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Bad Moon Rising

I mentioned that we just might be seeing the emergence of an Ebola STD.  As expected, that has generated an amusing spectacle of liberal apes jumping excitedly up and down and flinging feces, while demanding to know how in blankety-blank anyone can make a connection between STDs and the enlightened left.

Well, tards – it’s really not that difficult.  The liberal ID is notoriously stupid and suicidal in the field of human sexuality (or maybe the not-quite-human), and I’ll just show you a couple of practical examples here.

The thing was an open-street spectacle in San Fran, it was filmed extensively, and Norway’s über-liberal television stations had camera crews in place and broadcast the thing on primetime.  Norsk Riksdrittkasting takes its duty seriously; to place enlightenment on the kids table.

There has been a growing trend of hiv-infected deliberately infecting others with hiv, often for LGBTQ militancy reasons.  All the while screeching and moaning about the bigots and moneyspigots not curing them.  Boohoo.  Make the bad man take the bad virus away.  Or else.  For definition, look here (as well as more easy to find examples):

I’m not really generally very big on scripture, but if the story of Sodom and Gomorrah has a factual background at all, a Sodomite was probably the world’s first Democrat :).

So that’s it for today’s STD forecast.  About the Ebola, there is of course a bit more.  For a good timeline overview, there’s this:

And there’s no doubt that our liberal oinkers still think that Sarah Palin is the bigger problem.  Particularly when you look at the latest from the Smithsonian:

Palin *is* on the 100 most significant Americans list, King Julian … Excuse me, King Obama is not.

Consolation prize:


But wait!  There is more!

As some of you bitterly complained about, Prof. Eidelberg had received a communication indicating that at least some jihadist groups were advocating for using Ebola as a bioweapon against the infidels.  Well, the intelligence seems to have been spot on.

Armed groups attacking and looting Ebola samples.


Obama tanks are home again

And they may blow President bin Fraud straight out of politics and into penitentiary.

Advice: never leave your little tank unattended, and don’t let the wimmin anywhere near it. And if your name is Gruber, you should have learned by now.


The Beggar and the Homosexualists

I don’t know which one of them is the most distasteful, actually.  Freerepublic is doing what it always does when the going gets uphill: it digs out the scapegoats and the Zots.  The internecine warfare is getting quite warm as the establishment lickspittles line up behind the MasterBum.  There’s a thread on there which is quite funny.  I’ll show you some highlights :).


Hildy, an old-timer since 1998 is telling the idiot crowd that all they’ve managed to do is to keep Jimrob living in style.

Of course, that immediately drew a crowd of JR’s loyal mob accusing her of everything from wanting to murder Terri Schiavo to having had a secret abortion.

Little Bill, meanwhile:


It’s pretty incoherent, like the ravings of a lunatic, but I *think* what he’s trying to say is that Jimrob never took any money.  And if he did, it wasn’t enough.

And if it’s not clear enough that FR is having a massive mental-health meltdown: the Freepers have gone from Viking Kitties to Viking Ape.


Ook, Freepers 🙂

Full thread:

Tragicomedy in Fat Flat

They say: “Follow the money”, and when there’s nothing left on this dirtball except cockroaches, alien archaelogists will probably be able to follow the money trail right to who and what exterminated most life.

So there are millions going to the study of fat lesbians and origami condoms?  I didn’t even know there were origami condoms (*what* are they??), but I certainly know there are fat lesbians.  In fact, they may be worth a study, because I know fat lesbians who are rather proud of their murder record.  So a study of people like that may have important security value.  The data, though, may be extremely unwelcome in the corruptocracies of the world, particularly in Scandinavia and the US where that faction of society is in a position comparable to Ernst Röhm and kohorts in Germany.

Anyway, I was just thinking of the fantastic crumbling of  western institutions into an ill-smelling cloud of kaka, looking at how the handling of Ebola is almost certain to provide us with as exciting times as we haven’t seen since Europe thawed out of the ice and the first Norwegian thought he was supposed to follow the ice (not my definition, alas – I think it was Borgen – no, Børretzen).  Who also defined the first Norwegian as the village idiot :).  But I digress.

There was, a while back, an example of how senior officials of the system are in open contempt of law and human life.  I had forgotten the name of this odious judge, so I asked Mesta to have a look around, and sure enough:

The conclusion, of course, is that liberals are so hyper-destructive that they will happily burn the world down.  But they don’t like light.

There’s things living under rocks, actually, leading the life of a liberal ;).

Happy weekend to you all.  Oh, and remember Mesta’s healthraiser.  You’ll find it on her site, or here on this site.



I have been slightly remiss lately, and not watched the mad fun at Freerepublic very closely.

But I notice that JR, together with the catladies, is having a sort of purgefest of people who are not properly indoctrinated.  The purgatory boys and girls uniformly have a psychotic, almost laserlike, concentration on hurt butts.  Anyway, one of the Zotmasters have put up a new Zot graphic:

zotz1  zotz2

So, you’ll notice the little graphic on the bottom of the page?  That is stolen from Joel Veitch, the guy who actually invented the Viking Kittens.  And I don’t think Mr. Veitch would like the freepers much. At all.

Here’s a little thing (actually, I think, Joel’s second Viking Kitten production. For some reason, he has captured the Freepers so precisely it’s uncanny.

Enjoy 🙂

Rathergood doesn’t have a preview, but take my word for it. It’s rather good.

What I’m also noticing is that JR and the catladies and whatever cowed Freeps are left are “disappearing” people, like they’ve taken a leaf of two from ol’ Joe. Stalin, that is.  And I have something quite interesting here:


Arrest me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this a doctored old poster from the USSR?  I can swear I have seen it at a Communist Party outlet somewhere, but can’t remember where.  Give a shout if you have seen it.


Caterwauling and Witch-Doctors

We are in July, and it’s Insaniac Summer.  Fun, fun, fun for the whole family and for Robinsontown.  And particularly for those of us watching Robinsontown in wide-eyed wonder.

Oh well.  Let’s just point out that there are other insane and mendacious people apart from Jimrob,  Politico is a fantastic example at the moment:

Swindle and Crazy sitting on a branch...

Swindle and Crazy sitting on a branch…

So Obama has the power to heal.  Obviously his laying on of hands can cure aids, polio, supertub -and as Homo Tyrannicus  he’ll have a unique need for making STDs go away.  He can probably not cure near-terminal stupidity though, even if he holds his head in his hands from now until the Fenris Wolf eats him or the sun goes out.

But not only that, Politico sells the ability to heal Herpes just by curling your upper lip.  Now, if all we need to do to make Obama (and Michelle) go away is to sneer, I’ll start six-hour a day lipcurling exercises right away.

Anyway, the FR Begathon is crawling its first inches, possibly to an unmarked grave.  The catladies have posted untold hundreds of Cat Anuses, Cakes, Food Orgies and so on, so Jimrob’s paid FreeperFleecers are sort of flying out the gate.  However, it seems the money is not flying in the gate.  Which isn’t unexpected. But the activity is furious, and the place is already reeking with cat-piss.

Actually, I saw something interesting today: one of the Duck Dynasty boys was born out of wedlock, and it seems the Duck patriarch married his mother “informally” when she was sixteen.  So that would seem to indicate that one of the Freeper Gods has at least a Statutory Rape under his belt.  Good to know what the moral paragons will put up with.

Did I say Paragons?

What was I thinking.  There are no Freeper Moral Paragons.  But there are Freeper Moral Parakeets :).


The Zeitgeist of Evil

Reagan used to speak of  “The Evil Empire” meaning the Soviet Union and its lunatic fellow travelers. But even Reagan couldn’t keep his path untainted.  For example, when the genocidal Arafat and his forces were just about to be annihilated, Reagan had the US swoop in and save the merry band of murderers.  And Reagan employed well-known nazists (Whitaker).  Expediency is the name of the game, and the game was always about getting rid of the Jews.

We see a little of the expediency game in the Cliven Bundy showdown I suppose – if I’ve been told right, the Bundys are Mormons and if antimormon cults like Freerepublic can get Mormons in harms way while cashing in at the same time, it’s just gravy. Jimrob needs new tires.

And I see that there is now, in Europe, some concern about “North Korean atrocities”.  Of course the lowlifes of Eurabia always knew about those, but the fact is that Europeans like Jagland and others of that “worker’s party” are pretty much aligned with genocide states like North Korea, not to mention every genocidal muslim state in the world.  Not that that is any different from the rest of the West where running a business simply means to peddle the means of genocide to the worst of the animal kingdom.  For example, Saab developing attack boats for Indonesia:

Old tradition, IBM supplied computing machinery for the holocaust; Henry Ford was famous for his antisemite work.

So, here are two books that our politicians need to read.  Never mind that most of them are either illiterates, functional retards or mirror-masturbating apes.  Maybe they can get some flunky to read to them.  In any case, they are many years too late.

What we really need is a Nuremberg do-over.  The first one let the roaches run and hide, and by now the roaches are out of the nest and have almost eaten the world.

Lee, Soon Ok - Eyes of the Tailless Animals  Lively, Scott; Abrams, Kevin - The Pink Swastika

Shooting Gallery

Well, not yet.  But we’re inching toward hot civil war in the US as sure as snow flows down a slope, and probably war in many other countries.  And it is, just as the other major conflicts the world has seen, due to totalitarianism.  To understand the perniciousness of the totalitarian mind you could, for example, critically examine your own family and see if you have any family members who might be willing to kill you over ideology.  Chances are, you have.

I see that Prager is making the point about the totalitarians over at Townhall.

The thing is, it’s not just “the left” that are seeking to dress society in a totalitarian straitjacket.  Call it the left of various flavors (stalinists, marxists, maoists, national-socialists, plain vanilla under-the-radar socialists) and various brands of religion (islam, christian identity and maniac catholicism just to mention a few).  There are “Christian” or “Conservative” outlets that are just as bad as anything belonging to the Democratic Party – for example, Prager’s article is copied on FR so the Jesuseers there obviously do not feel bound by the eight commandment.  The rather nasty fact is that if Jesus were to turn up on Freerepublic, he would be extremely lucky to get away with a zot with full ritual.  There might be a full crucifixion in store, with the host selling tickets.

And at the moment, the PT Barnum of the three-ring-circus Freerepublic is using the “Battle of Bunkerville”

to drum up donations to pay for Robinsontown’s expenses like mansions and pool maintenance.

Like this, for example :).

Of course, if there’s bloodshed it is in a good cause. Running a totalitarian cult is expensive.



Mooning the Pink Swastika

Since Mozilla has requested feedback on their product, I felt that their nazist actions over the last few days sort of demands a reaction.  Dennis Prager, at whose online institution I’m currently enrolled, suggests that Firefox should be dropped from use.  I heartily agree, and so this post is made with Pale Moon – a browser with no known fascist strings or leanings.  It is also mindful of privacy in a way that Chrome, IE or Firefox cannot even begin to approach.

It remains to be seen what reaction there will be from the homonazist movement to the insanity over the last few days.  I made a sort of snarky crack about “homozilla” on twitter the other day, and lo and behold – homozilla is an actual domain used for “gay” porn.  When Pale Moon gets to be a refuge for normal people, I fully expect nasty action – perhaps violence – from the Pink Swastikans .  Time will tell.