When the Brain Falls Out…

…it is no joke.

Except that to a suitably cynical observer it certainly is, and the current crop of political netizens offers endless amusement.  And as usual, tragic as it may be, Free Republic is at the top of the heap after a certain Democrat official who got a hefty bonus after having used untold thousands of taxpayer dollars to watch online porn.  A Boner Bonus, as it were.

But at Freerepublic, the rabid internal wars keep on keeping on and the moderators (is that you, Lucyt?) are showing signs of crackery or maybe even breaking bad. Perhaps the next Freepathon can finance a communal meth lab?

Anyway, look at this little exchange:


Here you have the mod snarling to another Freeper that nobody was banned.  That Freeper had better toe the line, or he’ll be not banned too.

And here’s the ban page:


This is the kind of maniacal lying that FR has been almost full-time engaged in for the last several months.  There is no real way to describe it, except maybe in psych-ward terms.

Now, that was funny crazy.  Woo hoo.  Or maybe Woo Who?  Woo Hjoo, that’s Woo.


Mark that the staff thinks this little kick in the Hjoo balls has “style”.





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