Of odd disappearances on FR

Short headsup to Nuconvert and others: it seems Sunkenciv has been hit by a stealth ban by Robinson. He’s in the other place now.

Have fun.



14 responses to “Of odd disappearances on FR

  • butterdezillion

    Are comments moderated here?

    • hahyrningur

      Yes, Butterz. When i get around to them. Or in the past, when Mesta got around to them. As you might have caught, she died. Though her brothers and sisters in arms know the who and the how.

  • butterdezillion

    Oh my goodness. I didn’t know. I am so sorry. That would explain why I didn’t hear back from her. Dang! When did it happen? This breaks my heart.

    I posted again last night, with a private message for you. Did you receive that?

    • hahyrningur

      Haven’t seen it. But if you follow our blog, as well as Mesta’s, you’ll see what happened. As you may or may not know, Mesta was a female Seal and a very professional assassin with a string of top value hits. Her fellows knows exactly who and what happened, and it’s up to them to decide if they’ll rip some hides. Her control was DIA. My counterpart.

  • butterdezillion

    Did you receive the post I submitted yesterday? It reiterated my contact info that I had given on the other post that you didn’t receive. Is something screwy with WordPress again?

    • hahyrningur

      Probably, and my emails have been screwy since April, when Mesta died. Sooner or later I’ll have to redo my entire email address structure and probably the site structure. You submitted a post? I’ll have to dig for that and see. Not on here as often as I used, you know.

  • butterdezillion

    Are you getting email notifications? When “zola” threatened me on my wordpress blog I didn’t see the threat until much later because somebody had hacked my blog administration and turned off email notifications. Let me know if/when you receive this comment ASAP.

    • hahyrningur

      Just saw your comment, but I’ve been off for hours. I do get the comments here quickly, when I’m just here. Been watching old movies and stuff :). The only social media I’m consistently following at the moment is LinkedIN. Any messages at FR, I’ll not see. Will see messages at that other GOP site, where I’m actually known also as Cachelot, just to tee off Robinson the old murdering grifter.

  • hahyrningur

    All the stuff on here is seen, as sson as it gets a reply. At the moment I don’t even have an email that can send in public. Go to private messaging at the gopbriefingroom.com.

  • hahyrningur

    Ok, signed up on unseen ans sent you a contact request. There is another similar place, which is in the making and I can get you an account, named Jumblemail.

  • butterdezillion

    Could you delete the post with my contact info, please?

  • butterdezillion

    Did you get a message from me at the gopbriefingroom?

    Is there a way to make it so that a site subscribing to Google Analytics would NOT be able to follow me around?

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