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Adventures in Madness: Further LinkedIN Peculiarities

As I said on LI, I’ve left a group fancying itself a “high powered Think Tank” because its admin pissed me off. I don’t take kindly to fools, or Neonazis running the old mythology of the USS Liberty.

Anyway, the peddler of the USS Liberty hysteria in this instance was one David John Dunleavey. And his background is interesting, sort of. He has been involved with a company (really, two) which seemed set up to do something in, as I said earlier, dodgy parts of the world. I haven’t checked detail to see if the whole thing was a scam, but it seems a not very successful effort. There is data enough in the screenshot, I think, for anyone with inclination to do a little strip search. I give you Metier Associates and D.An Rex East Africa.

Mr. Dunleavey has also been standing for the Liberal Democrat Party in Dorset.

Here he is in some little detail:


The other very peculiar part of LinkedIN culture unfurling like Pinky and the Brain is our old friend James Craven, and this fellow:

I guess Craven must be Pinky in this duo. He claims Winston Churchill was a malignant narcissist. He does, on the whole, dislike anything that interfered with the Holocaust. But the other one is a card. Not necessarily out of a normal deck, but still.


LI-madness  LI-madness-2


Nicolae Hussein Obama

The Corrigan Brothers did one of those insane Obama electioneering blasphemies, claiming Barack O’bama as the archetypal Irishman.  They may be right, if they’re talking about the murdering and nazist Kennedys, but really, people.  There’s no one as Irish as Barack O’bama???

But actually, there is one recent European head of state that Mr. Obama closely resembles, and more and more with every day.  Not that Obama has mounted any campaigns to mass murder Americans – not that we know of, at least (but it’s anyones guess if it would be reported if so) – but his roiling desires are getting to the surface like a plague of boils.  When I first heard of the shooting of a woman near the White House, I wondered if it was a cabinet tiff.

Anyway, what the Corrigans should have been pumping out is “There’s no one as Romanian as barack Obama”.  The US is inching closer and closer to Nicolae’s peculiar brand of lawlessness, and his message to the people that they may feel free to call 1-800-FUCK-YO if they need healthcare is so bizarre that you’d be hard put to find similar concepts in Idi Amin’s refrigerator.

How about 1-800-HANG-US?


Silver Screen

Well, that’s where this will end up, it seems. I tried to warn my “family” where their jewhatred was taking them, but their only response was hissing and howling balls of hatred, which we will eventually publish. Oh well. I hope it will cost the Norwegian State, and their Stasi Beta a billion dollars. Depends a bit on box office, I suppose, but you should never underestimate the power of education.

Wendy is telling me script is looking good. (Wendy is a Hollywood producer with background from the Sopranos and Six Feet under, she’s known Mestamachine and me since year 1999 or a lttle bit earlier, stuff that in your, sis, and smoke it. I think we’ll just get Rosie Odie to play you. Or maybe not, although she’ll probably come cheap these days

As usual, I’ll just remind you of Mesta’s fundraiser, and also that Free Republic needs you too. You know where to go :).

Just a little reminder

.. Of what the left actually is, in these days with Obama’s islamist-takeover of Egypt unraveling, the Democrats dropping their mask literally everywhere with dem mobs chanting “Hail Satan”.  Not too many remember Hillary Clinton, in a Black Harlem church, doing a long ritual invoking Satan against Rick Lazio.  But we do.  We also remember the leftist reaction on 9.11 2001.

This is nothing to let the kids see.  It’s socialists, uncensored.  Hold on to your hats, folks.  And your lunch.


So, in the wake of the Boston bombings and Obama’s insane and unlawful efforts to overthrow the US Constitution comes a Democrat activist Troofer with pots and pans of Ricin. He looks like he might have a green thumb, and maybe even a green brain. Moldy.

Anyway, he claims to be a Christian Democrat. I took one look at his “Cross” and bust out laughing. Any of you ever heard the old Jewish joke about the Jewish kid being sent to a Catholic school?

When his father noticed that his maths grades were conspiciously better, he asked why. And the kid answered:

I knew the first day here, when I noticed this guy nailed to a big plus sign, that they were serious”.

Look at the “Cross” he’s wearing. That’s a plus sign, baby.


Shades of Madonna and the Kabalah.

Festering Uncivilization

We are looking at the court case against Kermit Gosnell and his bizarre abortion practice. Andrew McCarthy makes an excellent point here

of how the language is mutated, bastardized and perverted by the left. And you know, sometimes I think the left’s sole interest, in anything at all, is murder. Doing murder and hiding it. And calling it something else. I remember a prticular thing about Partial Birth abortions:

I described the procedure to a woman very qualified to know. And she claimed that ”such things do not happen”. Undoubtedly it was offensive to her leftist worldview that they, the progressives, had been found out.

As I said, this was a very progressive lady, always making weird paintings involving nekkid wimmen being beclimbed by other nekkid wimmen, with churchgoers glaring balefully in the background. Why is it that people of strange and outside sexualities, those folks so interestingly described by Colin Wilson in ”The Misfits”, are so desperate to change the language into a cloak?

So, the left wants to murder, to make swizzlesticks from human bones, melt down useful metals from the Crematoria, and probably make lampshades from human skin. On second thought, strike that. No market for lampshades, there’s bans on lightbulbs and probably on light pretty soon. But in the progressive public market, there’s ”projects” eagerly tallying up the Cobalt in your leg implants, the metal in your teeth and that plate in your skull.

Gay does not mean ”Homosexual”. That’s progressivespeak, and it kills. Fetus means child, and abortion means killing or murder. In fact, the US abortion industry – which is a tool of nazist ideology – has a more ”impressive” kill-record than Hitler, Pol-Pot., and a whole bunch of twentieth-century monsters put together.

Maybe the cloak is how they can do their stuff.

Why Islam Want to Suppress Freedom of Speech

This is another gem from Paul Eidelberg.

Why Islam Want to Suppress Freedom of Speech

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Let’s go to the heart of matter: Islam rejects Genesis 1:26-27 from which we learn that man is created in the image of God. Islam deems this concept blasphemous since, according to Islamic theology, one cannot rightly speak of man as having been created in the image of Allah.

Therefore, contrary to Judaism and Christianity, Islamic theology is based not on reason but on force or power. This is why there is no place in Islam for freedom of speech. Since freedom speech is the quintessential principle of democracy, we must conclude, with all due respect to Daniel Pipes, that Islam is fundamentally-cum-theologically opposed to democracy. This is why Islamic regimes throughout history have been theological tyrannies.

Today, Muslim leaders want to criminalize as “blasphemy” any criticism of Islam in general and of its prophet Muhammad in particular. Their motive is easy to understand. Islam cannot stand the test of critical analysis, whether historical, philosophical, or theological. This is why the great Arab philosopher al-Farabi, having studied the works of Plato and Aristotle, couched his own writings in an esoteric style and was a Muslim in dress only—to avoid punishment and death.

Hence, it needs to be borne in mind that critical analysis of Islam or of Muhammad does not merely offend the sensibilities of Muslims. No, such criticism threatens the ruling status of Muslim leaders and the entire power structure of Islamic regimes. The issue is one of power, but this issue must be understood in theological terms.

Involved here is nothing less than the God-issue. This is the issue that confronts us today as a result of the decay of Western Civilization so evident in the decline of Christianity in Europe and in the ascendancy of left-wing atheism and nihilism in the United States.

Yes, this is THE issue in America’s forthcoming presidential election.

Now, just let me be even a little blunter than Paul here: the fact is that the muslims and their allied leftists are attempting to kill God.  And they’re hell-bent on doing so even if it means wiping all life off this globe.

In Bizarro World

Doing a slight detour here into the strange world of the circumcision obsessed.  We have lots more nazist and islamonazist atrocities to display, but the strangely appropriately named Mr. Hess is weirder than most.

Bearing the moniker “Foreskin Man” and wearing a superhero uniform with a giant dickhead, he’s more for the Stormfront crowd than the teenagers.  And he’s taken the time to make his own theme song.

I fear the feature film may still be a bit off, though.  No doubt, that is just because the Joos control Hollywood.

Oh, and all imagery on Mr. Hess’ site points blatantly and directly at virulent neonazism.

Beyond Spellcheck (Norwegian)

In the last post, I mentioned that the “satanist” hate gangs of Norway sometimes bragged of their contact with Norwegian nazists and their weapon supply.  here’s an example.  Identity data is removed, so is the precise time of the post.  Also, it’s been left untranslated.  I’m sure you can get past that. The Norwegian chatacters æ, ø and å are mutilated, as was the way with the pc’s of that time.

Anyway: nihilism 101.  Not exactly Erik Bye’s nation.


Subject: Satanism…

>Jeg var ikke ute etter info om du “er tilregnelig” eller ikke. Jeg bare
>lurte p} hvor “h|yt” oppe i systemet du var!

  Skal legge inn en private mail…
>>>Self|lgelig, men aviser vurderer jo til enhver tid hva som er de mest
>>>aktuelle nyhetene!
>>  Joda, det gj|r de. Men som dere sikkert legger merke til, blir ogs}
>>VG og DAGBLATED m.m mere og mere lik SE OG H\R! Bare mer, og mer
>>sladder! Dette er kvamlt! Det er s} latterlig mye de har skrevet
>>om “satanisme” som ikke stemmer overhodet!
>Dette gjelder “hacking” ogs}! Utrolig hva slags artikler jeg har lest
>gjennom sommeren i disse bladene!

  Nettopp! Det er vi som blir “hengt ut” som virkelig legger merke til
hvordan avisene oppf|rer seg. Det gjelder fors}vidt mange – men desverre
s} er det alt for mange som fremdeles “tror” p} alt de leser i
avisene… 😦

>>  Kanskje de ikke hatet hverandre f|rste gang de m|ttes…?
>Hvorfor? Skal de ikke hate ALT som er levende da?!

  Joda… Men det allikevel en slags akseptering i milj|et. Fordi
om vi hater alt som er liv, s} aksepterer vi at folk eksisterer. Vi
vil bare eliminere det. – Uten } h|re for destruktiv ut…
  Vi B\R akseptere v}r like, eller s} nytter ikke “systemet”. Som du
ser i avisene (ARGH!), s} dreper faktisk vi ogs} v}re egne, men
det skal jo helst ikke skje, for f|rst b|r de “normale” bli
tatt.  Litt tungt dette her, men h}per du ser sammenhengen.

>>Igjen, ser jeg at du hendvender AVIS-teori.
>Self|lgelig! Er det i det hele tatt noen andre enn deg her da, som kan
>argumentere p} annen bakgrunn enn det som har st}tt i avisene? Du m}
>nesten godta “avis-teorien” min… 🙂

  Ja, du er inne p} noe der… Det er jo det jeg vil pr|ve } rette
p} her p} denne konferansen, s} bare sp|r. Selv om det er avis-aktuelle
histrier og teorier…

>Jeg tenkte mer p} andre grupper dere kan kollidere med. (F.eks
>nynazister vs. blitzere!)

  For det f|rste, er det relativ god kontakt mellom nynazister og
satanister. Nynazister skaffer som sagt ofte v}pen til satanistene, og
dessuten s} er de veldig aktive n}r det gjelder } |delegge og pervertere
alt liv…

Stone Age Multimedia

Fil-Info message #3224 from xxxxx xxxxxxxx to ALL.

   Entered on 12th September, 1993 at 14:43, 7 lines.


Subject: FIRE!!.LHA (303,537b)





  This is a direct sample from a burning church. It’s sourse shall

remain unspoken…



Ahh.  From the timeline, this was probably Røa Church, and it didn’t burn down.  That would probably have been a bit difficult, seeing that it was/is a brick building, here:

 Anyway, this little peek into the early nineties shows a bit of what was going on.  Now, if anyone thinks that this was not a campaign of hate, try imagining that someone had started burning down old – in many cases hundreds of years or even milennia old – mosques.  We’d have riots, even here in Norway.  In Saudi Arabia or Iran there would have been pogroms.

 And of course, there was a wide field of knowledge as to who were involved.  Still, my impression is that it was all very low-key.  A ”boys will be boys” sort of thing, and quite a bit of tolerance for what was and is really an appalling indictment of Norwegian culture.  In fact, not too long ago some commenters to a Norwegian newspaper were calling for a renewal of the glorious days of church-burning.

 Anyway, this is part of the history 101 project and digging out records.  Sometimes I find little treats.  Or as Forest Gump would say: Life is like a box of chocolates.  And so on.  Except I do know, of course.

 The even more interesting background here is that the BBS that this was carried on claimed to be part of a LDS (Mormon Church) network.  Ideological stowaways seem to be the order of the 20th century.  Very early use of multimedia for hate crimes, even if it was only a stupid sound file.

Also, some commenters think the church burner period had something to do with Asatru.  No such thing.  Back then, Varg Vikernes took his identity from a leader of Tolkien’s orcs.  In prison he changed image from all-black hair/clothes and weird satanist/evil ideology, to all-white and eventually worked himself into the “Nordic idiom”.  But the gangs back in 93 saw themselves as worshippers of evil, and also sometimes bragged of having a weapons supply from the nazists.