The Abortion President

That is what James Dobson calls Obama.  He’s right, of course. He could have been even clearer: Obama is performing an extremely late-term abortion on America.

The Democrat-Socialist Party is running Margaret Sanger’s genocide program like a runaway train, just like the National-Socialists, which they resemble.  Not just resemble, they’re like two boogers from different nostrils.

Now, I’m going to do a bit of history here.  This is something that almost no one except a bare handful of people inside the ADL (yes, the ADL does know a few things) and the DHS knows.

The father of the troofer movement – you know, the faith that the Jews or GW Bush or both did the attacks on the world trade center on 9.11.2001, was a fellow going by the handle Skunkworks.  He was a Freeper, that is, a member of  He eventually, as we have shown, expanded his audience dramatically.  And, as I mentioned in a recent post, he at one point used the name ToiletDuck.  Funny how that works.

Anyway, I have a bit of a treat for you: a two-part interview with the skunk, from his perch in France.  Sound, and perhaps fury.  But no picture.  Here it is.




So the Skunk worked for a while from Libertyforum, where Jimrob sent a lot of Freepers who could not be had on Freerepublic.  We’ll do a walkthrough later on who exactly was on that board, what happened to them and who has returned to the FR fold.  Some of them today sponsors begathons ;).

The interview is from 2009 – after Libertyforum folded; some of the members – like Ismail Royer – ending up with terrorist sentences.




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