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LinkedIN Antisemites, Instalment Two

Gaber Gamal

Sheikh Rahman PhD

Malcolm Pepper

Marcus Taylor

Kemba Cofield

More shortly.


Linkedin Antisemites, Instalment One

Fulton Wilcox

Carleton W. Moten

Gervyn Moseley

Jason Reed

John Klein


War, and Rumors of War

Things are heating up again in the Middle East, as they will as long as muslims exist.  They are also heating up in Europe, which they will because Europe’s name is Quisling, Brzinski, Hitler, Stalin and a host of creatures in an unbroken tradition of antisemitism and corruption in the highest levels of government and the lowest levels of “secret” state organs.  The incompetence of it all just makes your hair hurt.

At home, here in Norway, the screamers for HAMAS are quite naturally in overdrive, and we see the social fabric of this septic tank of a country in all its naked glory in the social media – like the fat boardmember of one of Norway’s large businesses who uses, seemingly, several hours a day preaching support for HAMAS on Twitter.  Out of Love.  Or the far-left Israeli journalist who makes her living in Europe writing antizionist swill, which the nazists eagerly pays for.  Pardon me if I think that Israel should drop a nuclear device on a few large European cities, just to get the roaches back under their rocks again.  Heck, I’d even swallow the inevitable blip in internet service and having to check my iodine supply.

In Israel, Netanyahu seems to have lost patience and is no longer as gullible as when Bill Clinton hornswoggled him at Wye, promising him that Pollard would be released if they would just give the oldest Jewish city to Amalek, the Democrats other half – and then triumphantly sneered: “I lied!”, when he thought nobody but Netanyahu heard him.

Now, there is an Israeli soldier missing again, and again grabbed by Amalek in the middle if a so called  “ceasefire”.  I see the IDF have declared him dead, and knowing HAMAS and their kohorts, they probably ripped him apart.  And ate him.  Just wait for HAMAS gloating over the taste, with pictures.

The world of islam, and the left, is indeed that of Lenzi’s “Cannibal Ferox”.

Meanwhile, the UN is demanding that Israel give the “Iron Dome” to HAMAS.  Not being suicidal, Israel won’t do that, of course, but they have given the Dome to Obama, which is like giving nukes to Hitler.  So the tech will find its way to HAMAS anyway.

So, Armageddon, kids. Quite possibly.  The Russians always planned for a fought-and-won thermonuclear war; they know it’s doable.  So does Israel, their workgroup on nuclear conflict has been available for many, many years but for some reason it’s something not much spoken about.

I’ll just sit tight and hope none of my “family” survive, and that the world be swept reasonably clean of the worst.  And if the world should get a much deserved thermonuclear “reset”, I’ll have a Grand Marnier for my coffee.

Cheers :).


Tiptoing Carrying a Limp Stick

Winter Soldier Kerry, who famously got a Purple Heart for getting a rice grain blasted into his butt cheek  – (I forget if it was the left or the right) – is claiming that Putin is playing strongman out of a sense of weakness.

Ahh, the joys of projection.

And old phrases come alive in unexpected ways.  “Walk softly and carry a big stick” is really “Speak softly and carry a big stick”, and isn’t really Teddy Roosewelt’s, but a saying he picked up in Africa.

How ironic, then, that the only thing that can inspire a big stick for the African in the Oval Office is a properly presented butt cheek, maybe with a Purple Heart on.  You really can’t make this shit up.  Maybe, if Obama gets really furious, he’ll confront Putin and swish at him with his tail.

Of course it IS likely that the muslim madman in the White House will lead the world into a new World War, but this is just ridiculous.  And today he’ll have a visit from Netanyahu.  He’ll probably be sorely tempted to scratch his eyes out, and get his nose punched, which may render him even more unstable.

Crazy people do what crazy people do.  And as in metal melting, the dross rises to the top .  That is the deplorable nosedive of western civ.

And now, for something completely different:

I cannot leave you folks without a slight glimmer of more light onto Mr. Robinson of FR’s brigades of weirdness, not that I’ll spend a lot of time on it here:

Freeper Demidog (Rick Fisk)

Freeper Matsuidon (Donald W. Matthews)

Google the wondrousness ;).


News from the Front, again

Mesta is off for some serious hospital business, and this time I’m worried she may not be back.  We’ll see.  In any case, she needs your prayers, folks, as well as any contributions you can spare.  Go to Mesta’s Fundraiser, jump over to her Freerepublic profile and drop in dollars, yen, dinars, rubles or blessings.

It is extremely aggravating that after she’s survived clashes with some of the most dangerous people on earth, she may be murdered by my own family of fishfaced Norwegian insane office rats.

Anyway, Mesta is from a group of people who gets paired off in operational  duos from the start.  A bit into her career, her partner was on assignment in Israel. She disappeared, and after a month or so she was found in the trunk of a rusted-out old car wreck in the old part of Jerusalem – ritually carved.  I actually suspect a Norwegian may have had a finger in that one, too, but I hope not.

So, a shoutout to her team from a certain op in Baghdad 2003, much later. Look. Think. Act.

A Short Break for History in the Making

This is what is currently going on in Egypt. American press is not touching it much; neither, I think, is the rest of the world.

However, there is a remarkably complete archive, right here:

and we have also hooked it into the blogroll here, at least for the time being, so it’s easy to find.

Same Old

If any of you thought islam ever changed, or will change, or will ever be compatible with humanity, here’s a flash:



Originally posted Thursday, May 16, 2013 3:43:34 PM


This began as a response to a question posed by ‘just a hairy ape’ on a previous thread. To fully understand Benghazi, I have to go back and break this down into parts. There was more than one reason and we need to understand them all which isn’t easy,(and even less easy to explain,) because there are details long forgotten as if each ‘thing’ was in a box of its own separate from each other ‘thing’. In reality, they are connected in a myriad of ways. So this is going to have to be a series. Step by step. Inch by inch. Slowly we turn.

This was the question that started the response. He was alluding to obama’s speech at the UN where he continued to blame the video.

“So Obama was endorsing the terrorist attack against the US ?”

My response: “On a worldwide stage.”

I am going to repeat this since I have been reminding people to remember how the whole video thing started.

obama was, and had been, embroiled in yet another showdown with Netanyahu. IT WAS STAGED. The dustup was that he refused to meet with Bibi at the UN. Netanyahu had already beaten obama at his own game a multitude of times and it was well known that obama hated him.

Netanyahu was in the middle of Israeli elections and the obama admin had already sent people over to do everything they could to unseat Bibi as Israel’s PM. It wasn’t working…not even close.

Meanwhile, obama had been searching for a way to give the third and final edict that the US was/is a muslim country. He had already done it twice in muslim countries but never on our own soil. And NOW there is yet another damning twist in this horror story.

If you want the full meal deal, bookmark this because it’s only one of more to come.

Here are the mini-dots on DOT ONE.

The very first story out of the box is that the vid maker was an ‘anonymous’ Israeli Jewish billionaire.

But then. along came AP.

Anonymous Filmaker found by AP

The anti-Muslim film implicated in mob protests against U.S. diplomatic missions in the Mideast received logistical help from a man once convicted of financial crimes and featured actors who complained that their inflammatory dialogue was dubbed in after filming.

The self-proclaimed director of “Innocence of Muslims” initially claimed a Jewish and Israeli background.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, told The Associated Press in an interview outside Los Angeles Wednesday that he managed logistics for the company that produced “Innocence of Muslims,” which mocked Muslims and the prophet Muhammad.

The AP located Bacile after obtaining his cellphone number from Morris Sadek, a conservative Coptic Christian in the U.S. who had promoted the anti-Muslim film in recent days on his website. Egypt’s Christian Coptic populace has long decried what they describe as a history of discrimination and occasional violence from the country’s Arab majority.

Nakoula denied he had directed the film, though he said he knew the self-described filmmaker, Sam Bacile. But the cellphone number that the AP contacted Tuesday to reach the filmmaker who identified himself as Bacile traced to the same address near Los Angeles where Nakoula was located.

Nakoula told the AP he is a Coptic Christian and supported the concerns of Christian Copts about their treatment by Muslims.


As Walid Shoebat revealed however, not even that was a the truth, although the WH has never stopped claiming it. In fact, they ignored Shoebat’s revelation which laid out Nakoula’s entire background and exposed him as an FBI asset and a muslim.

Innocence of Muslims made by Terrorists
Shoebat ^ | 9/25/12 | Walid Shoebat

Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 7:17:32 PM by Ben Barrack


There is more to the story of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula than what we are told by the media. Court documents reveal that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, producer of the movie Innocence of Muslims, partnered in a scheme with Eiad Salameh, my first cousin, a Palestinian Muslim from Beit Sahour in the Palestinian district of Bethlehem.


NO ONE has followed up on Shoebat’s assertions. Why not?

BUT NOW YOU KNOW WHY DOJ WENT HARD AND FAST AFTER AP! Because only the PLANNERS knew the identity of the vid maker. So if AP found him, they concluded that someone very high up in the planning MUST have leaked it and they were damned frantically trying to find out who. In other words, they PANICKED, and holder recused himself because he is involved in this up to his shifty eyeballs. Nakoula was a DOJ asset…so holder HAS to be involved and so far, no one has even thought to question him about Benghazi.

The WHY of the vid was to be able to claim that Israel was responsible for the planned attack on Benghazi which they knew was coming on September 11 to avenge the death of ya ya al libi which they had NO INTENTION of stopping.

They knew the word was out to hit Stevens long in advance and aquiesced to it because that is the way they have done business with al qaeda for years. WE hit a ‘high value’ target, and we give them one back. Does ANYONE still believe that the downed Chinook with 20 Navy SEALs on board was just a routine taliban attack?


But this time, they also had other fish to fry and david petraeus is nothing if not a fantastical fish fryer. How do you think he got to be head of the CIA in the first place?

The gunrunning out of Benghazi was his op in collusion with brennan, obama, and clinton. They were NOT simply running guns to Syria, Many of those weapons were being diverted through Turkey to the muslim brotherhood in Egypt and being smuggled across the Rafah Crossing into Gaza for use against Israel…and Israel was beginning to expose it.

THIS time they could set this up to blame Israel, make Netanyahu VERY unpopular here in the US, cost him his election, and possibly facillitate an actual all out attack on Israel by an al qaeda/mb backed army which would have cost Israel dearly in blood and treasure.

So they brought in their trusted thug at DOJ and the plan was hatched well in advance. What is worse is that it would have worked if everything had gone exactly as planned.But it didn’t.

There would have been NO witnesses left alive. It would have been a complete slaughter had Ty Woods and Glen Doherty not disobeyed direct orders.

We would not be looking at cables sent begging for help. We would not know that help was not only denied on that terrible night, but that Stevens’ security had been reduced to nil. I believe he knew he was going to be sacrificed. It was pretty obvious. What he probably didn’t know was why.

There are ALWAYS variables you don’t foresee like the Cairo Embassy apologizing to protesters before there were any, and this op had plenty more of them.

Snafu one- Woods and Doherty.
Snafu two- CNN found Chris Stevens’ diary in the burnt out shell before the CIA or FBI got there.
Snafu three- AP found the video maker.
Snafu four- They decided to RUN with the original script that it was the video that caused the uprisings, but they changed it to reflect that Nakoula was a protesting Coptic Christian from Egypt.
Snafu five- Once AP found the guy, Walid Shoebat found out that his partner in crime was none other than Shoebat’s own first cousin…a pa terrorist…and that Nakoula was an FBI asset.

NOW look back and recall that obama had just previously started an international argument with Netanyahu which swept the front pages of every major news outlet in the world. A deliberate snub of Netanyahu for a meeting at the UN. And yet on the very night of September 11, in the MIDDLE of the attack in Benghazi, obama calls Netanyahu and talks for an hour, unaware that the SEALs had screwed his plan. Had the op gone as planned. the morning headlines would have had Israel in their crosshairs and obama could then say he was arguing or angry with Netanyahu and THAT was the reason for the irrelevant phone call during the heat of the battle in Benghazi.

obama went to bed that night thinking about, and probably rehearsing for, his news conference about the slaughter of 41 Americans because of Israel’s recklessness putting Americans in danger all over the world.

obama went to bed that night without issuing any orders whatsoever and made himself unreachable. Anyone who WANTED to do something, couldn’t. The ONLY person who could have nade a difference that night was obama…and he was AWOL.

obama went to bed that night without a care in the world…and when he woke up, hell was breaking loose. So what did he do? He followed his campaign schedule because he hadn’t a clue what had happened.

After they found out what had gone wrong, they stubbornly stuck to the script, proof or no proof, to give obama his day in the sun at the UN. Worse, he and clinton tried to deliberately provoke even more muslim violence to blame on the video by making a commercial ostensibly for Pakistan, but shown around the world apologizing for it where no one ever heard of it.

Well, he couldn’t attack Israel. He couldn’t blame Netanyahu. But he could still GLORIFY ISLAM at the UN and they kept the video story alive until he completed that task by announcing, and I quote, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

This might be one of the most evil speeches I have ever seen in my lifetime.


So now you know why the video and why AP. And I will end here because DOT TWO will be coming ASAP.

You can read the  original article and all the responses including further information that might be of interest to you by clicking the link at the top of this post. The link will take you to FREE REPUBLIC and you just might like to stay awhile.


To my knowledge, there has not been a single confirmation from doj that the AP wiretaps had anything whatsoever to do with Yemen, yet that is all the media talks about and repeats it incessantly.
If anybody can show me anything that confirms the Yemen story, please alert me.

In the meantime, all we have is media speculation. For instance:

“Holder repeatedly pleaded ignorance about the wiretapping of AP editors and reporters, saying he had recused himself from what was evidently an investigation about a CIA counter-terrorism operation in Yemen last year.”


Please note that the above paraphrase was from holder’s own sworn testimony before Congress. NOWHERE did holder mention either a timeline or a REASON for the wiretaps, and yet the author of the article saw fit to include “evidently”. WHY was it evident when no one from doj has ever mentioned it?



Mostly, the pics are going to speak for themselves here. These are Hamasists doing kitchen things with choice cuts of Israeli soldiers. Obviously the old palestinian brags about eating Jews and drinking Jews blood are not brags, but simple statements of fact.

Anyway. It’s HAMAS on the line. One wonders if our Norwegian HAMAS fellow travellers are completely certain what they have been served at all times, along with that sweet coffee :).

11kw9 pic4rq4 pic3gz6 pic2ep8

Time For Nazis

We’ve been heaping spoonfuls of mohammedan madness on here for weeks and months, so here’s a break.

Or is it?  In fact, it could be taken from any of the Iranian confabs, or Gaza confabs, or Egyptian ones.  Or, I suspect, White House intimate movie nights.  Or party night at any of our socialist parties.  That includes, of course, the national socialist ones.

Anyway, enjoy.  You may need some pepto-bismol or whatever your popular brand is  Or if you enjoy it too much, apply a ball-peen hammer to selected parts of your anatomy.  See?  We got solutions for everything!