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Grumpy Old Men

I have just been watching this cultural pearl from Matthau&Lemmon, since I am kinda grumpy these days and approaching the qualifying age.  And I have the title music running circles in my head.  Of course, I’ve been watching Mr. Obama bin Fraud and Ferguson in between, so the music has transformed a little bit: “We’re having a Crime Wave, an African Crime Wave…”

I miss Matthau.  And a whole bunch of television and movies that is now on the scrap heap, like BBC’s excellent “Yes. Minister”.  One of our cultural “intelligentsia”, Marie Simonsen, once stated that she preferred the *other* British political series, “The Thick Of It”, since the language was so much more real.  Lots of “C*nt” and “Pr*ck” and that sort of thing.  I guess that sort of sums up the European Intelligentsia in one fell tweet :). And of course, that series also sums up the liberal: a mindless, snapping animal.

But since we’re mentioning EU: I see that the F35 slated for the Brits must have pylon mounts for the bombs and whoopsidoos made by BAE.  Maybe they can call it Stealth Xmas, since it’ll light up the radar screens like a Christmas Tree and eat the budget to the point where there’s no xmas gifts anywhere.  In the old movies department, I think I’ll go dig out my copy of the Pentagon Wars :).  It’s eerie how fact follows fiction, or in that case, how fact follows fact.

In other European glimpses of the bizarre: the EU will import Ebola-stricken aid workers into European hospitals.  Never mind that Eu hospitals aren’t generally set up to handle level4 infectious diseases, there seems to be no talk about upgrading the facilities where Ebola actually is.  Of course, it may be a problem that the islamics now are capturing Ebola samples from the aid groups.  However, Germany just sprung for a 747 with an isolation habitat for one (1) person, so that under transport to a metropolitan environment in Europe, he (or she) can be properly isolated.  There are very strange priorities in play here.

I also see that Israel is sending aid to the Ebola areas.  This is highly commendable, of course; one can just hope that simple quarantine rules are understood.  But the Israelis are probably in the forefront of potential solvers of the Ebola problem.

And it seems that over on Freerepublic, Jimrob is having a problem making his goal, and his goon squad is on to the tried and true: bannings, purges, and demands for money. Just saw a zot thread doing its ritual berserker dance-and-gloat over some Freeper scapegoat being run off with howls over “bloggers stealing the bread from Jim Robinson”.  Then the thread was pulled by Robinson, with the claim that the thread had gone bad.  What I think he didn’t want anyone to see was this:


Far too easy to make the connection between the demanding beast and Jimrob, I’m afraid.

What Freep really ought to do is to roll Jimrob off the pier and get new management/ownership.  For example: Matt Bracken and Jeff Head are both decent people, know what is up and what is down, and would be eminently able to run a tight ship.  If they want an outside consultant, they might want to consider Fred Reed.

Because, just face it boys: JR has destroyed 99% of the conservative capital Freepers had.  Even a madman in the White House isn’t enough to keep FR afloat with a madman at the helm.



The Further Annals of the Animal Kingdom

As most observers who are not part of the Western Press or western “intelligence” will be aware, the “Islamic State” of Iraq is not a new entity.  It used to be simply AQ in Iraq, led by the Jordanian Zarqawi who once tried a WMD attack on Jordan.  Zarqawi was both genocidal, a sadist and as stupid as a pig stuffed with xanax.  The video of him trying to operate a machine gun is like watching one monkey trying to write Shakespeare.

But whatever, jounalists – who place the definition “whore” in a bad light – need to have things to cluck about.

Now, for the “Islamic State”.

The last post here was about their Newsletter.  This is about their “Report”, which is held to a slightly different format and theme, and is coming out both in English (shades of “Inspire”), and in German.  The last would seem to indicate that AQ, whatever some newsdesk hen thinking it has found a corn to cluck over, is actually aiming globally.

This is the “Report”:

ir1  ir2

ir3  ir1-ger


So, AQ – who was “on the run” – is indeed running. After the hapless defenders who have been sold out and committed to suicide by their Quisling-in-Chief.  Sorry. Kaliph.

What our Scandinavian friends may want to contemplate is that the leader of ISIL/ISIS/AQinIraq is Omar al Baghdadi, a longtime known quantity – not least for trying to have at least two Scandinavians murdered:

DUBAI (Reuters) – The head of an al Qaeda-led group in Iraq has offered a $100,000 reward for the killing of a Swedish cartoonist for his drawing of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad and threatened to attack major Swedish companies.

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, leader of the self-styled Islamic State in Iraq, also offered $50,000 in an audiotape posted on an Islamist Web site on Saturday to anyone who killed the editor of the newspaper that published the drawing by Lars Vilks.

I expect Norway will move quickly and offer this activist citizenship and Church Asylum.

Oh, and here is the audio.  Such as it is. Mostly pig-like squealing, but hey. It was free.

Al Baghdadi

Brown Beer, Red Gore

Just noticed a little blurp by the nazist Carolyn Yeager on Adolf Hitler’s speech at the Hofbrauhaus in 1920: “Why We Are Antisemites”.

Poor Hofbrauhaus. The Germans really should tear that place down, I think it’s cursed. But then again, I think the whole of Europe is cursed and needs to go.  Anyway, I had an eerie experience in the Munich Hofbrauhaus many years ago, together with two Union friends. The Oktoberfest was just over.

We had parked ourselves roughly in the middle of the great hall, right below the bandstand.  The beer was amazing, the mugs were humongous, and the food was to make pretentious chefs wither and die in envy. The music was very traditional, the mood was high and light. There were even kids – children – joining hands and dancing.

We finished our meal, and were into the second beer.  And then a platoon of  skinheads in black, quasi-military uniforms entered. They must have been ten or so.  They sat down at a long table near the door, and got their beer. And started singing.

While they were singing, they got up and started marching in place. The song was one of these guttural things, with “juden” and “nasen”. The boys had very full and impressive singing voices.  The weird thing was the mood in the great hall.

The band just stopped playing and stood at attention.  The whole hall was rapt, for lack of a better word – even the children.  I can swear people’s eyes were glowing.

Anyway, we finished our beer rather hurriedly and got out.

Nowadays, of course, that same brown/red tsunami is coming from my own family as Adolf’s history is replaying in Eurabia and Hussein’s islamist America.  Interesting times.

GIMF Germany

This is a little production in German, from the Global Islamic Media Front.  Like always, the swinish thing is full of threats, prancing gloats about 9.11, and on and on.

And in fresher news, we have just had these creatures demand to be able to prosecute our nationals for “insulting islam”.

Now, would someone in Germany please tell me exactly why we allow these people as guests in our houses?  Is it because we so sorely miss Adolph and Vidkun that we feel compelled to replace them with real professionals?  Or is it that the internal jewhatred has built to such a fever pitch that we import anyone or any thing, that will share the sickness?

Unimportant questions, really.  The important question is, how long does the West think it has before a global conflagration?

The EU’s Masters

The European Union wants to live off muslim tourism.  I guess that is logical in a non-democratic fascist juggernaut completely in the thrall of institutionalised antisemitism and statism, the like of we haven’t seen since Adolph’s days.  So they’re here committing to submit.  There won’t be much criticism of  islamic genocide from Eurabia, we can be sure of that.

A while ago I had little discussion on twitter with a Norwegian “EU-researcher” about the fascist non-democracy of the European Union.

Basically, this was his response:

He was an EU researcher, so his opinion was the valid one, and no such problem existed.

Then he retracted his tweet (a common tactic in fashionable fascistry).

The problem, of course, was that on examination his current whitepaper dealt with two things:

  • Making the EU’s “democratic deficit” less visible.
  • Diminishing the role of each nation’s constitution.

Ok. People have their motives, and in the context of Europe they’re often plucked straight from the sewer.  One look at the researcher’s neck beard tells me more than I really need to know about what’s on foot in Eurabia, a systematic selling out of the whole region to the new and shiny national socialism of Mohammed, and the barbarians of islam.

So I guess we’re condemned to swarms of supremacist jihadists and djinn-analysts taking in the sights of the dhimmis, reserving public parks, and all that other traditional stuff.  Our jihad fellow travellers probably figure that the crocodile will eat them last, at least as long as they have Jews to throw in.

Get rid of these people.  We’re almost out of time.

Another Eurabian travesty

The loons never rest, of course.  Enjoy this Caliphate dream aimed at the traditional Herrenvolk.

Anyway, these folks have history.  Bloody oven history.  As we all know.

Hope – The Musical

I’m still not sure they’re not kidding us on this one.

But what it looks like is old, fascist Europe being heavily, emotionally and crazily invested in the Obama Kingdom and his “hope” war on the west.

Anyways, CULTURE.  Like something dreamed up by Jerry Springer and Oprah at a drunken slumber party.  Mesmerize yourselves :).


Well, the clip is aimed at the Germans, anyway.

Training, of both adults and children (of course).  The usual islamic blood dance.

Next time Obama or some Eurabocrat tells you the war on terror is over, just remember that terror’s war on you is not.

That German Sound

Neatly and meatily EU. Lots of pictures here, but we’ll just put up a few. The site used to be a regular bragheap, but nowadays it seems to be more of just a sales outlet. Anyway, Germany is sort of “interested” in the nazi rockers – as it is in all the online nazists – but not enough to put up any real hindrances. The laws regulating nazi activity may sound harsh, but they’re not. You might say they’ve been made for bypassing. Oh well.


Logo rather gives the Nazi game away, doesn’t it?