The Other Shoe

American public life is becoming like the Middle East – just the other day a woman was taken into custody for throwing a shoe at Hillary Clinton.  Or if I’m to believe the illiterate at CBS it was a “show”, which whizzed over Hillary’s head.  Whatever, it drove Hill into her customary screeching mode which induced leftist swoons in the audience.

Anyway, apart from maybe demonstrating the CBS affirmative action practices, the case shows that the people in the US watching politics and terrorism (and when it comes to Democrats it translates to the same thing) seem to have totally forgotten the significance of the Thrown Shoe.  It is part of the muslim/arab religious language, and Obama uses the language of the shoe sole frequently when dealing with other heads of state.  It is a threat and a show of contempt and intimidation.

But what can you say when you have no brain?  You can simply do a little idiot dance celebrating that Hillary is fat :).



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