Down the Rabbit Hole

Well, we’ve been there before so this isn’t new.

The latest Freerepublic begging bowl is filling up, slowly.  But now there is a desperate and hysterical tone to the whole project, even more than before.  JR’s tame but heretical and blasphemous priest is now running FR Begathons on the side, and JR has stopped labeling his threads in Roman numerals.  Perhaps he really fears for their titties.

The tone is more than hysterical.  This one, for example, seems to scream “FRAUD”:


The claim is that Palin supports FR, which is a pretty far cry from the truth as far as I know – JR has had little success in enlisting her on his side in the fight against homosexuals, mormons and other riffraff.  And wheeling up to her vehicle and scrabbling for her hand does not make her a follower, Herr Goebbels.

But Circus FR offers more entertainment.  Like begathon activist Onyx, whose husband just died and now is maniacally trying to shovel money over Robinson, posting screeds so overflowing with “awesome”, “dearest”, “monstrously awesome” and similar that you feel like you’re reading a P.G.Wodehouse Mulliner story.

Seems that Onyx almost blew her house up and only was saved by another Freeper who smelled the gas that had filled her basement.  The gas seems to have exploded her prose, anyway.

I also note that some folks think that a solution to the FR money troubles might be some sort of “pay to play”.  Of course, that will never work since it would constitute a contract between a customer and JR, and JR cannot bear to be bound by anything like a contract.  Imagine if a member had paid for a year and had the howling zotslug in his face before his time was up?

So I have another suggestion: why not institute a system where Freepers have to take out insurance (Life/Property) with Robinsontown as beneficiary?  That way, the adoring flock can feel good about themselves until something happens, and the serial abuser can feel good when and if something happens.

I should probably send Jimmy a bill for the advice :).


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