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Avast!! And arr too! Cursed parrots coding!

And stuff like that to irritate us hapless users of the interwebs.

I never thought I’d see Avast AV turn into a marketing bloatware, but I’ve been wrong about a lot in the antivirus sector in tha last twenty or so years.  Actually, to be totally frank, just one thing: that it had brains and integrity.  Oh, wait – that’s TWO things.  If I keep thinking about it I may find a pear tree somewhere.

But something changed with the manageable, lightweight Avast.  Just a moment ago it hectored me with the fact that I have 14 – fourteen – unnecessary applications on my computer.  And some more nannying dribble.  So what changed? Did you *hire* someone?  Or did you buy some company, which is what all owners seem to do when they get some money in the till?  Did you maybe let in someone from some *other* AV company of cretins, like Norman ASA (which now seems to have gone sort of into hiding in the skirts of something called Bluecoat if I remember)?

There’s another irritation for us Internauts: Counters.  Dueling Counters.  Of which Sitemeter wins, hands down.  Or maybe hands up.  It certainly works like it might be programmed by the Obama Programming Staff.  How Dave managed to turn that simple, relatively clean and reliable product into the abortion flogged by myspace boggles the mind of everything but flatworms.





The Counterfeiting Beggar

Sorry to be harping on Mr. Robinson’s dishonesty up and down the walls. but it needs to be front and center and he needs to be out of conservative politics.  He’s a very damaging animal.

As you can see, the Begathon still lists Mestamachine as a monthly donor.  This is, as we all know, a baldfaced lie.  And of course the begathons are rife with baldfaced lies enough to make them a full-on swindle.

Just saying….


Operation Infinite Beggar

Well.  I said last post was the last one about FR.  To give you a lesser known Bill Clinton quote: “I lied” :).

Actually, the after-action over on FR is hilarious enough to merit some extra mocking.  Looky here:


Like any special ops project, the Beggar Team has had to deal with “rapidly changing info”.

Imagine our microdrone picking up the hot action to save Jimrob’s pool maintenance and mortgage:

– Admin Coordinator to all. Beggar Command has obtained intel that there is a Social Security Check in Mr. Decrepit’s mailbox.  GOGOGO!!!  Freepmail him asap and remind him of his duty!!!

Oh well.  More fun and games in July, if the troupe doesn’t change to a twelve-month begging cycle.

For more serious news, there’s a bit of analysis on Mesta’s blog, here:

That will be all, people.  For now.  But let me extend a proposal to Freerepublic, if they intend to go on existing:

  • Stop donations to Robinsontown.
  • Demand that stopped donations/memberships get listed in the tables. Has everyone capable of making a html table been banned, maybe?  Or is it simple swindle that makes you list, for example, Mestamachine as a monthly donor six monthhs after you banned her?

Malevolent Cult plus Malware

There’s interesting stuff going on around the Internet, and some of it has to do with security.  And also with the “conservative” cult of Robinsontown.

Basically, the Internet can be seen as one infectable object vulnerable to all kinds of malware, the infection has already happened, the malware is rapidly evolving and the Internet will never be “clean”.

Typically, the malware floating around out there seeks to use your machine to do things, to steal information or just to mess with your head.  You can keep your own desk clean, but it takes attention if you ever use the Internet or even local nets.

More security providers these days, I believe, will tell you that they cannot stop infections but simply keep the damage to a minimum – in short, they’ve thrown in the towel.  That was a given ten years ago.

So, Robinsontown.

If you go and look at their Begathon threads, the chief beggar has a set of malware on her machine which she has tried to defeat, but it comes back “like Groundhog Day”.

It’s not completely clear what that malware does – there is more than one variant and there is likely to be more variants than what is listed – but she seems to have email on that machine.

At that point, all bets are off as regards to the Robinsontown data.  If I had given them anything like my bank account or other personal data, I’d be sweating bullets.  Because, just on principle, you don’t know if the thing is a random infection because some greedy little magpie saw something shiny on the web, or if someone aimed the shiny.  The possibilities are legion ;).


Fun on the Interwebs

Idly watching the fantasmagoric Obama Internet Brigades mount a Tech Surge to storm the hill of 404 under the able command of General Error, I can only recommend that they rename the site something appropriate. (not taken)

As a bonus, here’s a likely domain elsewhere that will fall squarely into the Democrat ideological drumbeat: (not taken)

As always, take a look at Mesta’s fundraiser. She needs all of our good efforts.

News from the Front, again

Mesta is off for some serious hospital business, and this time I’m worried she may not be back.  We’ll see.  In any case, she needs your prayers, folks, as well as any contributions you can spare.  Go to Mesta’s Fundraiser, jump over to her Freerepublic profile and drop in dollars, yen, dinars, rubles or blessings.

It is extremely aggravating that after she’s survived clashes with some of the most dangerous people on earth, she may be murdered by my own family of fishfaced Norwegian insane office rats.

Anyway, Mesta is from a group of people who gets paired off in operational  duos from the start.  A bit into her career, her partner was on assignment in Israel. She disappeared, and after a month or so she was found in the trunk of a rusted-out old car wreck in the old part of Jerusalem – ritually carved.  I actually suspect a Norwegian may have had a finger in that one, too, but I hope not.

So, a shoutout to her team from a certain op in Baghdad 2003, much later. Look. Think. Act.

Silver Screen

Well, that’s where this will end up, it seems. I tried to warn my “family” where their jewhatred was taking them, but their only response was hissing and howling balls of hatred, which we will eventually publish. Oh well. I hope it will cost the Norwegian State, and their Stasi Beta a billion dollars. Depends a bit on box office, I suppose, but you should never underestimate the power of education.

Wendy is telling me script is looking good. (Wendy is a Hollywood producer with background from the Sopranos and Six Feet under, she’s known Mestamachine and me since year 1999 or a lttle bit earlier, stuff that in your, sis, and smoke it. I think we’ll just get Rosie Odie to play you. Or maybe not, although she’ll probably come cheap these days

As usual, I’ll just remind you of Mesta’s fundraiser, and also that Free Republic needs you too. You know where to go :).

The Fallen Police


Of course you have all read about what happened to me at the hands of the Norwegian Police, when I was raided and all my guns taken away.  For those of you who have not, it is here:


Now, the guns were out of their safe, being photographed, because they were supposed to be sold to benefit my partner’s health needs. Sorry I just didn’t think, or there would heve been a detailed photo/film gallery of the intrepid raiding party.


The upshot of all this hoopla with me being fingered by my daughter and sister with my brother in some sort of declared support role was that the Police was supposed to help me auction these chunks of iron off. Turned out that one of our ”police jurists” wanted to indict me for being ”careless”, but the deal was supposed to be a small fine offset by the auction.  All this was word of mouth, naturally, and if it’s one thing the last few years should have thought me it is that a Norwegian’s word is worth about as much as the word of their patron, Obama.


So the fine was humongous (to me, anyway), and more importantly, the weapons not sold but confiscated for the benefit of the State. I also lost some civil rights, a loss which in our current setting may be something of a compliment.


Now, that set me thinking a bit.  As in the whole quo bono thing.  Gather round, children, and sharpen your pencils and your ears, because there are things I haven’t told you.


First. Six months, roughly, before the raid, I got a request from my sister for handguns. She wanted me to arm one of her foster kid brats.  And it wasn’t the first time this woman had tried for an access to guns, although never before in writing.


Second, and this may actually be of some interest for all of you activists and legal  eagles out there: I was told a very interesting story by one of the weapons chiefs in Telemark years ago. It concerned something called the ”Collector Mafia”, sometimes just the Gun Mafia.  In short, there was supposed to exist a network of people who watched for what he called ”juicy confiscations” containing items of value, which this network would then distribute among themselves and their friends. The name of my informant was the same as that of a very famous Norwegian speed skater :).


So, have our current Police force fallen back on old and bad habits from the nineteen forties and their ”band of thieves” past?  Who knows?  I suspect we’ll come to find out.

You know where Mesta’s healthraiser is, here:

I’d hit it. The Norwegian State wants to murder her. Don’t let them.



Now it can be told

Actually, it always could, because it’s not exactly classified. Not as such.

I give you what got Norman ASA’s foot in the proverbial door, intel-wise, from the Canadian Justice Department to the Norwegian Justice Department. A few years later a corrupt and antisemite Norman ASA when presented with an asset to rival Angleton (and I’m not kidding) responded with “MOSSAAAAAD” and “Get the JEW”. Now, of course, Norman is mud, and my wile “family” thinks I’m threatening them, and my police report on these buggers IS coming along. I’m just having problems moving, what with wounds and all.

Anyway, the truth was always far worse than the Mooosad criers feared, of course. There are far cooler agencies than Mossad.

And Mesta’s brothers-in-arms have been fully in the loop at all times.

Anyway: Hit Mestamachine’s fundraiser on your way out. And consider JimRob at FR too.

wallace1 wallace2 wallace3  wallace4

Trayvon and the Norwegian National Spirit(s)

Well, George Zimmerman is Not Guilty.  And not only has the “creepy ass cracker” been found not guilty, but the jury made reasonably short work despite the racialist hoopla from the “department of Justice”, the strange chorus of multicolored folks who don’t read cursive, and threats from Gay Black Panthers bedecked with shotguns and illegal assault magazines borrowed from their mentor Zarqawi.  President Obama, the Bearded Lady of the Muslim Brotherhood is reportedly pondering hatecrimes and is wondering how people can demand that Zimmerman have a right to “stand his ground”, when he is patently flat on his back.

Here in Norway, the media seemed somewhat subdued, which isn’t all that surprising when we remember that the Norwegian National couple can no longer be said to be anything like Ola&Kari, but the much more politically (and sexually) correct Vidkun&Mohammed. Or Mohammed&Vidkun.  And of course there should be no brakes on the poly-amory, so Henry Oliver is probably in by default ;).

So anyway, the US press is being sued, not just for bad and neglectful coverage, but out and out lying in the State racial war on the people.  You  don’t get much more of a clear civil war setting than America has aquired with the Obama AQ Presidency, a stunt that makes Pearl Harbor look like a Halloween Prank.

We’re sort of getting tired of being right all the time, and a decade ahead. For example, the newest revelations of Microsoft plugging in NSA was relayed by me, from Mesta, to Arthur Olavsen back before 2001; he responded by muttering that she was obviously mad. But who the hell cares. Norman seems to have really pulled up stakes and skedaddled. Sort of.  Which I would have done, too.

But here’s another prediction. Holocaust II is coming down the pike, like an express train. It will leave the world with Obama having a legacy making Hitler look like some kid in short pants with a chocolate-moustache. And there will, naturally, be another Nuremberg. Only this time, no one willl be let off with a slap on the wrist.

Now, pass the popcorn.

Oh, and don’t forget to hit Mestamachines fundraiser. Medical costs are still high – she may have to go off to a new Hospital this week, thankfully one with doctors who know her from her service life and have patched every inch of her before. And drop by Free Republic, too. The way that place is run is uniquue and irreplaceable.  Today, for example, I had reason to check Breitbart’s Big Journalsm, and was immediately jumped by Big Advertizing – which means Big Propaganda.  Here in Norway, that means “press” pumping DNA (Det Norske Antisemittparti).