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LinkedIN Antisemites, Instalment Three

Quick and as usual, dirty.

Charlene Davis
Neacsu Virgil
Rodger Mason
Amro Ayassami
Cathal Rabitte
Diwan Khan

Later, folks.


Paddling the Ebola River

Prof. Paul Eidelberg is pointing out how some Muslims are planning to weaponize Ebola to use against the West, as well as drawing western military forces into the worst geographical areas of infection, where contact with open contagion is likely.

Weaponized Ebola is a bit of a difficult proposition, actually, and will at the very least be both expensive and risky.  And most of the islamic countries, being not too far out of their neanderthal age, don’t stand too much of a chance.  An exception is Saudi Arabia which has had perhaps the most advanced biowar program in the world for decades which has been looking to use genetically aimed plagues, the front sight resting straight on the Jews.  From what I’m told, this program has at least one major helper in the West – in Denmark.

But to utilize Ebola as a weapon isn’t difficult at all, when you are a muslim living for mass death and suicide bombings.  In that case, all that is needed is a ticket to an area where the virus is endemic, access to the dead or dying, and a return ticket.  Going over to USA, there’s always an ACLU lawyer who will claim your right not to be quarantined and a President ready to pay your plane ticket.  Then you just hook up with your muslim brothers who want to be ebolabombers too.  And then, you know, you can just… mingle.  Looking at how easily these animals pick up western “fellow travellers”, there’s a very real chance – almost a given – that we’re looking down the barrel of a pandemic.

Oh, and if I haven’t given you enough depressants right here: there’s a so far unidentified something that *looks* like an Ebola variant ravaging Sudan at the moment.

And finding the infections globally is a cinch: there’s a publicly available hour-to-hour mapping of where the cases are, the doctors and nurses involved, what hospitals, villages, hovels or camps.  Information is a sharp sword, and we’re flooded with it.

Not that I give much of a damn.

War, and Rumors of War

Things are heating up again in the Middle East, as they will as long as muslims exist.  They are also heating up in Europe, which they will because Europe’s name is Quisling, Brzinski, Hitler, Stalin and a host of creatures in an unbroken tradition of antisemitism and corruption in the highest levels of government and the lowest levels of “secret” state organs.  The incompetence of it all just makes your hair hurt.

At home, here in Norway, the screamers for HAMAS are quite naturally in overdrive, and we see the social fabric of this septic tank of a country in all its naked glory in the social media – like the fat boardmember of one of Norway’s large businesses who uses, seemingly, several hours a day preaching support for HAMAS on Twitter.  Out of Love.  Or the far-left Israeli journalist who makes her living in Europe writing antizionist swill, which the nazists eagerly pays for.  Pardon me if I think that Israel should drop a nuclear device on a few large European cities, just to get the roaches back under their rocks again.  Heck, I’d even swallow the inevitable blip in internet service and having to check my iodine supply.

In Israel, Netanyahu seems to have lost patience and is no longer as gullible as when Bill Clinton hornswoggled him at Wye, promising him that Pollard would be released if they would just give the oldest Jewish city to Amalek, the Democrats other half – and then triumphantly sneered: “I lied!”, when he thought nobody but Netanyahu heard him.

Now, there is an Israeli soldier missing again, and again grabbed by Amalek in the middle if a so called  “ceasefire”.  I see the IDF have declared him dead, and knowing HAMAS and their kohorts, they probably ripped him apart.  And ate him.  Just wait for HAMAS gloating over the taste, with pictures.

The world of islam, and the left, is indeed that of Lenzi’s “Cannibal Ferox”.

Meanwhile, the UN is demanding that Israel give the “Iron Dome” to HAMAS.  Not being suicidal, Israel won’t do that, of course, but they have given the Dome to Obama, which is like giving nukes to Hitler.  So the tech will find its way to HAMAS anyway.

So, Armageddon, kids. Quite possibly.  The Russians always planned for a fought-and-won thermonuclear war; they know it’s doable.  So does Israel, their workgroup on nuclear conflict has been available for many, many years but for some reason it’s something not much spoken about.

I’ll just sit tight and hope none of my “family” survive, and that the world be swept reasonably clean of the worst.  And if the world should get a much deserved thermonuclear “reset”, I’ll have a Grand Marnier for my coffee.

Cheers :).


The Animal State

Or, as the animals call it: the Islamic State.

The Kaliph in the WH has a bit of explaining to do, and he has actually explained his agenda fairly much in detail.  It’s just that a large part of the population is too stupid to listen, a large part of the population are a fifth column, and a largish part is in shock and will only wake up when the scimitar chops off their heads.

Anyway, this is the Islamic State news service.  You’d think they get their interns from the New York Times.  One may actually find that they do.

is1 is2 is3

And an interesting clip from Iraq, with Americans being dragged out of their cars and beaten.

It is truly becoming Obama’s and McChrystal’s Iraq.  And if the war that islam is waging on us all is to be won, the kaliph in the White House must be defeated.  The alternative, of course, is a conflagration that will make WWII look like a cakewalk.

The Zeitgeist of Evil

Reagan used to speak of  “The Evil Empire” meaning the Soviet Union and its lunatic fellow travelers. But even Reagan couldn’t keep his path untainted.  For example, when the genocidal Arafat and his forces were just about to be annihilated, Reagan had the US swoop in and save the merry band of murderers.  And Reagan employed well-known nazists (Whitaker).  Expediency is the name of the game, and the game was always about getting rid of the Jews.

We see a little of the expediency game in the Cliven Bundy showdown I suppose – if I’ve been told right, the Bundys are Mormons and if antimormon cults like Freerepublic can get Mormons in harms way while cashing in at the same time, it’s just gravy. Jimrob needs new tires.

And I see that there is now, in Europe, some concern about “North Korean atrocities”.  Of course the lowlifes of Eurabia always knew about those, but the fact is that Europeans like Jagland and others of that “worker’s party” are pretty much aligned with genocide states like North Korea, not to mention every genocidal muslim state in the world.  Not that that is any different from the rest of the West where running a business simply means to peddle the means of genocide to the worst of the animal kingdom.  For example, Saab developing attack boats for Indonesia:

Old tradition, IBM supplied computing machinery for the holocaust; Henry Ford was famous for his antisemite work.

So, here are two books that our politicians need to read.  Never mind that most of them are either illiterates, functional retards or mirror-masturbating apes.  Maybe they can get some flunky to read to them.  In any case, they are many years too late.

What we really need is a Nuremberg do-over.  The first one let the roaches run and hide, and by now the roaches are out of the nest and have almost eaten the world.

Lee, Soon Ok - Eyes of the Tailless Animals  Lively, Scott; Abrams, Kevin - The Pink Swastika

The Other Shoe

American public life is becoming like the Middle East – just the other day a woman was taken into custody for throwing a shoe at Hillary Clinton.  Or if I’m to believe the illiterate at CBS it was a “show”, which whizzed over Hillary’s head.  Whatever, it drove Hill into her customary screeching mode which induced leftist swoons in the audience.

Anyway, apart from maybe demonstrating the CBS affirmative action practices, the case shows that the people in the US watching politics and terrorism (and when it comes to Democrats it translates to the same thing) seem to have totally forgotten the significance of the Thrown Shoe.  It is part of the muslim/arab religious language, and Obama uses the language of the shoe sole frequently when dealing with other heads of state.  It is a threat and a show of contempt and intimidation.

But what can you say when you have no brain?  You can simply do a little idiot dance celebrating that Hillary is fat :).



So the AQ boys and girls have managed to squeeze out Inspire # 12, SHATtered.  That took its time, and the contents seem as retarded as ever.  A product of those who live without TP ;).

Anyway, cover:


I see around the place that possession of the product is not illegal, but the police in various fascist countries can clap you in irons for it anyway, if they feel like it.  Meanwhile, the State of California is actually distributing it.  We can only conclude that the standard for a civil “servant” is the same as the burger-flipper who wastes no chance to spit in the customer’s coffee.


Al Quaida is bragging that they will release a new, english-language magazine – “Resurgence”.  “Inspire” seems to have turned somewhat uninspiring, so this may be just a few hopeful whimpers.

The mag presentation (the magazine itself seems so far to be vaporware) really shows nothing new.  AQ is still yelling “Look at MEEE”, while most people have come to realize that they are actively helped by Obama, Iran, Turkey and chunks of the EU.

Anyway, magazine presentation.  Such as it is.

They use Matthew Keys for their avatar.  How very surprising.


The Democrats are very busy currently. So busy that Matt Drudge is telling people that they must have an exit plan.  Drudge is Jewish, and can no doubt feel the cold draft from the Oval Office.

Item: Chuck Schumer is calling for changes in election law bringing the US formally closer to a one-party system.

Item: Barack Obama has announced his attention to, in practice, do away with congress and rule by himself.

Now, of course Schumer is the fellow who in 2008 fired the first shots against American banks when he singlehandedly caused a mini-run against IndyMac.  Far as I remember, he was supposed to be investigated by the FBI, but the thing somehow evaporated.

But one should never despair.

There are, so far unconfirmed, reports that Polar Bears are changing their diet in order to handle climate change.  Simply send the whole of the Democratic Party off on a Polar Inspection tour.  The bears will eat well for a year, the warm hysterics will disappear, and so, like by magic, will the Democrats!

And with them the cancer of fascism.


“Please to inspect my tongue. Just ate a librul. Burrpp..”

The Star-Spanglish Banner

So, the new Obamacare website for hispanics is written in “Spanglish”. No one is really surprised; Obama’s contempt for anyone and anything not islamic/socialist is universal.

Maybe next he can have “The Star-Spangled Banner” redone in Engrish to honor his mortgage-holders?

More sort-of-notable stuff is going on: Alex Jones’ Infowars seem to have become a heavy hitter with Drudge, while Jim Robinson and FreeRepublic is a no-show.

Oh well. Drudge has a knack for getting at the real news and steering clear of the cults. Maybe Alex is getting serious as the world is unhinging.

And the world is going unhinged, of that there is no doubt. There is record sales of “Mein Kampf”, also for Kindle. And recently a new website has opened flogging a kingsize film opus about Adolf Hitler. Six hours, I’m told, but I’m not sure – I schlepped down what seemed interminable streams of weirdness and stuffed them in our lair’s base, but got bored unto death before I got to six hours. Maybe later.

Anyway, the name of the work is “Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told”. And but for the names involved, it could have been Obama’s Republicrats. Go figure.

The site is here:

Be warned – it talks to you and plays loud, bombastic music. And that is just a preview of the weirdly psychotic meat deeper in. It could have come from a Democrat Jummah.