Avast!! And arr too! Cursed parrots coding!

And stuff like that to irritate us hapless users of the interwebs.

I never thought I’d see Avast AV turn into a marketing bloatware, but I’ve been wrong about a lot in the antivirus sector in tha last twenty or so years.  Actually, to be totally frank, just one thing: that it had brains and integrity.  Oh, wait – that’s TWO things.  If I keep thinking about it I may find a pear tree somewhere.

But something changed with the manageable, lightweight Avast.  Just a moment ago it hectored me with the fact that I have 14 – fourteen – unnecessary applications on my computer.  And some more nannying dribble.  So what changed? Did you *hire* someone?  Or did you buy some company, which is what all owners seem to do when they get some money in the till?  Did you maybe let in someone from some *other* AV company of cretins, like Norman ASA (which now seems to have gone sort of into hiding in the skirts of something called Bluecoat if I remember)?

There’s another irritation for us Internauts: Counters.  Dueling Counters.  Of which Sitemeter wins, hands down.  Or maybe hands up.  It certainly works like it might be programmed by the Obama Programming Staff.  How Dave managed to turn that simple, relatively clean and reliable product into the abortion flogged by myspace boggles the mind of everything but flatworms.





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