Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Really, people – it’s kinda difficult to know where to begin.  But let’s start with that never-ending fount of hilarity, Free Republic’s fundraiser.

We know that the tables of donors are false (they contain Freepers long since purged or dead), so the only question is to what degree are they false, and what is the fake data used for?  Perhaps Jim Robinson might feel up to answering that question before our list of purged and dead donors.

Anyway, statistics have many uses, and in the hands of FR, probably all nefarious :).

I also note with great amusement that one of the latest pictures on the begathon features a Freeper throwing himself into the toilet, and it is reproduced here:


Other places in that thread will show an amazing display of graphics with no meaning, graphics cribbed from all kinds of publications – many of them copyrighted.  Peanuts and popcorn are in order, maybe beer.

Other great funsters include “Dr. Jim Garrow” who claims that Obama has tried to kill 300 million Americans with nuclear bombs.  Dr. Garrow’s claim to credibility is that he is a “nobel peace price nominee”.  The nominees are kept secret for 50 years, of course, but from what we know of nominees and recipients, being one is like standing at parade wearing a straitjacket or an SS-uniform.  Or both at once.

And a Jewish student traveling to Britain was detained, interrogated by a burqa-clad officer and deported, denied entrance to the country, and blacklisted in the whole of EU – for being Jewish.  England qualifies to fly the Norwegian flag soon.

Oh well.  On with the show  The spell checker seems very intolerant of the name Garrow; maybe it knows something.  Actually, it doesn’t like “Jim” either :).


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