Parasite Caravan

As the Robinsontown begathon hits its stride, I’ve been waiting for the wheeled wonder to pull a fast one to get the Freeperblood up.  And here it is:


So JR is setting out on his customary mooching tour, ostensibly with the purpose of showing spine in standing up to the invasion of odious brown people who carry pestilent disease and maybe hidden arabs and weapons of mass destruction.

There will be photo ops, of course, showing JR with conservative celebrities or at least with sunglassed maniacs chowing off their decked-out gunware.  And should there be blood – not that JR will be closer than 20 miles – it will translate a wetback crisis straight into a greenback bonanza.

Me, I’m just waiting for someone at FR to stop him from pushing the site into straight up wire fraud.  Because that is what it is, when the tables of donors are teeming with dead people being used for fundraising purposes across state lines, and even national borders.

Exactly the kind of activity, in fact, that is the NSA mandate.



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