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War, and Rumors of War

Things are heating up again in the Middle East, as they will as long as muslims exist.  They are also heating up in Europe, which they will because Europe’s name is Quisling, Brzinski, Hitler, Stalin and a host of creatures in an unbroken tradition of antisemitism and corruption in the highest levels of government and the lowest levels of “secret” state organs.  The incompetence of it all just makes your hair hurt.

At home, here in Norway, the screamers for HAMAS are quite naturally in overdrive, and we see the social fabric of this septic tank of a country in all its naked glory in the social media – like the fat boardmember of one of Norway’s large businesses who uses, seemingly, several hours a day preaching support for HAMAS on Twitter.  Out of Love.  Or the far-left Israeli journalist who makes her living in Europe writing antizionist swill, which the nazists eagerly pays for.  Pardon me if I think that Israel should drop a nuclear device on a few large European cities, just to get the roaches back under their rocks again.  Heck, I’d even swallow the inevitable blip in internet service and having to check my iodine supply.

In Israel, Netanyahu seems to have lost patience and is no longer as gullible as when Bill Clinton hornswoggled him at Wye, promising him that Pollard would be released if they would just give the oldest Jewish city to Amalek, the Democrats other half – and then triumphantly sneered: “I lied!”, when he thought nobody but Netanyahu heard him.

Now, there is an Israeli soldier missing again, and again grabbed by Amalek in the middle if a so called  “ceasefire”.  I see the IDF have declared him dead, and knowing HAMAS and their kohorts, they probably ripped him apart.  And ate him.  Just wait for HAMAS gloating over the taste, with pictures.

The world of islam, and the left, is indeed that of Lenzi’s “Cannibal Ferox”.

Meanwhile, the UN is demanding that Israel give the “Iron Dome” to HAMAS.  Not being suicidal, Israel won’t do that, of course, but they have given the Dome to Obama, which is like giving nukes to Hitler.  So the tech will find its way to HAMAS anyway.

So, Armageddon, kids. Quite possibly.  The Russians always planned for a fought-and-won thermonuclear war; they know it’s doable.  So does Israel, their workgroup on nuclear conflict has been available for many, many years but for some reason it’s something not much spoken about.

I’ll just sit tight and hope none of my “family” survive, and that the world be swept reasonably clean of the worst.  And if the world should get a much deserved thermonuclear “reset”, I’ll have a Grand Marnier for my coffee.

Cheers :).



The Animal State

Or, as the animals call it: the Islamic State.

The Kaliph in the WH has a bit of explaining to do, and he has actually explained his agenda fairly much in detail.  It’s just that a large part of the population is too stupid to listen, a large part of the population are a fifth column, and a largish part is in shock and will only wake up when the scimitar chops off their heads.

Anyway, this is the Islamic State news service.  You’d think they get their interns from the New York Times.  One may actually find that they do.

is1 is2 is3

And an interesting clip from Iraq, with Americans being dragged out of their cars and beaten.

It is truly becoming Obama’s and McChrystal’s Iraq.  And if the war that islam is waging on us all is to be won, the kaliph in the White House must be defeated.  The alternative, of course, is a conflagration that will make WWII look like a cakewalk.

Operation Infinite Beggar

Well.  I said last post was the last one about FR.  To give you a lesser known Bill Clinton quote: “I lied” :).

Actually, the after-action over on FR is hilarious enough to merit some extra mocking.  Looky here:


Like any special ops project, the Beggar Team has had to deal with “rapidly changing info”.

Imagine our microdrone picking up the hot action to save Jimrob’s pool maintenance and mortgage:

– Admin Coordinator to all. Beggar Command has obtained intel that there is a Social Security Check in Mr. Decrepit’s mailbox.  GOGOGO!!!  Freepmail him asap and remind him of his duty!!!

Oh well.  More fun and games in July, if the troupe doesn’t change to a twelve-month begging cycle.

For more serious news, there’s a bit of analysis on Mesta’s blog, here:

That will be all, people.  For now.  But let me extend a proposal to Freerepublic, if they intend to go on existing:

  • Stop donations to Robinsontown.
  • Demand that stopped donations/memberships get listed in the tables. Has everyone capable of making a html table been banned, maybe?  Or is it simple swindle that makes you list, for example, Mestamachine as a monthly donor six monthhs after you banned her?

Fade to Black

Back to FR, hopefully for the last time this year.  Forlorn hope, probably, since the site is enough of a cancer on the Conservative cause and on Conservative principles that it may continue to be a thorn in the paw of America until it actually folds.

I said we’d be back with the Sean  Hannity nitty-gritty.  Well, seems that Hannity wasn’t really all that anonymous even though his handle was MacDaddy (hoping I got the spelling right).  So he was literally swamped with Freepers sending him invitations – to weddings, baptisms, housewarmers and whatever.  And they expected gifts.  Expensive gifts. Entitled, they felt.

The more things change.

Anyway, back to the Begathon’s last convulsions:


Red MDer have heard there are Freepers who will not (gasp) donate!


ErnBatavia thinks that Rush Limbaugh really should pay the FR expenses, since he gets his news from Freerepublic :).


What can you say?  Not really much.  I have a piece of music running through my head looking at FR, and I bet you think it’s “Paint it Black”, old Stones fan that I am.  But in view of FR’s hysterically ironic “butthurt forms” from Col. Freeper, it is “Freeping at the Freepers Ball”.


Enjoy, folks. Just sub p for k and you’ll be right as rain :).

Deeper in the Pottery Dig

Still trampling around in FR antiquity.  One of the things going on was a quite determined collection of the Freepers’ personal data, done partly by Alamo Girl (one of JR’s inner circle), and partly by others.  Data collected included religious/political beliefs, education, degrees, workplace and workplace history, and so on.  Many of these things are gone from the site.

So, in the last post I mentioned Original Dissent, a site that featured a massive falanks of nazi and other antisemites.  And that the site owner was “Either/Or”, who became “Texas Dissident” on that board.  This is “Either/Or” hoisting flag on one of FR’s information harvesting threads.  The thread title was “What Are You?”.

Nowadays, of course, JR can harvest his data in much more sneaky ways, what with Google Analytics, but then again there are things Google Analytics doesn’t tell you.

FR would seem to be, already back then, an islamization linkup in addition to all the other festive fleecing of the rubes.




One more point: Already then, we had a formal linking between Jihad and Holocaust formations.  This was quite some time before August Kreis of Aryan Nations linked hands with Islamic Jihad and Hamas.


Internet Archaeology

Or just history drips.  I’m going to show you another little cut of what happened on the net in the wake of the attacks on America in 2001.

This a segment of what we usually call “the far right”, but that is a simplification at best.

In 2001-2002 there were  furious discussion going on at the online forum Free Republic.  One of the groups involved was fanatical followers of Pat Buchanan (known as “The Brigadiers”), another group consisted of Conservative Jews.  Both groups were eventually purged from the board after having become liabilities for whatever agenda Jim Robinson was playing at the time, something that could change as fast as Robinson’s mood swings.  Those mood swings were always rather like jojo tricks performed by a particularly gifted performer, and probably pathological.  But then, I’m not a psychiatrist, nor do I play one on TV.

One of the Jews banned during the Robinson Rampages was Veronica, who is a Hollywood film producer.  Others were Sabramerican, Alouette and lots more. And still others stuck with FR, watching, after most of the blatant jewbaiting had moved to sibling boards or gone underground to “freepmail” pinglists. Hi, SJackson. This is the Cachelot, speaking to you on the phøne.

So some Freepers struck out on their own and set up “complementary” boards.  Some of the boards existed mainly for antisemitic purposes.  Some of them also served as enemy combatants in a war against America; we’ll come back to that one.

Back in this mess, Mesta was banned for opposing one of Robinson’s closest (BobJ), and came back on to defend herself from a string of rather nasty attacks from one of the FR moderators, Mercuria.  This is briefly described on Mesta’s blog here:

and onwards.  So, a couple more digs in the crackpottery shards:



These are, as you see, membership lists.  Don’t worry, we got it all.  You can see how active people are on the board, when they came on, their real data (in some cases), and so forth.

The interesting stuff is this.

A. The board owner is texas Dissident.  He was known as Freeper “Either/Or” (and another identity :), and he was/is one of Louis Farrakhan’s lads.

B. The member “Mercuria” is one of Jim Robinson’s moderators.

Mercuria, of course, was gone from FR for a while after all the embarassing stuff detailed on Mesta’s blog, but she seems to have been discreetly reinstated.  The juggling JR routinely do with FR accounts make things kind of hazy, but he does gravitate to his antisemites.

Lastly, BobJ has gone from being one of the guys that literally saved Jimrob’s filthy hide to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars to being JR’s hate object #1 – “The AntiFreeper”.


The New Dance: Flailing

I see that over at Free Republic the number of Begathon threads threatens to overtake the number of posts, and that the monthlies – traditionally only “rolled in” at around 50% are used instead of normal contributions to a large degree.

Also that FR claims that if they can’t cover their bills, it will be “curtains”.

I sort of feel bad for saying so, but the Conservative movement can do without the cancer FR has been on and off from the start, but never as bad as now.

To give you a small idea of what is going on: there are threads calling for Anders Behring Breivik to be reimbursed for his ammunition, or to be given awards.

Also, but this may be gone by now – it’s in our archives anyway – a detailed mapping of who the Freepers are and what kind of organizations they belong to.  JR’s inner circle was doing that early on.  And in these documents, we have Freepers hi-fiving and Alhamdullilahing each other for belonging to Louis Farrakhan’s flock.

The chief of those is out of Texas.  Surprise, surprise :).

Anyway, since Mesta has unpacked her katana, I expect there will be more surprises shortly.



The Democrats are very busy currently. So busy that Matt Drudge is telling people that they must have an exit plan.  Drudge is Jewish, and can no doubt feel the cold draft from the Oval Office.

Item: Chuck Schumer is calling for changes in election law bringing the US formally closer to a one-party system.

Item: Barack Obama has announced his attention to, in practice, do away with congress and rule by himself.

Now, of course Schumer is the fellow who in 2008 fired the first shots against American banks when he singlehandedly caused a mini-run against IndyMac.  Far as I remember, he was supposed to be investigated by the FBI, but the thing somehow evaporated.

But one should never despair.

There are, so far unconfirmed, reports that Polar Bears are changing their diet in order to handle climate change.  Simply send the whole of the Democratic Party off on a Polar Inspection tour.  The bears will eat well for a year, the warm hysterics will disappear, and so, like by magic, will the Democrats!

And with them the cancer of fascism.


“Please to inspect my tongue. Just ate a librul. Burrpp..”

The Star-Spanglish Banner

So, the new Obamacare website for hispanics is written in “Spanglish”. No one is really surprised; Obama’s contempt for anyone and anything not islamic/socialist is universal.

Maybe next he can have “The Star-Spangled Banner” redone in Engrish to honor his mortgage-holders?

More sort-of-notable stuff is going on: Alex Jones’ Infowars seem to have become a heavy hitter with Drudge, while Jim Robinson and FreeRepublic is a no-show.

Oh well. Drudge has a knack for getting at the real news and steering clear of the cults. Maybe Alex is getting serious as the world is unhinging.

And the world is going unhinged, of that there is no doubt. There is record sales of “Mein Kampf”, also for Kindle. And recently a new website has opened flogging a kingsize film opus about Adolf Hitler. Six hours, I’m told, but I’m not sure – I schlepped down what seemed interminable streams of weirdness and stuffed them in our lair’s base, but got bored unto death before I got to six hours. Maybe later.

Anyway, the name of the work is “Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told”. And but for the names involved, it could have been Obama’s Republicrats. Go figure.

The site is here:

Be warned – it talks to you and plays loud, bombastic music. And that is just a preview of the weirdly psychotic meat deeper in. It could have come from a Democrat Jummah.

Canicidal Maniacs

After the last US dog-murder by a law officer, in which he used his car to run down a dog with the excuse that it might be too close to children, I think we’re seeing a trend which is very clear, and as media-suppressed as the knockout-game.

The trend is that police will kill dogs,, and that police forces have – somehow – made canicide a high priority.

Now, police officers are perfectly able to handle dogs, even angry or aggressive dogs, with no harm to themselves or dogs. So why then is it that any dog that comes into contact with a police officer is routinely shot, or worse?

So. How many police officers, exactly, are muslims these days? Statistics seem to be sparse, but sometimes – usually in pretty close discussions – we can see some indications of conversions and other recruitment in the police. And we know that one of the Al Quaida playbook pointts is to get into positions with access to arms. And we know that muslims hate dogs as much as they hate Jews, Christians, and pretty much everything else.

And their hatred may have a bit of a foundation. Dogs, wise animals they are, seem to be a bit sceptical of the islamics. I guess they can smell raw hate.

Of course, islam and its fellow sharia travellers taking over the police is a global plague these days, we see it here in Norway as much as anywhere.

Anyway, we’ll get the answer, eventually. I’d suggest a good caning, for islamic canicidal maniacs who get caught. Should be right out of Nicolae Hussein’s home turf.

Hit Mesta’s healthcare effort on your way out. Big news afoot on the next update :).