The reenactment of the ship that couldn’t sink is playing out over at “Free Republic”, complete with orchestra.

First, we have JR’s latest begathon which was finished a long time ago, but Robinson is still sucking money from the freepers who are naive enough to let him:



As you see, it doesn’t matter that the begging bowl is full, the freepers are still being sucked dry like Robinson was a mutation of the chupacabra.  So, as I said before, Robinsontown is an eternal beggars banquet with the chupacabra gorging on freepers between purges.

Meanwhile, the most popular news outlet for the Robinsontown pirate crew to steal from is PressTV, which is the Iran State news.  Which is just about as rankly antisemitic as Robinsontown’s particular brand of catholicism.

And here we have one of FR’s main graphics artists, who has put countless hours into disposal for the house catladies signing out for good.  There’s precious few people left, and expect more to hit the lifeboats as the ship goes stern up.


Glub Glub, JR 🙂


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