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Funny Peculiar, Not Funny Haha

Yeah. Old title from a series of British humor. LinkedIN has become a world champion of the grotesque, the lunatic and the wannabe swindlers.

We have a couple of screenshots for you today. Feel free to snicker uncontrollably :).

hofmeyer  massini

Enjoy. Or not.



Saturday Night Special

This has been a day especially full of social insanity, and we have a tsunami of Free Republic mania washing over the land as Jim Robinson is feeling the pinch of donors jumping ship, and Jim tries to lure back suckers that he has banned in the hope that he can fleece them another time.  We’ll see how that plays out, but it doesn’t look promising.

But first, just a couple of snapshots from the idiotglobe:

In Italy, the food producer Findus is endorsing homosexual marriage.  I actually, back in my wild and wooly days, worked for that company doing unspeakable things to fish.  Now it seems the company is more into doing unspeakable things to anuses (or is that “anii”?). I expect they’ll have new naming soon, like FindusSodom.

From MEMRI comes the news that a Saudi “Scholar” claims that Mickey Mouse and basically all of Sesame Street is a Jewish Plot to destroy the world.  The poor man is obviously confused – first of all, Sesame Street’s artist is an insane antisemite, as we document here:

NB: I haven’t checked the link to Mr. Dee himself lately.

Anyway, I have no doubt that our Norwegian Scholars will take issue with the confused arab and tell him that the Jewish Plot is really against the Known Universe

But back to FR.  It seems JR is trying to stir up an actual shooting war in Texas.  His “praetorian guard” has been, for years, a particularly lunatic group centered around Tom Eaker.  And is you look a bit at Mr. Eaker’s FR profile, he’s certainly itching for war – against JimRob’s opponents.

And JimRob’s sedition/incitement thread:

So I guess we’ll see at next begathon, which is just a week or so away.  There has aready been activity by Freepers yanking their monthly donations, but maybe Jim figures that if he can incite some real bloodletting it’ll mean money in the bank.

Never a dull moment…


Going through old backups looking for something silly with HAMAS, and found this instead. It is from one of the very militant and apocalyptic islamic groups. Or maybe it’s just straitjacket islamics. These days it’s getting hard to tell.

Here ya go. The song is NOT from last year’s Democratic Convention. That will be next year’s.

Meanwhile, in the 17th Dimension

This islamic scientist clearly understands that islamics inhabit a different dimension.  Shades of Quatermass.  But unlike Hammer, this is real horror.

Welcome to the pit. Watch and learn.

More Science! (Lizard)

Girl kicks koran. Girl turns into lizard. This, of course, is islamic settled science and no surprise for muslim scientists.  Now you know where the Democratic party gets its finest scientific minds.

Is it Nancy Pelosi, or is it Brazil?

Short update on the lizard:

This is obviously a dog, standing in a basket with a pet snake.  The dog is a Chinese Crested, otherwise famed as “the world’s ugliest dog”.  And muslim magic-thumpers are swindlers.

The Jinn is Loose!

And breaking and entering, hiding in plain sight to surreptitiously read the koran.  I don’t know, but it doesn’t look very credible, does it?  Even if it is in a masjid.

Maybe it’s the cleric’s cat playing theatrics ;).

The Miracle Finger

Yep.  A miraculous finger, nothing less.  I suppose we might say this is islam giving us the finger.  Insanity is belong to you.


The Islamic Science Never Stops

Here’s some more islamic science miracles, or miraculous sciences, brought to islam by the angle Gabriel.  To move these guys to worship a black, stolen piece of rock – reportedly a meteorite – he must be an obtuse angle indeed.

He has a lot to answer for.


Even more lions going “Allah”.  We’re seeing so many repetitive patterns that we probably can speak of  “islamic psychosis”.  What am I saying, “probably”?

Zoo time.  Animals on both sides of the fence.

More Islamic Science

Obama’s NASA going islamist.  Now not just with false hockey sticks, but golf clubs as well. And scimitars.

Or maybe it’s just islamic insanity having delusions again.  The thing has been cooked up to look like a trailer for a supposed forthcoming movie (in 2009) consistent with the time-honored islamic tradition of throwing everything imaginable (and unimaginable) into the cauldron and letting it bubble freely.

Anyway. Gasp and wonder.  Reminiscent of noted retired pilot and numerologist Bruce Kathie, or was it Cathie?