The New Dance: Flailing

I see that over at Free Republic the number of Begathon threads threatens to overtake the number of posts, and that the monthlies – traditionally only “rolled in” at around 50% are used instead of normal contributions to a large degree.

Also that FR claims that if they can’t cover their bills, it will be “curtains”.

I sort of feel bad for saying so, but the Conservative movement can do without the cancer FR has been on and off from the start, but never as bad as now.

To give you a small idea of what is going on: there are threads calling for Anders Behring Breivik to be reimbursed for his ammunition, or to be given awards.

Also, but this may be gone by now – it’s in our archives anyway – a detailed mapping of who the Freepers are and what kind of organizations they belong to.  JR’s inner circle was doing that early on.  And in these documents, we have Freepers hi-fiving and Alhamdullilahing each other for belonging to Louis Farrakhan’s flock.

The chief of those is out of Texas.  Surprise, surprise :).

Anyway, since Mesta has unpacked her katana, I expect there will be more surprises shortly.



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