My oh My

No, this isn’t about Slade.  Nor is it especially loving.

So the CDC has been infested.  And actually, it seems to have been infested for as long as Ebola has been an issue.

I was just going through the very earliest proceedings dealing with the threat posed by these newcomers, as early as back in the seventies.  There was a section dealing with isolating infected patients, using something called the Trexler isolation unit which still seems to be in use today.  And if my eyes didn’t deceive me there in my demonstratively lightbulb-lighted den, one of the concerns was how these things might violate the patients right to human contact.

Liberalism IS a suicide contract.  Only they prefer that it’s the other guys who die.

Anyway, I dug out some of the other light reading on the subject: Ed Regis’ “The Biology of Doom”.  Did you know that at the end of WWII, the planes were already just a tickle away from taxiing up the runway for a total genocidal Anthrax run on Germany?  And that the stuff was baked into cattle pellets to be seeded all over Germany’s grazing areas?  And that the germ stocks measured in tons?

Canada seems to have been one of the very earliest industrial scale producers for the project; it seems they actually used brewery equipment for fermentation.  Copper tanks and pipes do not readily corrode.

Infection, International Colloquium on Ebola Virus; Pattyn, S. R. (Editor) - Ebola Virus Haemorrhagic Fever  Regis, Ed - The Biology of Doom

Of course, that *other* Socialist country, the Soviet Union, wasn’t so particular.  A large area around where Biopreparat used to be is indelibly marked with funny creepy stuff like Tularemia.  It seems they were using the cheapest form of  equipment available.  Iron pipes, for example.  Which rusted.  Dripping biological solutions everywhere and on the local wildlife.  And that went on until the fall of the Soviets – and maybe after.


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