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LinkedIN Antisemites, Instalment Three

Quick and as usual, dirty.

Charlene Davis
Neacsu Virgil
Rodger Mason
Amro Ayassami
Cathal Rabitte
Diwan Khan

Later, folks.


Linkedin Antisemites, Instalment One

Fulton Wilcox

Carleton W. Moten

Gervyn Moseley

Jason Reed

John Klein


Geekistan Revisited

As I said in my first Geekistan post, there seems now to be real alternatives coming around for my hoard of traditional light bulbs.  The first generation of LED light bulbs were not all that nice, but the current crop of Cree seems promising.

Apart from that, I’ll have to issue a correction, and a humdinger of a correction it is too.  When I mentioned a Sosmile charger, it wasn’t Sosmile.  It was SoShine.  This thing autodetects whatever battery type you throw at it (within its design range), and generally takes the hassle out of keeping wild animals like LI-IONs.

I’m just waiting for an even smaller Ultrafire (runs on size AAA batteries), and this thing will load them as well.


Why I should have forgotten the name I don’t know.  I guess when I’m looking at Chinese electronics my head just fills with kittens and flowers and smiles :).


A Detour into Geekistan

Since I’ve already let you into one of my subversive secrets – that I run incandescents around the place – it may be time to have a look at the Crees.  I do have lightbulbs enough tucked away to last me probably way past my death, but the search for a viable replacement is interesting and by now there may be some real good choices for room lighting.

Anyway, since I was inundated with advertisers (Norwegian ones) wanting to sell LED flashlights at prices kinda resembling those of a small car, I went and pawed through what was really available out there.  This is NOT a test, or anything as serious as that.  But I have accumulated a few of these things and will probably be looking at more.  I’m just going to list them with a short comment on my impressions.


This is an old and crabby Ultrafire which is zoomable.  It’s supposed to be a 2000 lumens torch, which is almost certainly BS, and is supposed to be an Ultrafire, which is probably also BS.  But the price was right (under $5, if I remember), and it has a tremendous plus: the switch is on the side, which makes it natural for one-hand operation.  It also has a loader port on the other side, which is almost completely nonfunctional.  Bottom line is that it’s perfectly usable, pirated or not.


This is another zoomable ultrafire, and it may be genuine.  Same led as the old and crabby one (Cree XML-T6), but no side switch.  It was a bit more expensive, but not much.


And yet another Ultrafire, this one rather simple.  No zoom, just three brightness levels, Cree XML-T6.  And this one is genuine. And cheap.


My personal favorite of the bunch. Very simple, very functional and it follows you like a penknife.  The li-ion battery size is a bit smaller but with a sosmile travel charger, who cares?  And this one, too, is a genuine Ultrafire.


Old Maglite which has gotten a Cree LED heart transplant (and a button on the tail).  But it still has to use old AA bateries which *will* leak green ichor all over your equiment if you turn your back on them.


Nitecore P12, the most expensive of the bunch.  And a very fine machine it is too.  It has a weakness, though.  One and the same as it’s most advanced feature.  There is a side switch.  Sort of.  It has two functions: one is to show you how much power is left in the battery (it blinks blue to show you the power level), and one is to regulate brighntness.But the main (and only) on-off switch is on the tail.

It is *easy* to get down to the lowest brightness and actually thinking the damn torch is off.  Stuff it in its holster, and voila: the next time you reach for it, it’s dead.

Generally, I’ll just say that there has been a lot of bellyaching about the pirated versions of Chinese electronics, and a LOT of that about the Ultrafire, as well as a lot of whining about how the Chinese only makes cheap garbage copying others.  But their machinists are certainly up to snuff, and even the pirated Ultrafires are fairly good.  The products remind me of back when my Dad was a sailor between Japan and Boston, and he brought home things like the first transistor radio I ever had.  Tiny thing, but it brought me many nights of Radio Luxembourg and music :).


Easteregging Hypocriticus

Revelation time, kids.

I was thinking of putting screenshots here, and a lot of them have gone up in the library, but actual live links may be even better for Freepers who cannot quite wrap their heads around the Jonest… err.. Robinsontown seamy underbelly.  Live links let you explore the crackas :).

Just a couple of points you’ll find here:

  • Vetscor has been the hub for a prostitution union spanning the US, Asia and Australia, and probably more.
  • That prostitution union is connected to the UN and to Beijing.
  • The Vetscor association is alive and well.


Now, go have fun.  As always: wayback can be told to purge; we can’t.

The Zeitgeist of Evil

Reagan used to speak of  “The Evil Empire” meaning the Soviet Union and its lunatic fellow travelers. But even Reagan couldn’t keep his path untainted.  For example, when the genocidal Arafat and his forces were just about to be annihilated, Reagan had the US swoop in and save the merry band of murderers.  And Reagan employed well-known nazists (Whitaker).  Expediency is the name of the game, and the game was always about getting rid of the Jews.

We see a little of the expediency game in the Cliven Bundy showdown I suppose – if I’ve been told right, the Bundys are Mormons and if antimormon cults like Freerepublic can get Mormons in harms way while cashing in at the same time, it’s just gravy. Jimrob needs new tires.

And I see that there is now, in Europe, some concern about “North Korean atrocities”.  Of course the lowlifes of Eurabia always knew about those, but the fact is that Europeans like Jagland and others of that “worker’s party” are pretty much aligned with genocide states like North Korea, not to mention every genocidal muslim state in the world.  Not that that is any different from the rest of the West where running a business simply means to peddle the means of genocide to the worst of the animal kingdom.  For example, Saab developing attack boats for Indonesia:

Old tradition, IBM supplied computing machinery for the holocaust; Henry Ford was famous for his antisemite work.

So, here are two books that our politicians need to read.  Never mind that most of them are either illiterates, functional retards or mirror-masturbating apes.  Maybe they can get some flunky to read to them.  In any case, they are many years too late.

What we really need is a Nuremberg do-over.  The first one let the roaches run and hide, and by now the roaches are out of the nest and have almost eaten the world.

Lee, Soon Ok - Eyes of the Tailless Animals  Lively, Scott; Abrams, Kevin - The Pink Swastika

The Star-Spanglish Banner

So, the new Obamacare website for hispanics is written in “Spanglish”. No one is really surprised; Obama’s contempt for anyone and anything not islamic/socialist is universal.

Maybe next he can have “The Star-Spangled Banner” redone in Engrish to honor his mortgage-holders?

More sort-of-notable stuff is going on: Alex Jones’ Infowars seem to have become a heavy hitter with Drudge, while Jim Robinson and FreeRepublic is a no-show.

Oh well. Drudge has a knack for getting at the real news and steering clear of the cults. Maybe Alex is getting serious as the world is unhinging.

And the world is going unhinged, of that there is no doubt. There is record sales of “Mein Kampf”, also for Kindle. And recently a new website has opened flogging a kingsize film opus about Adolf Hitler. Six hours, I’m told, but I’m not sure – I schlepped down what seemed interminable streams of weirdness and stuffed them in our lair’s base, but got bored unto death before I got to six hours. Maybe later.

Anyway, the name of the work is “Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told”. And but for the names involved, it could have been Obama’s Republicrats. Go figure.

The site is here:

Be warned – it talks to you and plays loud, bombastic music. And that is just a preview of the weirdly psychotic meat deeper in. It could have come from a Democrat Jummah.

China: Business as Unusual

This is highly disturbing material. We have kept back on this kind of stuff, although it’s things that people need to be aware of. Don’t click the thumbnails if you’re not prepared to see bad things.

The pictures are a few years old, and headshots were the order of the day.  We understand that later, the booming organ market has made corneas a popular item.

These are small-time “criminals” – dissidents not conforming.

This is what Norwegian (and other) media, politicians and corporations are working hand in glove with.

Anyway, pictures you won’t see much of in the Norwegian press: