Malevolent Cult plus Malware

There’s interesting stuff going on around the Internet, and some of it has to do with security.  And also with the “conservative” cult of Robinsontown.

Basically, the Internet can be seen as one infectable object vulnerable to all kinds of malware, the infection has already happened, the malware is rapidly evolving and the Internet will never be “clean”.

Typically, the malware floating around out there seeks to use your machine to do things, to steal information or just to mess with your head.  You can keep your own desk clean, but it takes attention if you ever use the Internet or even local nets.

More security providers these days, I believe, will tell you that they cannot stop infections but simply keep the damage to a minimum – in short, they’ve thrown in the towel.  That was a given ten years ago.

So, Robinsontown.

If you go and look at their Begathon threads, the chief beggar has a set of malware on her machine which she has tried to defeat, but it comes back “like Groundhog Day”.

It’s not completely clear what that malware does – there is more than one variant and there is likely to be more variants than what is listed – but she seems to have email on that machine.

At that point, all bets are off as regards to the Robinsontown data.  If I had given them anything like my bank account or other personal data, I’d be sweating bullets.  Because, just on principle, you don’t know if the thing is a random infection because some greedy little magpie saw something shiny on the web, or if someone aimed the shiny.  The possibilities are legion ;).



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