An Inconvenient Truth

As we have seen in recent days, Bowe Bergdahl has been “released from Taliban captivity” and a number of notorious terrorists exchanged for him.  of course, Bergdahl was never in captivity, he was a jihad combatant.  The sharia-oriented administration has released a mass of implacable enemies and in return has allowed a “plague carrier” into American security.

This just the latest example of how hopelessly compromised the US (and the world) has become under the regime of the Democrats, the Republicans and islam.

You may have noticed how jihadist media now seeks mainly two outlets.  One is youtube, where the Obama administration sought to whip up a war in the middle-east using a harebrained scheme to “insult Mohammed”, purportedly produced by an Israeli, who turned out to be an Obama asset.  The other is


This is about Bergdahl.  You will notice that it is posted under “Community Video”.  Archive.orgs’s “Community Video” and other files have long been a main outlet in the war against America.

You will also notice that Jihad Central is in San Francisco.  Freerepublic’s backyard, that.

Anyway, California is a rotting state and has been so for a long time.  The Bergdahls are active and deadly jihadis but in the swirl of corruption, who cares.



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