People who do not belong in the Obama fanclub will remember the many swindles wrought upon the American people in order to transfer their tax money to Obama’s cronies in the global warming/freezing/greening/blackening religion.  One of the worst was the Solyndra scandal.  Serious money was transferred to the coffers of criminals, and there had never been any real intent to deliver any goods.

Actually, I saw something very similar in Norway in 1991, when the Norsk Data developed system Nortrygd was supposed to do a generational leap to new hardware.  The NORD110 mini machines with terminals were supposed to be exchanged for personal computers for the counter, and modest SUN machines dishing out the local database.

It didn’t work.

The old database was Sibas, an optimized but somewhat difficult-to-program-for beast.  The new database was Oracle SQL, something that was supposed to save countless man-hous and machine cycles and blast the Nortrygd systems into the next milennium.  In reality, the SUN machines were not even able to serve up a few demonstration screens from a base containing some few tens of records, and the PC model chosen to lightning-like do the tap dance between desk clerk, social security clients and the accumulated local data was cheap toys that was barely usable for a game of solitaire.  That the project had met a brick wall was clear after initial start of one SUN and one 286-based clown machine. I think displaying a simple screen with data for the puny demo set on the Sun onto the plastic toy took something like five to ten minutes.

Still, the admin duly consumed the money allocated – some more than a hundred million if I remember – and that was that.  The parallel to Solyndra is quite breathtaking, and so is the cronyism and corruption that was displayed.  No wonder Norway licks the feet of Obama bin Fraud.

But that is history, and this is now.  And maybe the end of the world as we know it.

The US recently imported – in the criminally negligent fashion of good progressives – a patient infected with Ebola, and let him run wild all over the place with no controls whatsoever.  To do otherwise would discriminate against the African continent, be hostile to multiculturalism and positively ebolophobic. You’re from Zaire?  Here, enter through the no customs and no visa entrance.  Let us sniff your butt.  If you’re bleeding, please smear it here on my forehead.

As surprises no one not insane enough to be on the left side of the monkey/human divide, the patient is now dead.

However, Norway has got its own imported Ebola patient.  There is much self-congratulation out there in the progressive Norway – the Norwegian health system is the best in the world (LOL!), and Ebola is no problem for a modern society.  The stupidity is downright magical.

The reason Ebola has not become a global scourge worse than the Black Death is just that it has been rumbling around in a less developed part of the world.  The reaction to Ebola has traditionally been that the ones not sick run away as fast as they can, and the virus for lack of new food burns itself out.  But with Ebola in metropolitan populations, or even smug and incompetent Norway, Katie bar the door!  And we will see airborne Ebola – in fact we have already seen it, in the Reston variant.  But the world was more lucky than it deserves; Ebola Reston only kills monkeys.  Still, the bad outcomes are hammering on the door.  We just changed the door for a whorehouse glass bead curtain.

And those of us that really followed the SARS fiasco know from Canada that progressives and quarantines cannot exist in the same universe.  Canada had health workers *deliberately* breaking quarantine.




2 responses to “Ebolyndra

  • cannibalwatch

    At least in this one, the Canadian health authorities say out loud that even if Ebola is “not airborne”, an Ebola infected person will transmit infectious Ebola “aerosols”, via sneezing, coughing etc. Lets see now..

    Person A has no symptoms, is in (pick your public place), lo and behold, begins to show symptoms for the first time, e.g., sneezes for the first time, and follows with a cough. Everyone around says “god bless” and moves on unaware that they have just been exposed. That night Person A feels like crap, and the next day is in a clinic. By the time they are diagnosed positive there have been millions of Person A’s Ebola aerosol particles scattered around.

    The CDC will not print anything about Ebola aerosols, and flu season is about to begin.

    Social media in the US is clamping down on anyone who dares to question why the CDC won’t openly discuss Ebola aerosols, or what the CDC is going to advise/medical protocol when flu season breaks out.

    Don’t dare ask these questions, as you will be branded a hysterical fear mongerer by the ostriches. The only thing that has ever worked is ruthless quarantine. Forget 21 days, opt for the origins 40 days, where the word quaratine comes from.

    However throughout history these sort of blood viruses have appeared and there are better treatments/interventions for them. Ebola style diseases are nothing new, it’s new only to the new.

  • hahyrningur

    True enough. Many years ago I came across a volume by a Swedish geographer doing work in the jungles of Borneo. Title is “Comrade with Cannibals” and it’s from the early fifties, I think. Copies can still be found. Anyway, he recounted both encounters with a blood fever and more strangely, two encounters with spiritual phenomena he couldn’t explain – one a giant apparition of darkness in the night sort of reminiscent of the movie “The Entity” a few years back, and one a jungle monster he couldn’t identity but described as “colored with all the colors of the rainbow” and covered coarse fur, walking upright but sometimes moving in an “unexplainable” way. Here’s a link to the book:


    Actually, I see it seems to be from 1948.

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