine every opportunity for ways that the Master’s Plan can work for us. Remember, opportunity knocks just once. Misfortune leans on the doorbell! Knowing that success is the result of actions not intentions, would you put off setting out on that journey to freedom, if I can show you how to do it quickly, with practically no capital outlay, and a minimum of effort? I hope not, because that is exactly what I am going to do and I am trusting that you’ll grasp the concept and run with it as fast as you can! Whatever you do, don’t let this amazing opportunity slip out of focus. When you have finished reading this manual, act immediately! Pass it to as many other people as you can. Wisdom says that if you are going to make a change in your life, you should do it immediately and determinedly! Whatever you do, when you finish reading this booklet, get started immediately developing your new life ….and do it “determinedly”… with all the energy, enthusiasm and determination you can muster! You’ve got to be either part of the steam roller, or part of the pavement. The three keys above are the catalyst that make the following Success Secrets work. But they won’t do you any good if you don’t act at once and put them to work for you right away. Remember, you aren’t alone in wanting to be free. There are millions of other people trying to set themselves free too and they are your potential allies! Don’t wait until they’ve committed to something else that will only fail, like all the other plans they have made in the past! Start today and you could be free and prosperous, within 180 days! As important as they are, however, the keys will do nothing more than get you started on the road to success. Now you have to learn how to “walk the walk”. To do that you will need to know some important background information, to put things in perspective and keep you in balance.