Fade to Black

Back to FR, hopefully for the last time this year.  Forlorn hope, probably, since the site is enough of a cancer on the Conservative cause and on Conservative principles that it may continue to be a thorn in the paw of America until it actually folds.

I said we’d be back with the Sean  Hannity nitty-gritty.  Well, seems that Hannity wasn’t really all that anonymous even though his handle was MacDaddy (hoping I got the spelling right).  So he was literally swamped with Freepers sending him invitations – to weddings, baptisms, housewarmers and whatever.  And they expected gifts.  Expensive gifts. Entitled, they felt.

The more things change.

Anyway, back to the Begathon’s last convulsions:


Red MDer have heard there are Freepers who will not (gasp) donate!


ErnBatavia thinks that Rush Limbaugh really should pay the FR expenses, since he gets his news from Freerepublic :).


What can you say?  Not really much.  I have a piece of music running through my head looking at FR, and I bet you think it’s “Paint it Black”, old Stones fan that I am.  But in view of FR’s hysterically ironic “butthurt forms” from Col. Freeper, it is “Freeping at the Freepers Ball”.


Enjoy, folks. Just sub p for k and you’ll be right as rain :).


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