Geekistan Revisited

As I said in my first Geekistan post, there seems now to be real alternatives coming around for my hoard of traditional light bulbs.  The first generation of LED light bulbs were not all that nice, but the current crop of Cree seems promising.

Apart from that, I’ll have to issue a correction, and a humdinger of a correction it is too.  When I mentioned a Sosmile charger, it wasn’t Sosmile.  It was SoShine.  This thing autodetects whatever battery type you throw at it (within its design range), and generally takes the hassle out of keeping wild animals like LI-IONs.

I’m just waiting for an even smaller Ultrafire (runs on size AAA batteries), and this thing will load them as well.


Why I should have forgotten the name I don’t know.  I guess when I’m looking at Chinese electronics my head just fills with kittens and flowers and smiles :).



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