Operation Infinite Beggar

Well.  I said last post was the last one about FR.  To give you a lesser known Bill Clinton quote: “I lied” :).

Actually, the after-action over on FR is hilarious enough to merit some extra mocking.  Looky here:


Like any special ops project, the Beggar Team has had to deal with “rapidly changing info”.

Imagine our microdrone picking up the hot action to save Jimrob’s pool maintenance and mortgage:

– Admin Coordinator to all. Beggar Command has obtained intel that there is a Social Security Check in Mr. Decrepit’s mailbox.  GOGOGO!!!  Freepmail him asap and remind him of his duty!!!

Oh well.  More fun and games in July, if the troupe doesn’t change to a twelve-month begging cycle.

For more serious news, there’s a bit of analysis on Mesta’s blog, here:


That will be all, people.  For now.  But let me extend a proposal to Freerepublic, if they intend to go on existing:

  • Stop donations to Robinsontown.
  • Demand that stopped donations/memberships get listed in the tables. Has everyone capable of making a html table been banned, maybe?  Or is it simple swindle that makes you list, for example, Mestamachine as a monthly donor six monthhs after you banned her?

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