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Funny Peculiar, Not Funny Haha

Yeah. Old title from a series of British humor. LinkedIN has become a world champion of the grotesque, the lunatic and the wannabe swindlers.

We have a couple of screenshots for you today. Feel free to snicker uncontrollably :).

hofmeyer  massini

Enjoy. Or not.



Obama tanks are home again

And they may blow President bin Fraud straight out of politics and into penitentiary.

Advice: never leave your little tank unattended, and don’t let the wimmin anywhere near it. And if your name is Gruber, you should have learned by now.


The Further Annals of the Animal Kingdom

As most observers who are not part of the Western Press or western “intelligence” will be aware, the “Islamic State” of Iraq is not a new entity.  It used to be simply AQ in Iraq, led by the Jordanian Zarqawi who once tried a WMD attack on Jordan.  Zarqawi was both genocidal, a sadist and as stupid as a pig stuffed with xanax.  The video of him trying to operate a machine gun is like watching one monkey trying to write Shakespeare.

But whatever, jounalists – who place the definition “whore” in a bad light – need to have things to cluck about.

Now, for the “Islamic State”.

The last post here was about their Newsletter.  This is about their “Report”, which is held to a slightly different format and theme, and is coming out both in English (shades of “Inspire”), and in German.  The last would seem to indicate that AQ, whatever some newsdesk hen thinking it has found a corn to cluck over, is actually aiming globally.

This is the “Report”:

ir1  ir2

ir3  ir1-ger


So, AQ – who was “on the run” – is indeed running. After the hapless defenders who have been sold out and committed to suicide by their Quisling-in-Chief.  Sorry. Kaliph.

What our Scandinavian friends may want to contemplate is that the leader of ISIL/ISIS/AQinIraq is Omar al Baghdadi, a longtime known quantity – not least for trying to have at least two Scandinavians murdered:

DUBAI (Reuters) – The head of an al Qaeda-led group in Iraq has offered a $100,000 reward for the killing of a Swedish cartoonist for his drawing of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad and threatened to attack major Swedish companies.

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, leader of the self-styled Islamic State in Iraq, also offered $50,000 in an audiotape posted on an Islamist Web site on Saturday to anyone who killed the editor of the newspaper that published the drawing by Lars Vilks.

I expect Norway will move quickly and offer this activist citizenship and Church Asylum.

Oh, and here is the audio.  Such as it is. Mostly pig-like squealing, but hey. It was free.

Al Baghdadi

Internet Archaeology

Or just history drips.  I’m going to show you another little cut of what happened on the net in the wake of the attacks on America in 2001.

This a segment of what we usually call “the far right”, but that is a simplification at best.

In 2001-2002 there were  furious discussion going on at the online forum Free Republic.  One of the groups involved was fanatical followers of Pat Buchanan (known as “The Brigadiers”), another group consisted of Conservative Jews.  Both groups were eventually purged from the board after having become liabilities for whatever agenda Jim Robinson was playing at the time, something that could change as fast as Robinson’s mood swings.  Those mood swings were always rather like jojo tricks performed by a particularly gifted performer, and probably pathological.  But then, I’m not a psychiatrist, nor do I play one on TV.

One of the Jews banned during the Robinson Rampages was Veronica, who is a Hollywood film producer.  Others were Sabramerican, Alouette and lots more. And still others stuck with FR, watching, after most of the blatant jewbaiting had moved to sibling boards or gone underground to “freepmail” pinglists. Hi, SJackson. This is the Cachelot, speaking to you on the phøne.

So some Freepers struck out on their own and set up “complementary” boards.  Some of the boards existed mainly for antisemitic purposes.  Some of them also served as enemy combatants in a war against America; we’ll come back to that one.

Back in this mess, Mesta was banned for opposing one of Robinson’s closest (BobJ), and came back on to defend herself from a string of rather nasty attacks from one of the FR moderators, Mercuria.  This is briefly described on Mesta’s blog here:

and onwards.  So, a couple more digs in the crackpottery shards:



These are, as you see, membership lists.  Don’t worry, we got it all.  You can see how active people are on the board, when they came on, their real data (in some cases), and so forth.

The interesting stuff is this.

A. The board owner is texas Dissident.  He was known as Freeper “Either/Or” (and another identity :), and he was/is one of Louis Farrakhan’s lads.

B. The member “Mercuria” is one of Jim Robinson’s moderators.

Mercuria, of course, was gone from FR for a while after all the embarassing stuff detailed on Mesta’s blog, but she seems to have been discreetly reinstated.  The juggling JR routinely do with FR accounts make things kind of hazy, but he does gravitate to his antisemites.

Lastly, BobJ has gone from being one of the guys that literally saved Jimrob’s filthy hide to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars to being JR’s hate object #1 – “The AntiFreeper”.


Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Really, people – it’s kinda difficult to know where to begin.  But let’s start with that never-ending fount of hilarity, Free Republic’s fundraiser.

We know that the tables of donors are false (they contain Freepers long since purged or dead), so the only question is to what degree are they false, and what is the fake data used for?  Perhaps Jim Robinson might feel up to answering that question before our list of purged and dead donors.

Anyway, statistics have many uses, and in the hands of FR, probably all nefarious :).

I also note with great amusement that one of the latest pictures on the begathon features a Freeper throwing himself into the toilet, and it is reproduced here:


Other places in that thread will show an amazing display of graphics with no meaning, graphics cribbed from all kinds of publications – many of them copyrighted.  Peanuts and popcorn are in order, maybe beer.

Other great funsters include “Dr. Jim Garrow” who claims that Obama has tried to kill 300 million Americans with nuclear bombs.  Dr. Garrow’s claim to credibility is that he is a “nobel peace price nominee”.  The nominees are kept secret for 50 years, of course, but from what we know of nominees and recipients, being one is like standing at parade wearing a straitjacket or an SS-uniform.  Or both at once.

And a Jewish student traveling to Britain was detained, interrogated by a burqa-clad officer and deported, denied entrance to the country, and blacklisted in the whole of EU – for being Jewish.  England qualifies to fly the Norwegian flag soon.

Oh well.  On with the show  The spell checker seems very intolerant of the name Garrow; maybe it knows something.  Actually, it doesn’t like “Jim” either :).

Squeezing the Junk



We have another trackbuster showing Jimrob’s use of Google Analytics at the Freerepublic site, this one is done by Mestamachine.  She uses another trackblocker than I.  The results are the same.

Now, Mesta has always mostly seen the best in people, while I don’t – I always figured that people were 70% garbage, 20% gristle (mostly between the ears) and about 10% good.  Now she’s pissed off, and if I were in a certain selected circle I’d be hiding in Venezuela by now.

Anyway.  As you damnably well know, Jimrob and Luc, it was LucyT who pushed for the Mestamachine Fundraiser using the “shadow Freerepublic” that runs off Freepmail, and which cannot operate without Jimrob’s collusion.  Interesting and damning physical evidence has surfaced which I have been advising her to just turn over to the feds.

Picture 🙂



The Democrats are very busy currently. So busy that Matt Drudge is telling people that they must have an exit plan.  Drudge is Jewish, and can no doubt feel the cold draft from the Oval Office.

Item: Chuck Schumer is calling for changes in election law bringing the US formally closer to a one-party system.

Item: Barack Obama has announced his attention to, in practice, do away with congress and rule by himself.

Now, of course Schumer is the fellow who in 2008 fired the first shots against American banks when he singlehandedly caused a mini-run against IndyMac.  Far as I remember, he was supposed to be investigated by the FBI, but the thing somehow evaporated.

But one should never despair.

There are, so far unconfirmed, reports that Polar Bears are changing their diet in order to handle climate change.  Simply send the whole of the Democratic Party off on a Polar Inspection tour.  The bears will eat well for a year, the warm hysterics will disappear, and so, like by magic, will the Democrats!

And with them the cancer of fascism.


“Please to inspect my tongue. Just ate a librul. Burrpp..”

Unpresidented Lands

So now mr Obama’s own “Obamacare” cannot enroll the President because there’s no way of determining his actual identity. His deflectors are blaming the Secret Service for hiding the President’s particulars, for security. Funny thing, they didn’t have to hide Ronald Reagan’d identity. But then, he was White. They didn’t have to hide Bill Clinton’s identity either, although he was the “first Black President”. You feel dumped into one of these old Donald Duck magazines with The Phantom Blot, now as President.

But I’m sure that any rumours of Nicolae Hussein Obama having sanded down his fingerprints are simply small-minded guesswork and mutterings of white asscrackers clinging to Bibles and similar subversive literature dissing headchopping prophets, pedophiles, pederasts and Camels.

The other good laugh in the news is of course A&E’s moronic wandering out in the swamp wilderness of the Duck Dynasty. Happily they were glaadly followed by that gay organization, and By Mr. Jesse Jackson, the fattest race swindler in two centuries, and hopefully the Swamp Thing will have its way with them. And not in a homoerotic manner, either. Kudos to the Robertsons, for integrity and Godliness.

Anyway, as usual swing by Mesta’s fundraiser. Things are still critical, and everything counts.

The Biowar Bookshelf

In between a load of other stuff that is on its way here (bleeding edge terror tech, Norwegian “Acorn”) there is this:

According to Breitbart, two Belgian researchers have found the Herpes virus on copies of “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Now, Herpes is not exactly something you’ll catch off of a book page. But other viruses, such as the novel coronas mey not be that kind.

Next time you borrow a book, you may want to think about who may have it in for your particular in-group.

Not that the public libraries are the only road for that sort of mischief; I’m sure there’s plenty of opportunity at the publishers and printers too.

Happy reading.

Anyway, drop by Mesta’s fundraiser. Without giving away any secrets: the horizon may just be brighteing.

Fun on the Interwebs

Idly watching the fantasmagoric Obama Internet Brigades mount a Tech Surge to storm the hill of 404 under the able command of General Error, I can only recommend that they rename the site something appropriate. (not taken)

As a bonus, here’s a likely domain elsewhere that will fall squarely into the Democrat ideological drumbeat: (not taken)

As always, take a look at Mesta’s fundraiser. She needs all of our good efforts.