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LinkedIN as a hate site

Yes, boys and girls. LinkedIN is one of the handful of major hate sites on the web, in many ways not distinguishable from Stormfront or any HAMAS or ISIS site. And the compeny does this intentionally, gleefully refusing to sanction Nazists or jihadists or communists never pausing murder incitement for a minute.  It is, of course, also a site pushing Obama and Hillary, two bona fide murderous monsters, to the limit, and calling for extermination of the Jews.

Just one current example.


In fact, calling the site a Terrorist outlet is completely warranted and the owners should be arrested.


LinkedIN Antisemites, Instalment Three

Quick and as usual, dirty.

Charlene Davis
Neacsu Virgil
Rodger Mason
Amro Ayassami
Cathal Rabitte
Diwan Khan

Later, folks.

LinkedIN Antisemites, Instalment Two

Gaber Gamal

Sheikh Rahman PhD

Malcolm Pepper

Marcus Taylor

Kemba Cofield

More shortly.

Linkedin Antisemites, Instalment One

Fulton Wilcox

Carleton W. Moten

Gervyn Moseley

Jason Reed

John Klein


Ebola and Beyond

Now, this is a nasty development:

So, there seems to be a person carrying Ebola in his semen.  You may remember that I wondered about virus latency earlier, and this raises a whole bucketfull of uncomfortable questions.  One of them being, of course, will ebola at some point be capable of transmitting unobtrusively as an STD?  If so, that would make Ebola the star in this century’s liberal firmament.  Death Star, but still.

In news of the US, I see that Mr. Obama bin Fraud has just cancelled the Constitution, dissolved the Nation, declared himself Caliph or Emperor or King or something, and performed a “neener neener”.  He may get away with it.  The British government certainly did get away with it when they deliberately imported large numbers of jihadists to permanently change the face of Britain and obliterate Britain-that-was.  Quislingism is today’s religion; certainly the State Religion.

More popcorn.  Things may get *real* interesting.

Free Republic the Weapon

So the mad hatter of FR is demanding that people slit the throat of their paycheck envelope and send some of that green to the wheeled delegation of drunks sitting guard at the border, protecting the country against Nonfreepers, Antifreepers, Mormons, Homosexualists, catfish, and various brown people.  Enabling them to turn FR into “a weapon”.


Sorry to disappoint you, crackpots: the only kind of “weapon” FR is and will ever be is the kind you stick in your mouth and pull the trigger on.

Very sad, actually – you coulda been contenders, you rotting collection of holyrolling jellyrollers.

Just a small comment on the onrolling madness of the FR begathons.  They are no longer funny, just sad and predictable.  If I was a betting critter I’s probably make book on when the FR kadres would kill some of their sheep for money.  Piece of advice: be very careful of what you sign.

Now, that wasn’t funny but just nasty.  This, on the other hand, IS funny.  Pre-Obama Katzenjammer Kids.

Before the world got to worship at a Black Nazist’s feet.


katz11  katz22

Wow, Mac

Just when you think the psychosis of FR cannot be topped comes this bit of creativity from one of Jimrob’s chief bag-persons:


So DJ is of the opinion that people who read Freerepublic receive a “free ride”.  There’s so many screws loose in the wowhead that it’s difficult to know where to begin.

There is a simple solution: make JR deliver a product, for a fixed price, in an accountable way.  Of course charlatans don’t like accountability, but though titties.  Accountability would mean, for example, not running an anonymous mob of “moderators” and a “praetorian guard” complete with gang signs.  He would also have to specify what, if anything, he is paying propagandists like DJ and LadyJag.  And he would have to abide by the rules.

Product. Price. Predictability.  Accountability.

Since when is it “conservatism” to gift-feed a capricious loon who sends his flying monkeys out to steal whatever copyrighted material isn’t duct-taped in place, and has a legion of insane posters claiming that if Rush, Hannity or Beck has any news they “stole it from Freerepublic”?

Here’s a wakeup-ding for you: a little birdie told me that Hannity was a Freeper for a while, incognito.  He didn’t like it, for very specific reasons (we may look into that later). Neither did a number of other hi-profile people who dipped their toe in the water and ran.

Perhaps you should just, you know, close?


Deeper in the Pottery Dig

Still trampling around in FR antiquity.  One of the things going on was a quite determined collection of the Freepers’ personal data, done partly by Alamo Girl (one of JR’s inner circle), and partly by others.  Data collected included religious/political beliefs, education, degrees, workplace and workplace history, and so on.  Many of these things are gone from the site.

So, in the last post I mentioned Original Dissent, a site that featured a massive falanks of nazi and other antisemites.  And that the site owner was “Either/Or”, who became “Texas Dissident” on that board.  This is “Either/Or” hoisting flag on one of FR’s information harvesting threads.  The thread title was “What Are You?”.

Nowadays, of course, JR can harvest his data in much more sneaky ways, what with Google Analytics, but then again there are things Google Analytics doesn’t tell you.

FR would seem to be, already back then, an islamization linkup in addition to all the other festive fleecing of the rubes.




One more point: Already then, we had a formal linking between Jihad and Holocaust formations.  This was quite some time before August Kreis of Aryan Nations linked hands with Islamic Jihad and Hamas.


Ricocheting Bully

Or, “The Bully is a Democrat”.

Democrats do a lot of odd things.

The Democratic representative was cleaning her semi-automatic handgun inside her office when it accidentally fired and a bully ricocheted, hitting a bookshelf.

Lots of questions here. Was the other representative in the room. Jeff Greer, the ricocheting bully? Was there any books in the bookshelf, or do Democrats only read foldout pictures? If she was cleaning her gun because she didn’t like it, does she like it any better after it sent the bully ricocheting? Why didn’t she make sure the gun was free of bullies before cleaning it?

Socialists are strange.

Nowhere is that as evident as in the current Obama war against The Little Sisters of the Poor and support of the Large Sister of Blind Terror, Lynne Stewart. I suspect that Stewart once upon a time kissed a frog and expected it to turn into a prince, but it didn’t quite turn out according to program.

Oh, and some schools in the US are now teaching a Black Supremacy pledge. No diversity there, just Black Hitlerism. Sadly, the Black Supremacists are making inroads in unexpected places, including conservative ones. There’s money in them thar supremawhatsits :).