The Bulemian Republic

I’m informed that a new purge is underway in Robinsontown, so that now, Ted Cruz will be indelibly linked to one of the most demented entities in American politics.  Fantastic.  Obama himself couldn’t have designed this “attack by the unhinged” any better.

The dementia thread is here:

and this is a puny cutout example:


So, FR is still good entertainment for all of us who enjoy  seeing people hanging themselves.  And I do, I do.

There seems to be some kind of compulsive-obsessive disorder racking the whole group, and for me there’s now several interesting variables to watch.

  1. One of JR’s favorite hate groups seems to be split in their view of Ted Cruz.  JR may have to draw blood from his favored circle of Mormon-haters which is very large and makes up a significant part of his support base.
  2. JR may end up purging more donors than his last marathonbegathon managed to suck in.
  3. Will JR end up pleading insanity when, not if, reality catches up with him?
  4. Purge, Purge, Purge, Purge.

Just for the record: I think Palin and Cruz are your last, best hope.  And that JR is comparable to a vampire bat out of hell sabotaging any chances they might have.  And once upon a time the Republicans had a problem like JR.  That was David Duke, and they had the wits to get him shut down.  JR seemed to be aiming for serious political office once, but of course he was too cowardly to do so himself: it was his mob, claiming on Freerepublic, that he ought to be Governor of California.

Embarrassed silence all around.



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