Are We Having Fun Yet?

Well, I know I am.

Sorry to be such a pitbull on the erstwhile “Freepers”, but I have met the Antifreeper and his name is Jimrob.

I see that the begging is still at a crawl, and there’s a couple of factors here that people in general probably are not aware of.

This is a RUMOR, I don’t know if it’s true.  But from what i know of Jim it may well be: the begging hysteria inner circle is being paid to chum the water.  You know, with all the insane kitten, pancake, creamcake, bacon and founder graphics.  At the same time, ONE of JR’s inner circle has been frozen out of the compensation game and is no longer participating.

Anyway, I want to show you a couple of pics :).


As you can see, the wild claims of no google are just that: wild claims.


The latest: should you find a dollar, send it to Jimrob right away.  Very understandable, he’s probably starving if he’s having to pay a beggar army :).

Lol.  Say, Jim – when do you plan to purge the dead people from the rolls?  Should we start listing them?


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