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LinkedIN as a hate site

Yes, boys and girls. LinkedIN is one of the handful of major hate sites on the web, in many ways not distinguishable from Stormfront or any HAMAS or ISIS site. And the compeny does this intentionally, gleefully refusing to sanction Nazists or jihadists or communists never pausing murder incitement for a minute.  It is, of course, also a site pushing Obama and Hillary, two bona fide murderous monsters, to the limit, and calling for extermination of the Jews.

Just one current example.


In fact, calling the site a Terrorist outlet is completely warranted and the owners should be arrested.



Seeing that our friends from Robinsontown, on their mooching expedition to Murrieta, have come head to head with another brownish cult, let’s have a look:

brown1  brown2

brown3  brown4

As you can see, the cult of the Berets is just as obsessed with loyalty to the “Commandante” as are the Freepers.  They do not have a real culture of Zot yet, but they’re sure  working hard on their purges, and like FR they score an easy 12 out of 10 on the pomposity index.

So much for our little brown friends. They have feuds.  Evidently there are more than one variety of Brown Beret; there are at least three websites in our DB from long ago.  And they don’t like each other.  Rather like Jimrob and old freepers, in fact.

Now, the Mooching Expedition seems to be vexed with Sean Hannity “disparaging” them.  At the same time, Freeper factotum LucyT, home at beggar central, is screaming her head off at the risk of the strangers imporing Ebola and even biowar agents.

And out there in the field we have Syncro poking his bearded slob visage over the roof of JR’s airconditioned plushmobile, fretting about how the Mexican Criminals will rape the US Teenage Sex Workers, and take them into bondage for the child sex trade.  I suppose he fears that Vetscor’s various sexworker rings will face stiff competition.

You didn’t know that there is pervo prostitution associated with Vetscor/FR?  If so, it’s just that you didn’t want to know.

I link you back to one example, we have others on here:

Anyway, JR’s expedition to secure more donations seems to have fallen woefully on its face, and may not even cover its own costs.  Gas for the Plushmobile is unlikely to be free, although I suppose his GPS is set to hit every Freeper household between the Robinson Mansions and Murrieta.  They’re claiming “VICTORY”, however, since they were mentioned by Greta – the Fox TV crew had parked just steps away from the Plushmobile.  Or rather, the Plushmobile were parked just steps away from the Fox crew :).

Oh, and I see that some Freepers have taken to calling Syncro “perfessor”.  Looking at his profile, I note a short rant in Latin, so at least I know he can read dictionaries.  And it is, no surprise, pompous -like clipped from the Samuel Francis band…




Kauderwelsh Nation

I’m talking, of course, of Norway – this festering boil on the left buttcheek of corrupt and antisemitic Europe.

Norway’s press has long been distinguished by being almost as Hitlerist as America’s Obama press, but it doesn’t have quite that impact.  This is mainly because the world at large and in general doesn’t understand and really cant’ be bothered with gibberish spouted by a bunch of Jewhaters north of humanity.

But overall, the nation of Norway is remarkably consistent.  The press is antisemitic, the public sector is hysterically antisemitic and abysmally corrupt.  And the politicians are the worst vermin in the northern hemisphere.

Internationally, Norway is remarkable for two things:

  • Vidkun Quisling
  • Rattus Norwegicus

Of course, taking a wider view of the US and Europe, we’re moving to the next holocaust at breakneck speed.  The politically correct are always mouthing on about how war is too important to be left to the military.  I wonder when someone cottons on to politics being too important to be left to politicians.  In any case, the politicians, the press, islam and the rest of nazism will have their war, and I just hope none of them survive.

We need a tabula rasa, gentlemen.



The State of the Madness

.. is advancing rapidly.  The Madness of the State, as well as nuggets of madness popping up all over the place.  The Daily Mail reported a UFO attacking and blowing up a Taliban camp, and the Drudge Report swallowed the idiocy hook, line and sinker. did too, which was unsurprising.

Of course, no one bothered to check the source of the badly made CGI movie clip.

So now, Robinsontown – hungry for anything to post – is posting from White Power / Neonazi sites.


Let me suggest that there are better ways to argue the Conservative case than FR’s barely concealed undertow of antisemitism.


In other news, I see Robinson is still putting out some untrue contribution tables (still dead people – you’d think he was a Democrat precinct captain).



Mad Russians

Seeing that Imam Robinson over at is steaming over the fact that some Nazi leader in the Ukraine bought the farm in a shootout with Putin’s People, we’ll just have a little look at what the Russians actually have to contend with.  We’re going to put up a video here that is far bloodier than what we usually show folks.

This is a video that was harshly removed from the net by western security forces back when it was fresh, mainly because its provenance was in doubt.  Now, however, all that is clear and the victims have been identified as far as I know.  There was one other reason for its removal: western security actually wants little hue and cry over nazists who operate like socialists or muslims.

A pox on all their houses, tents, caves and wormholes. Bloodpox.

Oh, and I have mentioned before that somewhere in the FR bloodfog there are actual very bad buggers, like the “constitutional scholar” who shot a policeman in the back and killed him.  That was a shootout over a demand to see a driver’s license, and that “scholar” didn’t survive either.

Now, video, uncensored.  If you’re smart you’ll not let your kids at this thing, it’s very bad and full of the most tasteless music.

Oh. Carol!

A few years back, when the web was even wilder and woolier than now, there was a magically venomous antisemite woman named Carol, popularly known as Carol On The Web.  Her name was supposed to be Carol Ward; she had a couple websites – and this was before proxy domains – but her real identity was cloaked nevertheless. No one kept much tabs on what you told ICANN.

However, there were some pointers for the osint society to go by.  She was supposed to have a son named Tristan, not that that meant much, but she had a pretty unique style just like Skunkworks.  And she attracted Jimrob’s closest minions like cowpies attract flies.

In fact, Freerepublic had to rid itself of one of its moderators because of the mod’s affinity for Carol.  Not only was that mod on half the antisemite sites in the US, but also had private domains with links to CarolOnTheWeb.  Jimrob was not pleased.  In fact, he seethed every time he had to move against some antisemite gnome.

So far, so good.  I’ve told you kids it’s history time :).

Now.  I have archives with Carol’s site neatly tucked away, and I decided to do a little text analysis on the stuff.  And what do you know: the CarolMeter almost bent the needle at the first glance.

Carol on the Web Frontpage

Carol on the Web Frontpage

On this page there’s a phrase about heck.  It was kind of Carol’s trademark.  And if you go and examine the Freerepublic threads heavy on Mormon-hatred, you’ll find that phrase, even occupying a central position in the Freepers’ profile.

Archives.  A boy’s best friend ;).

Moving on.  To the next Freepathon time. Mansions or servers, that’s the question.


Dark House Marching

Not unexpectedly there are now news that the White House, the darkest place in the US – a black hole with an event horizon not letting out anything but darkness, islamist cannibalism and versailles-like eating orgies – is laying into the Jews for daring to criticize Nicolae Hussein on his atomic mullah masturbation.

Really, I think that place should be called by its right name: The Dark House. There is certainly traditional horror there and an organization that can say with Stormfront: Our Skin is Our Uniform. And of course, if you read Stormfront, and The Black Press, and Uhuru, and others of their ilk, you will find that there’s really no difference. They hate the same things and the same people. And that Obama is an islamist should be as plain as the nose on your face. There is no conflict between that and his socialist leanings, which is why his portrait has tended to be in the altar position on my antisemite “family” facebook pages for years.

Anyway, I can only hope that if Israel drops the big one on Tehran, they’ll let a few drips down on the fellow travellers. That would make my day, season and year.

Think lighted candles, folks. Big ones. It’s the season :).

Swing by Mesta’s place on the way out – it’s important.

The Left and False Flags

Going back to 2001 for a moment, the islamic war on the rest of the world killed almost 3000 people on 9.11, and it is – from evidence shown here:

at least a possibility that Mr. Obama had foreknowledge of the attacks.  The attacks were certainly planned in great detail a long time in advance, many of the perpetrators were living in the west, even in the USA, and there have been other signs that the plan was not really all that secret – and that members of the American intelligence community that came too close to the preparations have been punished.  That goes even for some senators backing those intelligence efforts, like senator Curt Weldon.

What also happened immediately after the 9.11 attacks was the birth of the ”troofer” movement.  It originated from a very specific point, a ”progressive” site in France, and it was obviously orhestrated and coordinated with the islamic movement, the national socialists, the black power folks, the big-Libertarians and generally every rabble-rouser faction on the planet – and it very quickly spread to span the planet.  Claims such as ”The Jews were flying the planes into the towers using remote-control”, or that the towers were really blown up by pre-placed explosives, or that the Pentagon wasn’t hit by a plane but by a ground skimming missile that had to have been bigger than an Atlas rocket in size became reality for the whole socialist world, among them members of the Obama administration like the communist Van Jones.

So in later  years, the islamic war effort has controlled the narrative to the point where they’re routinely and openly bragging about their nineteen martyrs (or heroes, or ”grooms”), to the point of being nauseating, and at the same time claiming innocence and complaining about being misrepresented.  Of course, they’e not misrepresented.  There really is an islamic/socialist war on humanity, and it was started by arguably the first genocidal ideologue in history, Muhammad. The ideology of the end justifying the means – any means – has remained unchanged through the centuries, and regardless if the ideologue du jour calls himself muslim, socialist, marxist-leninist, stalinist, maoist, national socialist, anarchist, third position, EU-supporter or any of a number of other  class and race warfare artists.

Result: we now have a narrative being sort of brought over into the ludicrous, with the politically correct intelligence agencies – and even reputable OSINT operators – working with a focus on the ”far right”.  Yet, from the official NCTC data from 2011 (and this report seems to be gone from the NCTC site but we do have it, of course), the casualties being ”credited” to rightwing attacks for that year are 77, which is, in short, only the Breivik event.  But it serves as a trigger to focus on the right (that is, the non-socialist and non-jihadist), and removes attention from the socialist and islamic deaths of that year, which number roughly 11.000, all told.  That is a very, very successful control of the information war, and a very successful prosecution of a genocidal and relentless war.

Now, since the Breivik event is obviosly key to much of what the left and the islamics have been doing after 2010, let’s just have a little look at him.  The conventional wisdom, of course, is that Breivik is a rightwinger and a ”friend of Israel”, or even “controlled by Israel” according to Johann Galtung.  But from reading his manifesto, you soon find out that the plumage is kind of different.  This is not your everyday ”Norwegian Blue”, and certainly no friend of Israel.  One place he despairs over USA’s ”Jewish Problem”, and in other statements he describes himself as ”Christian Identity”.  If you know anything about extremist politics, you’ll know that Christian Identity is the identification of Ku Klux Klan, and that the Klan is not rightwingers, as the ignorance-peddlers on the left would like you to believe, but that it is in fact the radical, or military, wing of the Democratic Party.  Funny thing that none of the ”analysts” on the left manage to catch these things, but still use hundreds of man-hours to try and find geocaching points in Breivik’s manifesto.

The obvious question, when looking at the leftist/islamic/antisemite obsession with ”false flags” and misrepresentation, is: were the Oslo attacks a false-flag, mounted by progressive powers with a vested ”antizionism-interest”?  And will we ever know?  Here’s a tip: If Breivik has a change of heart in prison, begs forgiveness,  apologizes to Mullah Krekar and starts a ”rehabilitation” process, you probably have your answer.

Brown Beer, Red Gore

Just noticed a little blurp by the nazist Carolyn Yeager on Adolf Hitler’s speech at the Hofbrauhaus in 1920: “Why We Are Antisemites”.

Poor Hofbrauhaus. The Germans really should tear that place down, I think it’s cursed. But then again, I think the whole of Europe is cursed and needs to go.  Anyway, I had an eerie experience in the Munich Hofbrauhaus many years ago, together with two Union friends. The Oktoberfest was just over.

We had parked ourselves roughly in the middle of the great hall, right below the bandstand.  The beer was amazing, the mugs were humongous, and the food was to make pretentious chefs wither and die in envy. The music was very traditional, the mood was high and light. There were even kids – children – joining hands and dancing.

We finished our meal, and were into the second beer.  And then a platoon of  skinheads in black, quasi-military uniforms entered. They must have been ten or so.  They sat down at a long table near the door, and got their beer. And started singing.

While they were singing, they got up and started marching in place. The song was one of these guttural things, with “juden” and “nasen”. The boys had very full and impressive singing voices.  The weird thing was the mood in the great hall.

The band just stopped playing and stood at attention.  The whole hall was rapt, for lack of a better word – even the children.  I can swear people’s eyes were glowing.

Anyway, we finished our beer rather hurriedly and got out.

Nowadays, of course, that same brown/red tsunami is coming from my own family as Adolf’s history is replaying in Eurabia and Hussein’s islamist America.  Interesting times.

Time For Nazis

We’ve been heaping spoonfuls of mohammedan madness on here for weeks and months, so here’s a break.

Or is it?  In fact, it could be taken from any of the Iranian confabs, or Gaza confabs, or Egyptian ones.  Or, I suspect, White House intimate movie nights.  Or party night at any of our socialist parties.  That includes, of course, the national socialist ones.

Anyway, enjoy.  You may need some pepto-bismol or whatever your popular brand is  Or if you enjoy it too much, apply a ball-peen hammer to selected parts of your anatomy.  See?  We got solutions for everything!