The Strange Republic

Things are getting weirder and weirder in Freeperland.  I really should drop the fascination with this trainwreck, but I have to admit – it’s sort of hypnotic. Time enough for uniformed Nazis and howling jihadis later, although from our traffic stats it would seem that America actually is more interested in djinns than in Jesus.

The Begathon is dragging on like a wounded slug, and they seem to have let Fred Nerks back into the fold.  I say seem to, because while her profile page is back she’s not posted at this time.  And we know what Jimrob likes to do with accounts when having banned them leads to protests and loss of loot.

But here is something very special:

This is a thread posted by XZINS, one of Jimrob”s inner sanctum and a retired Army Chaplain.  You will notice that he has posted an article from CNS news, and then he has made a brag post claiming that Free Republic is “one of the only” [sic] sites that will allow posting of articles like this for discussion.  And he spams the thread for every ten posts or so with that brag linked to a plea that people give Jimrob their money.

So FR is the only site that allows a former priest to post articles to mislead Christians to supply the site owner who has propagandists trumpeting that they’re “on a mission from Jimrob”, using stolen graphics originally saying “on a mission from God”??  You gotta be shitting me, Priest.

I see that there are Freepers who are not taken in by the Robinsontown cult.  Actually, I think priests like this should be defrocked and “Republicans” like JR should go the way of David Duke.



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