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More Bad News

But for others, this time.

In a short while I will reveal what has been going on in the background from before my family set their murderous sights on Fran. I will reveal how my “daughter”, for example, tried to stab a classmate while still in high school. And a horror story of alcoholism, homosexuality, murder planning in writing and quite possibly a new Nesset.

These are dark waters. There are witnesses, and it’s not actually difficult to unravel.

I will see justice.


LinkedIN as a hate site

Yes, boys and girls. LinkedIN is one of the handful of major hate sites on the web, in many ways not distinguishable from Stormfront or any HAMAS or ISIS site. And the compeny does this intentionally, gleefully refusing to sanction Nazists or jihadists or communists never pausing murder incitement for a minute.  It is, of course, also a site pushing Obama and Hillary, two bona fide murderous monsters, to the limit, and calling for extermination of the Jews.

Just one current example.


In fact, calling the site a Terrorist outlet is completely warranted and the owners should be arrested.

Tragicomedy in Fat Flat

They say: “Follow the money”, and when there’s nothing left on this dirtball except cockroaches, alien archaelogists will probably be able to follow the money trail right to who and what exterminated most life.

So there are millions going to the study of fat lesbians and origami condoms?  I didn’t even know there were origami condoms (*what* are they??), but I certainly know there are fat lesbians.  In fact, they may be worth a study, because I know fat lesbians who are rather proud of their murder record.  So a study of people like that may have important security value.  The data, though, may be extremely unwelcome in the corruptocracies of the world, particularly in Scandinavia and the US where that faction of society is in a position comparable to Ernst Röhm and kohorts in Germany.

Anyway, I was just thinking of the fantastic crumbling of  western institutions into an ill-smelling cloud of kaka, looking at how the handling of Ebola is almost certain to provide us with as exciting times as we haven’t seen since Europe thawed out of the ice and the first Norwegian thought he was supposed to follow the ice (not my definition, alas – I think it was Borgen – no, Børretzen).  Who also defined the first Norwegian as the village idiot :).  But I digress.

There was, a while back, an example of how senior officials of the system are in open contempt of law and human life.  I had forgotten the name of this odious judge, so I asked Mesta to have a look around, and sure enough:

The conclusion, of course, is that liberals are so hyper-destructive that they will happily burn the world down.  But they don’t like light.

There’s things living under rocks, actually, leading the life of a liberal ;).

Happy weekend to you all.  Oh, and remember Mesta’s healthraiser.  You’ll find it on her site, or here on this site.


War, and Rumors of War

Things are heating up again in the Middle East, as they will as long as muslims exist.  They are also heating up in Europe, which they will because Europe’s name is Quisling, Brzinski, Hitler, Stalin and a host of creatures in an unbroken tradition of antisemitism and corruption in the highest levels of government and the lowest levels of “secret” state organs.  The incompetence of it all just makes your hair hurt.

At home, here in Norway, the screamers for HAMAS are quite naturally in overdrive, and we see the social fabric of this septic tank of a country in all its naked glory in the social media – like the fat boardmember of one of Norway’s large businesses who uses, seemingly, several hours a day preaching support for HAMAS on Twitter.  Out of Love.  Or the far-left Israeli journalist who makes her living in Europe writing antizionist swill, which the nazists eagerly pays for.  Pardon me if I think that Israel should drop a nuclear device on a few large European cities, just to get the roaches back under their rocks again.  Heck, I’d even swallow the inevitable blip in internet service and having to check my iodine supply.

In Israel, Netanyahu seems to have lost patience and is no longer as gullible as when Bill Clinton hornswoggled him at Wye, promising him that Pollard would be released if they would just give the oldest Jewish city to Amalek, the Democrats other half – and then triumphantly sneered: “I lied!”, when he thought nobody but Netanyahu heard him.

Now, there is an Israeli soldier missing again, and again grabbed by Amalek in the middle if a so called  “ceasefire”.  I see the IDF have declared him dead, and knowing HAMAS and their kohorts, they probably ripped him apart.  And ate him.  Just wait for HAMAS gloating over the taste, with pictures.

The world of islam, and the left, is indeed that of Lenzi’s “Cannibal Ferox”.

Meanwhile, the UN is demanding that Israel give the “Iron Dome” to HAMAS.  Not being suicidal, Israel won’t do that, of course, but they have given the Dome to Obama, which is like giving nukes to Hitler.  So the tech will find its way to HAMAS anyway.

So, Armageddon, kids. Quite possibly.  The Russians always planned for a fought-and-won thermonuclear war; they know it’s doable.  So does Israel, their workgroup on nuclear conflict has been available for many, many years but for some reason it’s something not much spoken about.

I’ll just sit tight and hope none of my “family” survive, and that the world be swept reasonably clean of the worst.  And if the world should get a much deserved thermonuclear “reset”, I’ll have a Grand Marnier for my coffee.

Cheers :).


The Further Annals of the Animal Kingdom

As most observers who are not part of the Western Press or western “intelligence” will be aware, the “Islamic State” of Iraq is not a new entity.  It used to be simply AQ in Iraq, led by the Jordanian Zarqawi who once tried a WMD attack on Jordan.  Zarqawi was both genocidal, a sadist and as stupid as a pig stuffed with xanax.  The video of him trying to operate a machine gun is like watching one monkey trying to write Shakespeare.

But whatever, jounalists – who place the definition “whore” in a bad light – need to have things to cluck about.

Now, for the “Islamic State”.

The last post here was about their Newsletter.  This is about their “Report”, which is held to a slightly different format and theme, and is coming out both in English (shades of “Inspire”), and in German.  The last would seem to indicate that AQ, whatever some newsdesk hen thinking it has found a corn to cluck over, is actually aiming globally.

This is the “Report”:

ir1  ir2

ir3  ir1-ger


So, AQ – who was “on the run” – is indeed running. After the hapless defenders who have been sold out and committed to suicide by their Quisling-in-Chief.  Sorry. Kaliph.

What our Scandinavian friends may want to contemplate is that the leader of ISIL/ISIS/AQinIraq is Omar al Baghdadi, a longtime known quantity – not least for trying to have at least two Scandinavians murdered:

DUBAI (Reuters) – The head of an al Qaeda-led group in Iraq has offered a $100,000 reward for the killing of a Swedish cartoonist for his drawing of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad and threatened to attack major Swedish companies.

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, leader of the self-styled Islamic State in Iraq, also offered $50,000 in an audiotape posted on an Islamist Web site on Saturday to anyone who killed the editor of the newspaper that published the drawing by Lars Vilks.

I expect Norway will move quickly and offer this activist citizenship and Church Asylum.

Oh, and here is the audio.  Such as it is. Mostly pig-like squealing, but hey. It was free.

Al Baghdadi

Kauderwelsh Nation

I’m talking, of course, of Norway – this festering boil on the left buttcheek of corrupt and antisemitic Europe.

Norway’s press has long been distinguished by being almost as Hitlerist as America’s Obama press, but it doesn’t have quite that impact.  This is mainly because the world at large and in general doesn’t understand and really cant’ be bothered with gibberish spouted by a bunch of Jewhaters north of humanity.

But overall, the nation of Norway is remarkably consistent.  The press is antisemitic, the public sector is hysterically antisemitic and abysmally corrupt.  And the politicians are the worst vermin in the northern hemisphere.

Internationally, Norway is remarkable for two things:

  • Vidkun Quisling
  • Rattus Norwegicus

Of course, taking a wider view of the US and Europe, we’re moving to the next holocaust at breakneck speed.  The politically correct are always mouthing on about how war is too important to be left to the military.  I wonder when someone cottons on to politics being too important to be left to politicians.  In any case, the politicians, the press, islam and the rest of nazism will have their war, and I just hope none of them survive.

We need a tabula rasa, gentlemen.



State of Thieves

I came across something rather interesting today.  I’d been cleaning and sharpening a couple of old swiss army knives (pocket knives, pen knives) which have always lived in my jeans pckets.  They’ve been on several international plane trips with never a problem, but that was before the world went insane.

So I checked Ebay for pocket knives.

Seems that the TSA is doing a brisk business selling off confiscated pen knives to collectors.

We have seen the phenomenon before.  When the State is in that rotting stage where it steals whatever it can lay its hands on.

And we know where it ends, of course.  I warmly recommend this book:

Chesnoff, Richard Z. - Pack of thieves

Publisher’s blurp:

It was the largest organized robbery in history–the detailed, systematic looting of Europe’s Jews by the Nazis and most of the nations of Europe: Axis, Allied, and neutral. Now, for the first time, prizewinning journalist Richard Z. Chesnoff details the full scope of this monumental theft of money, gold, jewels, art, and property that began in Germany with the rise of Adolf Hitler, continued through the Holocaust and the Third Reich’s occupation of Europe, and culminated in a postwar cloaking campaign that stretched from Scandinavia to the Balkans to Iberia.

Chesnoff, who was among the first reporters to break the story that Swiss banks were still hoarding the assets of Holocaust victims, traveled to fourteen countries to research this heartbreaking, compelling story of human greed. With direct access to hitherto classified files and through exclusive interviews with bankers, government and Jewish officials, camp survivors, and the families of victims, Chesnoff tells a tragic tale that will make the headlines of tomorrow’s newspapers. Revealing new details that many governments and bankers would prefer to remain secret, he describes the detective work used to trace Holocaust assets that continue to be hidden inside the systems of Allied nations such as France and the Netherlands. With the deftness that comes with a journalist’s deep understanding of events, Chesnoff explains why it has taken more than fifty years for the world to even begin to come to terms with the massive pillage and plunder.

History repeats itself.

Norway and the Churches

Back in the early nineties Norway had a group of people burning down churches, often of National significance, for a period at a speed of one every week.  The group was well-defined, the identity of the conspirators was known both by the police and the intelligence services (e-tjenesten), and the group ideology was trumpeted far and wide. For a time the group was even run by the Norwegian military.

You might wonder how.  Very simple.  The group’s main communication hub was run by a person who had been called up for military service. When he got there, he was roped in by e-tjenesten and ordered to set up his hub there, and that was that.  “We control the vertical.  We control the horizontal”.

It was basically a leftwing ideology driven by rage and hatred of Christianity and Christians.  They also discussed – internally – the fact that they received arms from the national socialists. Remember what we always said: there’s no daylight between a national socialist and any other socialist.

Yet nothing happened to them. The main protagonists are still hateful antichristians doing what they always did, one of the group “movers and shakers” was only arrested after a singularly bestial murder and has been allowed to use that to bootstrap a business empire. He now seems to be active in the roleplaying milieu, which is not really a surprise.  The scene is chock full of people of his caliber, that is, rabid antisemites and leftists.

Taken as a whole, though, it seems likely that Norwegian authorities were on board with the concept of persecuting Christians in Norway.  It has paid off.  Today, the Norwegian Christians are turning antizionist and all for islamic outreach.  Norwegian leftist discussion fora (that means most of them) are very vocal that Church burnings are a good thing.

Anyway, hit Mesta’s fundraiser on the way out. Contribute. If you’re a Norwegian politician, at least six digits.

Moving forward

And no, we’re not leaning forward. We leave that to the Al Quaida President, Barack Hussein Obama.

But Mesta is now off in the capable hands of a top-notch hospital, to get herself – hopefully – built up for a heart transplant or better. Much to be done, and none of it very pleasant, so we hope you’ll hit her fundraiser and pitch in. And pray.

I hope for a perfect outcome.

In other news, we’re looking for any and all information on Mr. Obama’s whereabouts, exact itinerary and encounters in the days immediately before and on 9.11.2001.

Seeing as he has lost his clash with Vladimir Putin placing his Al Quaida forces in a squeeze, it comes as no particular surprise that there has been a rash of attacks in the US. The bizarro element in Mr. Obama’s ballet is the pitching in of the Norwegian regime claiming that Putin “stole the Scandinavian ideas” for a Syrian solution. Of course, this is the kind of fantasies hammered into the Norwegian socialist bone marrow, closely related to the mental perversion that was the Oslo Process.

And the tragicomic and catastrophic Obama is so akin to a Norwegian antisemite that he could have been plucked straight from any Norwegian backwoods, even as he fancies himself the Sun King.

Actually, most of the Norwegian Parliament could be plucked straight out of the backwoods – most of them are not exactly close to Mensa material and far less TNS, and some of them, I believe, are not even Norwegian. But you get the garbage Eurabia is overflowing with.

Anyway, hit Mesta’s funddraiser. And wish us luck.


I see that Rachel Suissa of the Norwegian Center against Antisemitism is questioning what will happen in the upcoming Norwegian round of elections.  She points out that the “Israel card” – demonising Israel – still is an important component of the campaigns.

Well, color me paranoid. But we have seen that the Norwegians – DNA, or the Norwegian Antisemite Party – follows hater-in-chief Obama like they’re tied at the hip.  And that “Obama’s people” now are on wild murder sprees killing anything white that moves, also foreign visitors.  Australia has mentioned boycotting the US.  Australia is still clinging to its delusions of “evil guns”, however, which is kind of rich coming from the regime that actually killed the real-life model for the movie hit “Crocodile Dundee” in order to confiscate his guns.

In any case, going back to the last time the Norwegian left was losing ground, we know what happened: not much different from what happens in the US when the left feels threatened.

Keep your eyes open, folks.

Short update on Mesta: she’s off for another hospital stay in the coming week, and it’s likely to be a long and painful one.  The doctors are extremely good, though, none of those Obamacare loony tunes. Only trusted people.  Prayers are welcome, as always.