Internet Archaeology

Or just history drips.  I’m going to show you another little cut of what happened on the net in the wake of the attacks on America in 2001.

This a segment of what we usually call “the far right”, but that is a simplification at best.

In 2001-2002 there were  furious discussion going on at the online forum Free Republic.  One of the groups involved was fanatical followers of Pat Buchanan (known as “The Brigadiers”), another group consisted of Conservative Jews.  Both groups were eventually purged from the board after having become liabilities for whatever agenda Jim Robinson was playing at the time, something that could change as fast as Robinson’s mood swings.  Those mood swings were always rather like jojo tricks performed by a particularly gifted performer, and probably pathological.  But then, I’m not a psychiatrist, nor do I play one on TV.

One of the Jews banned during the Robinson Rampages was Veronica, who is a Hollywood film producer.  Others were Sabramerican, Alouette and lots more. And still others stuck with FR, watching, after most of the blatant jewbaiting had moved to sibling boards or gone underground to “freepmail” pinglists. Hi, SJackson. This is the Cachelot, speaking to you on the phøne.

So some Freepers struck out on their own and set up “complementary” boards.  Some of the boards existed mainly for antisemitic purposes.  Some of them also served as enemy combatants in a war against America; we’ll come back to that one.

Back in this mess, Mesta was banned for opposing one of Robinson’s closest (BobJ), and came back on to defend herself from a string of rather nasty attacks from one of the FR moderators, Mercuria.  This is briefly described on Mesta’s blog here:

and onwards.  So, a couple more digs in the crackpottery shards:



These are, as you see, membership lists.  Don’t worry, we got it all.  You can see how active people are on the board, when they came on, their real data (in some cases), and so forth.

The interesting stuff is this.

A. The board owner is texas Dissident.  He was known as Freeper “Either/Or” (and another identity :), and he was/is one of Louis Farrakhan’s lads.

B. The member “Mercuria” is one of Jim Robinson’s moderators.

Mercuria, of course, was gone from FR for a while after all the embarassing stuff detailed on Mesta’s blog, but she seems to have been discreetly reinstated.  The juggling JR routinely do with FR accounts make things kind of hazy, but he does gravitate to his antisemites.

Lastly, BobJ has gone from being one of the guys that literally saved Jimrob’s filthy hide to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars to being JR’s hate object #1 – “The AntiFreeper”.



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