I See Dead People

Yes, I’ve been looking at the Freerepublic “Donor rolls”.  The final number is still up in the air, but for a hint go and read FR’s “memorial wall” here: http://www.freerepublic.com/memorial/memorial.htm

and compare to the still donating Freepers.  That is not the whole, of course, it’s just a straight confirmation of some of the donors having gone to the great begathon in the sky.  For example, CaptRon who I remember fondly (I’m pretty sure) accompanying Jimrob to Reagan’s funeral where they demanded extra access but ran into the SS who didn’t like them having a gun stashed under their car seat.  The disgraces brought by these folks have been many and bizarre, and if Reagan were to confront Jim today I imagine he would just wheel him off a pier.

There was a time when FR was actually taken somewhat seriously, but now it has no other function than being the Robinsontown begging bowl.  On the road there, Jimrob has turned his coat so many times that it is actually high comedy.  We have some records, for example, of him purging Freepers for being against immigration, for being against islam (if they didn’t like Grover Norquist), for being for Dubya, for being against Dubya, and so on ad nauseam.

I have the order given by JR to one of his goons that Mesta was to be removed from the central and to a degree vital functions of FR like the “Threat Matrix” and the Benghazi watch with the command that “one Freeper shouldn’t have all this focus”.

Anyway, it is highly tragic that the Vietnam war not only produced untold human suffering but also spawned people like Jimrob and John Kerry, fantastically destructive figures to the Conservative movement.

Take a look at the current FR begathon : http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3162102/posts

I really think we”re reaching some sort of crescendo here.  Although it’s difficult to predict the climax.

But if the faithful start receiving cool-aid bags in the mail from central begging, one might want to be extra careful.




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