Norway – the Pit

I knew of course, that the Norwegian State had sunk to the level of widespread institutional corruption; the stench is demonstrated briefly in my mentions of my family for example here:

However, matters seem to be worse than I expected with Norwegian institutions operating sort of on the level of organized crime:

Also, in Arendal, there seems to be a group more or less dedicated to tackling abuses by Maurith Fagerland of NAV, among others.

Over the last few months I have noted that NAV is deploying “hatchetmen/women” to debunk and deflect any complaints against NAV, as well as to help NAV employees ride the system for personal profit.  I have written confirmation from some of these people of direct falsification of records, with the comment that “it doesn’t make any difference”.  For that, there will of course be a couple more names on my police complaint when it finally is underway.  It’s been a while coming since there’s more pressing immediate matters, but even if the mill is grinding slowly it’s not stopped :).


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