Out with the old…

For some time my internet has been giving me massive grief.  It ended with my router locking me out and seizing up when talking to the network card, and not even remote service was able to kick the modem loose from its jammed status.  But as it turned out, there are still nerds at Telenor.  And I ended up with a better service and new hardware.

I did manage to unjam the thing that same evening, by killing the modem and sneaking into the router while it was still uncertain what was going on and running the logout script after turning the modem on again.

Anyway.  The new hardware has solved everything, the net is perfect, and in setting up this stuff I got to talk to a bunch of people who reminded me of why I’ve kept that same phone company for something like 35 years – people who actually know their stuff.  It was an unalloyed pleasure.

This is the old and pretty much nonfunctional stuff that now is for the museum:


And this is the new and gleaming hotness:


As sleek and perfect as this thing is, no one has managed to eliminate the bane of computing: cables.

Here’s a computing device unhampered by cables: the slide rule 🙂


Quick update about Mesta: she’s been more or less offline for a little while, but she’ll be back soon.


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