Watching U Watching Us

This is another little observation of Jim Robinson and his cult, I’m afraid.  It gets to be a little much; maybe even a nuisance.  But their behavior is egregious.

As many of you know, Jimrob has had an obsession with “antifreepers” for many years, even to the point of sending out minions to report on Freepers being disloyal to Jimrob on other sites.  And we have observed Freepers being hit by retaliation and reprisals if they visit sites Jimrob doesn’t approve of.

It has also been a cornerstone in Jimrob’s begging and demand for tribute from the Freepers that he’s “saving them from the Advertizers”, particularly evil ones like google.

Hovever: it seems Jimrob is using Google Analytics to keep track of where the Freepers go.  If he sells the data don’t know – there’s certainly a market beyond Jimrob just insuring that Freepers look only where allowed – but if he’s using the premium version of Google Analytics, that’s priced at a cool $150.000 a year.

Maybe the Freepers are paying for more than mansions ;).

As a bonus for Freeper erudition: TWO words for the day.




Check the lower right hand corner, kids.


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