And we’re off!!

That didn’t take long:

As I said a post back in “Ebolyndra”, liberals/progressives and quarantines just can’t exist in the same universe.  To quarantine a liberal, you simply have to put him down like any rabid animal or put him under lock and key.  Of course if the guardians are of the progressive religion, they’ll see it as their duty to let him escape.

Also, the liberal media is making a great deal of noise about how harmless Ebola really is.  The thinking of the “enlightened” is that the modern world is better organized to hinder the spread of virus, and if you’re unfortunate enough to come down with such a thing as Ebola, we have LOTS AND LOTS of life-supporting measures we can try.  And we have LOTS AND LOTS of medical resources, not to mention the calm determination not to panic.  Of course, the calm determination not to panic is sometimes indistinguishable from what draws a moth into a flame.  Unfortunately, the consequences are likely to be worse and you don’t lower Ebola’s mortality just because you can keep the patient alive for a forthnight instead of six days.

Here’s a measure of liberal insanity:

“Ebola is low-risk because it’s not listed as a Pandemic”.

I’ve got news for you, Sunshine: if Ebola was at pandemic levels, I might have my dream come true and there might be no liberals left.  You are looking at a virus with 25 to 90% mortality, from the cases that have been recorded, but no one knows what a pandemic may level out to.  But to think of it as “low-risk” is insane.  Actually, you might think of the liberal mind as part of Ebola’s lethality envelope.

Liberal. incompetent and generally vile Norway has an old saying: “Det vil helst gå godt”.  The problem is just that Murphy’s Law wins the day.  Every day.  And particularly around liberals ;).



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