Caterwauling and Witch-Doctors

We are in July, and it’s Insaniac Summer.  Fun, fun, fun for the whole family and for Robinsontown.  And particularly for those of us watching Robinsontown in wide-eyed wonder.

Oh well.  Let’s just point out that there are other insane and mendacious people apart from Jimrob,  Politico is a fantastic example at the moment:

Swindle and Crazy sitting on a branch...

Swindle and Crazy sitting on a branch…

So Obama has the power to heal.  Obviously his laying on of hands can cure aids, polio, supertub -and as Homo Tyrannicus  he’ll have a unique need for making STDs go away.  He can probably not cure near-terminal stupidity though, even if he holds his head in his hands from now until the Fenris Wolf eats him or the sun goes out.

But not only that, Politico sells the ability to heal Herpes just by curling your upper lip.  Now, if all we need to do to make Obama (and Michelle) go away is to sneer, I’ll start six-hour a day lipcurling exercises right away.

Anyway, the FR Begathon is crawling its first inches, possibly to an unmarked grave.  The catladies have posted untold hundreds of Cat Anuses, Cakes, Food Orgies and so on, so Jimrob’s paid FreeperFleecers are sort of flying out the gate.  However, it seems the money is not flying in the gate.  Which isn’t unexpected. But the activity is furious, and the place is already reeking with cat-piss.

Actually, I saw something interesting today: one of the Duck Dynasty boys was born out of wedlock, and it seems the Duck patriarch married his mother “informally” when she was sixteen.  So that would seem to indicate that one of the Freeper Gods has at least a Statutory Rape under his belt.  Good to know what the moral paragons will put up with.

Did I say Paragons?

What was I thinking.  There are no Freeper Moral Paragons.  But there are Freeper Moral Parakeets :).



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