AliRob and the Forty Thieves

I’m having a grumpy day.  I’ll have to go to the grocers since I’m out of everything including coffee, and I’m not nice when I’m out of coffee.  Not that I’m especially nice with coffee.

Anyway, I looked at’s Freepathon thread – I beleve they’re up to # XXXIII now, and if they keep it up they may hit the L or maybe even the high C.  At that point, some Freeper’s venerable Glass Titties may shatter.

Don’t mind me.  I haven’t had coffee yet, and I automagically assume that all you nippers out there know what a Glass Titty is :).

Anyway, I saw this:


What leaps out at you, of course, is the notice that this is supposed to be licensed.  Now, for a site so intensely moral, with such almost fanatical vision of private property, Robinsontown is remarkably kleptomaniac.  But I guess we all knew that already, and there’s prior history, from Prodigy and Usenet.

Now, I know Mr. Gilbert slightly and as a newshound he’s very good and easily worth a couple hundred average “Freepers”.

Anyway, I was also looking a bit at the site Freerepublic latched on to, The Occidental Observer.  It’s not “just” a White Power / Neonazi site, it is in fact one of the most important Nazist sites globally, owned by one of the most prominent antisemites in the world, Kevin MacDonald.  No, Max, it’s not just brinkwalking by Mearsheimer ;).

Oh well.  The grocery is open, and I must go.  Or suffer coffee withdrawal.



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